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Church of England Section JJ

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

A C Cont H Cont M Cont R
Adams Hector Donald Creese Carl David Hope Lillian Janet McClymont Clarence John Rainbird Basil Frederick
Alberry Bertram Walter Crowther Edward Lodewyk Hope William Stephen McElroy James Alexander Rainbird Sylvester Emma
Alberry Pearl Winifred Crowther Emily Ida Hopkins Gordon Lindsay McElroy Jane Emmily Ray Cecil Percy
Allan George Oscar Crowther William Hopkins Shirley May McElroy John Denis Ricards Ellen Mary Annie
Allan Myrtle Laura Elizebeth Crowther William Edward Lodewyk Hamilton Horbushko Sam McHugo David Ridler Norman
Allan Oscar James Crowther William Lodewyk Howard John Charles McHugo Margaret Isabel Riseley Rodney Allan
Ashworth Emily Louisa Crump Athol Howlett Joyce Juel McHugo Thomas John Roberts Vernon Noel
Ashworth John Frederick Charles  Cummings R Hunt Jessie Henrietta McIntyre Charlotte Helen Rollinger Erika Ella
Atkinson Edward Huon Cure Anthony Paul Hunt Kenneth Raymond McKinlay Oliver Thomas James Rollinger Hans
Atkinson Henry Dresser Cuthbertson Allan Hutchinson Mary McKinlay Phyllis Ismay Rooney Emily Gertrude
Atkinson Minnie   Hutchinson Raymond Charles McLean Beverly Joy Rozynski Ray Allen James
Ayres Albert Richard D   McLean Maree Anne  
Ayres Vera May Davis Ernest Capel Downing I McLean Mark Anthony S
  Dean Bernard Winter Innes Margaret M Meech James Nigel Salter Horace A
B Dean Fay Elizabeth   Meek Richard Gravitt Salter Mary
Backhouse Barbara Dean Paul Maxwell J Menzie Rufus Seddon Mary Alexina
Backhouse Thomas John Denne Florence Mary Jacobs Carleen Pritoria Moles R G Semple Gladys Florence
Bailey Annie Gertrude Dick John McD Jacobs Henry Charles Moore Edney Phillip Semple William Cecil
Bailey Coral Dodge Madge Emily Jager John A Moore Frederick Henry Shegog Samuel
Balmforth Edward John Dodge Robert Vere Jager Kathleen Moore Irene DeFouchecourt Sherriff A E
Bamford Muriel Graham Dransfield Maurice W Jarrett Charles William Moore Mary Louise Sinclair Wanda Madge
Barber Daisy Belle   Jarrett Elsie Laura Morris C J Smith Alexander Hopetown
Barber Tasman Frederick E Jensen Florence Huldah Morris George James Smith Amelia Molly
Barnes Dorothy Helen Warland Eaves Nancy Catherine Jensen Laurence Richard Hopkins Morris Lilah Victoria Smith M K
Bayliss Geoffrey Dennis Eaves Robert Angus Jevic Dragomir Dimitri Mullins Frank Donald James Smith Phillip John
Behrens Rex George Edney Mary Johnston Amy Thelma Murfet Leslie Arthur Lewis Smith Suzanne Glenda
Bennett Elizabeth Elliott Alfred Louis Albert Johnston Athol William Murfet Thelma Rose Eileen Sproule Charles Lindyne
Bennison Charles Alan Elliott John Henry Jones Dudley Claude   Sproule Claude
Bennison Charles Ian Robert Elliott Rebecca    N Sproule Michael
Bennison Doris Aisbet Elliott Sylvia Jane K Negus Ronald W J Sproule Phyllis
Bennison Ernest Alfred Edward Evans Mervyn Wallace Kay Alan Herbert Nettlefold Doreen Sproule Phyllis May
Bennison Thomas   Kay Ethel Amy Nettlefold Henry Stanton H E
Bennison Thomas John F Keefe Lola Audrey Nevitt Joyce Stephens Chriss
Bevis George Felmingham Maxwell Charles Kelly James George Ng Yee Hing Stephens Clyde Andrew
Blake Elsie Ina Figg Elvie G Kelly Myra Muriel Nichols Louisa Stirling Daphne Laurel
Blake Nancy Fitzgerald Ada Kemp Selina Madelaine Nichols William John Stockdale Godfrey Eric LeScot
Blake Roy John Fitzgerald Horace Kemp Thomas Louis Nicod Maurice John Stourton Adeline Constance
Bondins Andrew Scott Fletcher Edward James Kendrick Ethel May Norton Charles William Stourton Reginald Morman Joseph
Bondins Anita Fletcher Marjorie Ada Kendrick James Louis Norton Eva Irene Styles Richard Louis
Bondins Mark Anthony Fogarty Catherine Frances Kenny W H Norton William Charles Suckling Doris Irene
Bondins Valdis Fogarty Gordon Havelock Kenyon Alison Nutting Barry James Suckling John Percy
Bowden 1 Freeman Doris Mary Kenyon Leigh William   Swan Shirley Joan
Bowden E   Kerr Dorothy May O Sweet Thora Molly
Bowden G G Knight Cyril Henry Eagle O'Neal L R Szymanski Katarzyna
Bowerman Cleave Gardiner Fredda Vivian Knight Kathleen Alice Ormsby Alan  
Bowerman Madeline Jane Gardiner Robin Alexander Kocik Frank Ormsby Isabella T
Branch Ada Louise Garlick L R Kovacevic Michael Clyde Ormsby John Tatnell H J
Branch Alexander John Garrett Isabel Kuilenburg Catharina Susanna Ormsby Thomas Taylor Nina B
Branch Robert John Thomas Garrett Matilda Kuilenburg Jacob Cornelis Owen Lillian Taylor Renald
Briscoe Brian Douglas Gellibrand Mary Selina     Teakipkhi F
Britten Alan Ernest Gellibrand William L P Thompson John William
Britten Daphne Jean Gibson Gertrude Mary Lees Victoire Marie Louise Parker Gregory Rex Thompson Maida Jean
Brocklehurst Ernest Henry John Gibson Grace Mary Lindsay Lennon Ethel May Parker Olga Pauline Thorne Hazel
Brocklehurst Lily Gibson Thomas James Lennon John Matthew Parodi Giovanni Tibbs Alan Percy
Bruce Jean Agatha Goodsell Joyce Ella Lord Clive E Parodi Ivana Tinning O R
Bruce Sydney Edward Goodsell Kaye Lord Florence Jessie Pastoor Bene Kornelis Tolliday Lillian May
Burley Graham Goodsell Victor Donald Loring Alice Kathleen Pastoor Nell Townsend Alvin Leo
Burrows Carlson John Gordon Doris Emma Elizabeth Loring John Clemment Paterson Robert Charles  
Burrows Marjory Margaret Gordon Florence Matilda Ann Loring Peter John Patterson Charlotte Elizabeth U
Burrows Ralph Howard Gosling Ruby Jane Lovatt E P Pearce Doris Maud Urquhart Donald Campbell
Button Franklin Howard Green Fred Lowe Clifford Alan Pearce Edward Cecil  
Button Mary Victoria Green Marguerite Mabel Lowe Stewart James Pedder Alfred V
Button Val Griffiths James Henry Lucas Mary Hellen Pedder Dora Tryphena Vakros Nick
  Griffiths Marion Lena Lucas Reginald Charles Pedder Sylvia Rebecca Vakos Phillip
C Groothius Geert Gerhard   Perkins Charles Morice Vout Cecil John
Cairns Beryl Jean Constance Groothuis Klaas Riewing M Perkins Clare  
Cairns Clarence Hamilton Charlotte Ann Matilda Maher Gladys Isabell Perkins Colin Henry W
Cameron Alexina Hamilton Clyde Maher Hubert Aubrey Perkins David Barclay Walker J H
Cameron Anne Lilias Hamilton Ellen Mann Bessie Perkins Edith Lillian Warbrender David
Cameron Donald Hamilton John Mann Mary Envil Perkins Elizabeth Watkins Ernest Norman
Cameron Donald 1 Hamilton Joshua Charles Mann Samuel Perkins Florence Beryl Weeding Christine Joy
Cameron Donald Norman Hamilton Kathleen Myra Mann William Perkins Jane Eliza Weston E J
Cameron Donald Norman 1 Hamilton Mary Ann Marriner Gordon Henry Perkins Joan White William Arthur
Cameron Eustice Noel Hamilton William Mason Doug Perkins Kenneth Winter Williams Mollie
Cameron M A Hardy Beatrice Mault A Perkins Margaret Gwendoline Williams Peter Alan
Cameron Mary Isabella Hardy Reginald Charles Mault Unknown Perkins Marie Louise Williams Russell Bryant
Cameron Norman Redmond Harland Claud R Maxwell Alan Wilmot Perkins Muriel Wilson James
Campbel A A Harland Rita Claire Maxwell Crawford M Perkins Ruby E E Wilson Melina Susan
Campbell Florence Hartill Elvie Doris Maxwell D S Perkins William John Wilson Nevison Robert
Causby Keith Joseph Harvey Agnes Maxwell Duncan Straun Perkins William John Alan Winter Lawrence
Chapman Geofrey Valentine Harvey David Hova Maxwell G J Perkins William Watchorn Wisby Eric James
Chapman Molly Harvey Horace Lyonal Maxwell Kate Wanostrocht Perry Alfred Stanley Woodham Geoffrey
Chisholm James Duncan Walter Harvey Letitia Kathleen Maxwell M Perry Vida Josephine Woodham Nell
Clunnies Mollie Harvey Lyonal Bruce Maxwell Maurice Phillips Bette Helen Woolley Archie Victor
Collis Mary Marion Harvey Phyllis Geraldine Maxwell Michael Mayne Pooley Keith Woolley Greta Mary
Cook Thomas Athol Harvey Simon J R Maxwell Ryver Eileen Price Charles Struve Woolley R W
Coulson Patrick Robert Hathaway Desmonde Rex Maxwell-Harcourt Bessie Emma Pritchard Vere William Wright Raymond Ellis
Court Lora Jean Hathaway Elaine Mary Mayne Christina Probert Dorothy Isobel  
Court S V Henry B M McBeth Helena Meyler Probert Tasman Lewis Y

Young Ivy Isabel

Court Stephen Victor Hilder Charles Tasman McCarthy Linda Edna Purdon Joseph  
Cousens Leonard Frank Hilder Edna Lilias McCormick Charles Stewart Purdon Katherine Young Lionel Frank
Cousins Iris Gwendoline Hills John Ellis McCormick Dorothy Pursell Baden Young Rosemary
Craik Ian Michael Stephen Hills Nancy Thelma McCormick Esmee Mary    
Craik John Holosnitchenko Marko McDonald George Ronald    





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