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Church of England Section KB

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Alderton William James Darragh James M Jamieson Walter Richard Parker Effie Victoria Taplin Claude Hammond
Alexander Beatrice Maria Davidson Barbara May Jeffrey Emma Cecilia Parker James Iredale Taplin Helen Louise
Alexander William Paul Davidson Dupre Charles Jeffrey Gilbert Patterson William J Taplin Melville
Aley Clyde Hunter Davidson Jean Forbes Jennings Susan Lee Pearson Frederick George Taplin Melville Roydon
Ashe C L Davis Helen Jepson Ethel Hilda May Pearson Lily Ann Taplin Minnian Sarah
Askey James Davis Percival Herbert Jepson John Charles Pell Donington Gordon Tate Lillian
Atkins Thomas Errol Davis Phyllis Clare Johnson Gertrude May Penhall Douglas Baker Taylor Clyde Humphrey
Ayers Albert Edward Dawes L C Johnson James William Penhall Marion Daphne C Taylor Ivy Mary
Ayers Winifred Dawes William James Johnstone Beatrice Pennington Alice Taylor M A
  Dennison R D Jones Harriett Isobel Percey Michael Taylor Mavis Susanah
B Dobson Amy Maud Jones Leslie Vincent Pickett Reginald Stafford Taylor Oscar Edward
Bailey Edgar Sydney Dobson Glorine Jane   Pickett Winifred Iris Taylor Una
Bailey Lillian Olive Drake Ena K Piesse Amy Isabel Thorne Charlotte Amelia
Bantick Charlotte Drake Mabel M A Kaye-Hall Lester George Piesse Phyllis May Thorne Maxwell Morris
Bantick John Edward Drake William Blockey Kaye-Hall Marjorie Pilkington Kathleen Thorp Alice Ann
Barnett Leslie Maurice Drew Charlotte Elizabeth Keal Florence Southwell Pilkington Penelope Mitchell Thorp Leonard John
Barnett Malcolm M R Drew Thomas Edward Keal Fred Pipkin William George Thorp Roy Stanley
Beach Ernest Victor Dunbabin George Arthur Keating Donald Vivian Plaister Frederick Tilyard Arthur John
Beach Minnie May Dunbabin Lillian Keating Vera Prosser Charles F Tinker-Casson Florence Mabel
Beattie Donald William Dyer Louisa Kendall Edith May Prosser Edith Susan Tinker-Casson John William
Beattie John M   Kendall Thomas William Prosser Stan Tomkinson Mary Ann
Bellis Caroline Martha E Kohl Brian Purton Audran Tomkinson William Jones
Bellis Richard Elliott Ada M Kohl Gilbert Leslie Purton Gweneth Havard Townsend S T
Bellis Thomas Richard Elliott William Ernest Kohl Ruby Myrtle    
Bender Ross Evans Florence Alma Kupsch Mildred R U
Bleathman Olive Irene Evans Gordon Macquarie   Rainbird Lewis Percy Underwood Alice Janet
Bleathman William F L Rainbird Nancy Sarah Underwood Thomas Henry
Boucher William Charles Farrow Elizabeth Anne Lancaster Clara Rankin Cecil Austin Undy Ivy Caroline
Bowden Reginald Farrow James Lancaster Henry James Rankin Dora Clarice Undy Louis Douglas
Bradshaw Edgar Henry Finch Arthur Lane Charles Joseph Ransley C G Undy Phyllis
Bradshaw Eveline Agnes Finch Mary Jane Lane Charlotte Rebecca Ransley Clarence George  
Bradshaw Max Trevor Fisher Alice Maud Lester L J Ransley Myrtle May V
Brodribb Ernest Francis Fisher Amelia A Logan Charles Alfred Ray Leslie George Vicary Ruby Jean
Brodribb Louisa Jessie Fisher James Logan Lillian Beatrice Read Ida May Vince Frederick
Brooker Edward Foot Frederick Richard Longman Daphney Clara Read William Rupert Vince Mary Elizabeth
Brooker Grace Foster Elsie May Lucas Charles Henry Reynolds Harriet Amy Vincent Emily Jane
Brown James Alfred Foster Fred Lucas Emily Richards Catherine Clyde Vincent Marjory Margaret
Brown Lily Teresa Froud Henry George   Richards Egryn Vincent Vivian Ellis
Brundle Edward John Froud Ivy Pearl M Richards Leila Miriam  
Brundle Edward John2 G Mahoney Florence Isabel Richards Raymond Cunningham W
Brundle Matilda Beatrice Gilligan Warren Denis Mann Arthur Norman Richardson G Wakeling Amy Ethel
Bryant Harriett Mary Gosling A J Mann Sarah Esther Roberts Daisy Violet Wakeling Eric Thomas
Bryant Milford Percival Gourlay A F Marley Ellen Roberts Harold Wakeling William Thomas
Burchett Harriett Gray Lavinia May Marley William Robertson Charles Walsh Coralie Heather
Burgess C J Gray Phineas Vaughhan Marshall Betty G Robertson Elsie Walsh Reginald George
Burton Beatrice Ada Gregg Doris Isabelle Marshall Ralph Rogers Doris Walters Lola Eileen nee Beach
Burton Joseph Gregg Isabelle Mcfarlane Dannell Root Ruby Myrtle Walton E F
  Groombridge Albert Ernest Mckenzie Lavinia Sarah Rose A E Walton Margaret
C Groombridge Beatrice Violet Mckenzie Robert Henry Rose Ada Elizabeth Warbrooke Mollie Isabel
Cahill Nancy Muriel   Mcpherson J Rose Louisa May Ward Charlotte
Calvert Darcy H McVilley Annie Isabell Russell Evelyn Dorothy May Ward Ernest Alfred
Carmichael Ada E Hall Andrew McVilley Basil Lloyd   Ward Hilda Mabel
Carmichael Lindley O Hall Isabella Moore Ada May S Watkins Charles
Carmichael Oliver Lee Hall John Albert Moore Albert Victor Roy Scott Robert John Watson Colin Douglas
Caulfield Beryl Volant Hall Julia Moore Charles Edward Bingham Seccombe Beatrice Ann Watson George Edward
Caulfield Charles Hall Linda May Moore Eric Victor Seccombe Reginald H Watt Florence Emily Amelia
Chapman Mary Elizabeth Hall Percy Edward Moore Grace Ethel Seccombe Reginald H2 Watt Thomas
Chew Cecelia Harris Emma Uleyear Moore Jonathon Edward Shaw Kenneth George Wheatley Beatrice Elizabeth
Chew Saxon Alfred Harris Henry Moore Louisa Shaw Roger James Wheatley E D B
Clayton Frederick G Harris Olive Irene   Sheppard Arthur Wheatley Elvie May
Cleaver Frederick Leslie Higgins Richard Ford N Sheppard Bert Field White Alfred John
Cleaver Hazel Barbara Hills William Edward New Robert Dennison Skeels Mary White Dawn
Cleaver Jane E Hogan Edith Rebecca Newbury Marion Ada Smith Arthur Thomas White Denis
Cleaver Lyal Louis Hogan Elizabeth Caroline Nichols Myrtle Amy Smith Charlie Vincent White Fanny Elizabeth
Clements Lillian Blanche Hogan Joseph Bonham Nichols Nancy Doreen Smith J White Lily Alberta
Clements R C Holowka Lindsey Nichols Susan Isobel Smith Jessie White Verinica Louise
Clock Susannah Boylan Holowka Peter Nichols Vivian Alfred Smith Ronald Wickham Caroline
Coe Cecil Derwent Horner Helen Nichols William L Smith Rose Isabel Williams Frank
Coe Florrie Jean Horner Thomas William Norris Hilda Mary Smith William James Wittison James
Cooper John William Hornsby Harold Norris Jabez Stares Derwent L Wittison Rosina
Cooper Olive Alma Ethel Hornsby Lillian Norton Louisa Stares Stella Louise Worsley Richard John
Cooper Sydney Ernest Hosking Albert Norton Richard Steele Beryl Jean Wright Guy Francis
Cooper Violet May Hosking Arthur Henry Nuroo Isabel Steele Hedley Tasman Wrigley Nelson
Cooper-Smith May Howlett Arthur   Sugden Amelia Specknell Wrigley Rebecca
Corney Clarence A T Howlett Jean O Sugden George Wrigley Robert K
Cornish Colin James Hurst Hannah Jane Oakley Bertha Emily   Wyatt Jean Iris
Cornish John William Hutcheon Prudentia Oakley Gladys    
Cousins Albert Ernest Hutcheon William Oakley Lionel Hill   Y
        Yomataris Helen
D I     Yomataris John
Dakin E T Isaac Phyllis     Young Elsie May
Daley S E B       Young Mavis Joan
Darragh Ethel Lillian       Young Oscar Leon







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