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Church of England Section KK

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Abbott-Joseph Kate Ebdon James Johnson Daisy Ellen Newell Albert Tasman Sonners Kate
Absolom E Edwards John Ayton Johnson George Henry Newell Margaret M Spurling Linda
Absolom Walter Elliss Clara Jane Jones B L Nichols Dorothy Eliza Spurling William C
Adams Charles Henry Elliss Norman Henry Joseph Gwendolene May Nichols Gilbert Charles Stanfield Florinda
Adams Florence May Exley Thomas Henry Joseph Jessie Maud   Stanfield Frederick Henry
Allen George Albert   Joseph Margaret M O Stanton Frances
Allen Minnie Lillian F Joseph Raymond R C Oakes Eleanor Stanton Richard William
Anderson Amelia Ross Fay Dorothy Joseph Wilfred Raymond Oakes Helen Doreen Stennard Gertrude May
Andrews Albert Victor Fay Frank William   Oakes Keith Gilbert Stennard William S
Askey-Doran John Alfred Fay Franklin R K Oakes Rinda Mary Stevens Amy Muriel
Askey-Doran Lydia Fellowes Daisy Kay Ida Oakes Walter George Stevens Noel Onis
Atkins Florence Fellowes William Keats John Edward O'Brien Augustus A Stevens William Onis
Atkinson Maude Pearl Flaskas Nicholas George Keats Winifred Mary O'Brien Emily Edith Stops Alfred T
Atkinson Reginald Fleming Josephine S Kelly Douglas Alan O'Brien Emily Jemmia Stops Gertrude A
  Fogarty Elizabeth Mary Kelly Edna Katie Orchard A A Suter Matilda Wallace
B Fogarty Lionel Kelly Lily Maud Rebecca   Sutton Clara Alice
Baird Norma Winifred Fogarty Richard Henry Kelly Tim P Sutton Henry Duncan
Barwick Alfred Fuller Hildred Ellen Klug Hilda Maud Park Vera Mollie Sylvester Lylia
Barwick Ella Grace Fuller James Edwin Klug Otto Carl Joseph Parker Alan Roy Sylvester William
Batten Victor Richard   Knights Arthur Tasman Parkes Winifred  
Bayles Harold William G Knights Florence Gertrude Parsell David T
Bealey Miriam Maud Gangell Anna Eliza Knights Tasman F N Parsell Lena Tillack Monte Vera
Bealey Rowland Russell Gangell Leslie A Knights Tasman Frank Nelson Parsell Raymond Carrol Tomkinson George Arthur
Beard Ada Elanthe Gard Eva Sophia Knowles Annie Elizabeth Parsell Tasman Charles Triffitt Edith Ruth
Beard Frederick Gard Harold Victor Knowles George Patmore James Triffitt Josiah
Benjamin Alfreda Doris Gardiner Florence Knowles John Pennell Pearce Mary Frances Triffitt Martha Hannah
Biggins Ellen Mabelle Gardiner John Carlton Knowles Mary Gladys Pearce W C B Triffitt Russelll
Biggins Harry Vernard Gentle Beatrice A M   Pears Donald George Turner Ada Bertha Newill
Blakney C Gentle Rowland Bertrice L Pears Kenneth Bruce Turner George Edward
Blakney Elizabeth C Gibson Charlie Lacy Ernest William Pears Nina Elizabeth Turner George Edward 1
Blakney Mary A E Gibson Florence Myrtle Lacy Matilda Frances Pears Roy Storer Tyrer E A M
Bloomfield Derek Gillon Edith Alice Lake Clara Marie Pearse Frank  
Bloomfield Dora M Gillon John Joseph Lake John Francis Pearse Julie U
Bloomfield Ena Goldie George Henry Lake John Francis 1 Perry Luke Unknown 1
Bonham Bernard John Goldie Harriet Ethel Langdon W R C Peterson Allan Harold Unknown 2
Bonham Mabel Blanche Goldsmith Rhoda Sarah Larkins Esther Mary Peterson Jeffrey Allan  
Bonnitcha Cyril Goldsmith Thomas Barwick Larkins Thomas Benjamin Peterson Mona Ruth V
Bonnitcha Elsie Irene Goodman Annie L Lear Clarence Chester Pitman Frances Emily May Voss N B
Boulton Anne Louisa Gough Alfred Stanley Lear Pearl Pitman William Henry Voss Zoe
Bowden Beatrice Isabel Gough Frank Edwin Leighton Mary Beatrice Price Clara Josephine  
Bricknall Henry Percy Gough Ida Ella Leighton William Tollo Price Ellen Emily W
Bricknell Annie Mary Gough Valma June Lewis Mary Ann Price Florence Estelle Walford William Walter
Bridge Annie Goyen Ethel May Lodge Rose Price Gloria Isobel Walker C A
Bridge George Goyen George Ernest Long Lillian Joyce Price Henry John Walker George Christopher
Broadby Clare Graham H A Low Lachlan Price Maxwell Henry Walker Laura
Broadby Samuel James Graham Harry Harper Lowe Arthur Edward Pullen Minnie Jane Warren C A
Broadway Herbert Graham Rosetta Madeline Lowe Ethel May Pullen Richard Studley Watson Colin Oscar
Broadway Lillian Gray Florence Erenestina Lowe Vincent Earl   Watson Ellen
Brock Frederick Maxwell Green James Edward Lucas Eva R Watson Samuel John
Brock Viola May Griffith Wilfred Ray Lucas Ida Ratten Blanche Cecily Webb H R
Brockelhurst James Evans Griffiths David Aexander Lynn Ernest James Ratten Joan Viney Werry Alexander John
Brocklehurst Rose Agnes Griffiths Ethel Maud Lynn Winnifred Irene Ratten Victor Richard Werry Clair
Brown Blanche Victoria Griffiths Evan Lewis   Ratten William Richard Werry Ethel Jane
Brown Henry Walter Griffiths Gwyneth Mary M Ready Edward Werry Ruth Maud
Brown Leonard James Griffiths Lewis Kenyon Males Alfred William Ready Myrtle Irene Westcott F D
Brown William George Griffiths Megan Ethel Males Mary Jane Reeves Mary Augusta White Clarebell Lockland
Burn G H Griffiths Phillip Lewis Maley Amy Reeves Victor Cedric White Dennis
Bush Andrew Groom R E D'Oyley Marchant Percy George Rex Dudley White Frank
Butters Annie Louise Guy Diana Patricia Marks Frederick Charles Rex William Whitehouse Ernest Edward
  Guy William Henry Marks Gladys M H Richards Eva May Williams George Henry
C   Marks Irene M L Richards Grenville Sircomb Williams Harry
Cartwright Albert Edward H Marks May Gertrude Richards John Williams Lucy Lois
Cartwright Verna Rosetta Hall May Harriett McCulloch Dugald Richards Mary Olive Williams Marion
Champ Samuel Hall Tasman Henry McCulloch Margaret Rigby H A Wolnizer Agnes Lily
Clark Ernest Hamilton Eileen May McDonald Colin John Rollings James J Wolnizer Percy
Clark Mary Hamilton Ester McDonald Mary Rolls Charles Wolnizer William Christian Arthur
Clements Charles Hammond Caroline McGuire George Hallam Rolls Elwin Belcher Wood Isabel
Clements Lillian Hanson Charles Harry Goodwin McGuire Lillian Constance Rolls Emily Jane Wood Leonard A
Coffey W A Hanson Elaine Melnott McKay Hazel D Rolls Emily Margaret  
Collins Rosina Hanson Jessie Grace McKean James Rolls Unknown  
Collins Thomas Hanson Linda Louise McKean Ruby Beatrice Round Louis Troy  
Connor Cyril Tasman Harris Cedric Charles McKenderick Caroline Round Shirley Anne  
Connor Elizabeth Evelyn Harris Olive May McKenderick New Rowe Frederick Arthur  
Connors Elsie May Harris Richard Cliff McNally Bertram Rowe Herbert Edward Burton  
Coombes Amy Florence Harrison Lucy Dora McNally Martha Rowe Herbert Harold  
Coombes Horace Harrison William Claude McPhee Alice Bealie Crompton Rowe Muriel Irene  
Creese Harold Edward Randolph Harvey Nancy Doreen McPhee Donald Cameron    
Creese Randolph Vernon Hawkes Walter Henry McPhee John Cameron S  
Creese Winifred Daisy Hawkins Grace Maud McPhee Margaret Bealie Salisbury James  
Crooks Ardley Hawkins Oliver White Mennitz W F Salisbury Sarah Isabell  
Crooks Dulcie Heather Herbert Laurence Merridew Frank Melville Sanderson Victor  
  Hill Florence Victoria Merridew Olivia Ysabel Sattler Louise Mary  
D Hill James Henry Milburn Leslie James Scott Albert  
Dale David Horner Frank Milburn Marian E Scott Alma Victoria  
Dale Harold H Hulbert Doris Myrtle Miller Coralie Gertrude Shelton Oliver Woodbridge  
Dale Henry William Hulbert Jack E Miller John Shelton Percy Oliver  
Dance Alice Martha Hurtel Arnold Woldemar Miller Mary J Shepherd Edward James  
Dance Joseph Edward Hurtel Olga Marie Moate Charles Joseph Shepherd Linda Violet  
Davidson Hilda Amy   Moate Dorothy Anne Sherston Alfred James  
Davidson Thelma I Moody Edna Irene Siggins Edward Henry  
Dawson Douglas C Irvine Sheila Lillian Moody Ernest William Smallhorn John Herbert Firth  
Dawson Jessie Vera   Morgan R B Smith Ada  
Dawson Percy William J Moss Ruby Jane Smith Christopher George  
Dawson Peter David Jacobs Alfred John Moss Thomas B Smith Dorothy E  
Dazares Eric G R Jacobson Fay Mullins Mary Smith Edith Rita  
Downie Margaret Robina Jillett Cecil H J Mundy Albert Smith Jessie Edith  
Duffy Amelia Pearl Jillett Florence Mabel Mundy Ruby Smith Joseph Herbert  
Duffy Charles Jillett Florence Phyllis Murfet Frederick Arthur Smith L W  
Duffy Clarice Johnson A Murray F J Smith William Albert  


Many thanks to David Budd for his updated headstone photos for Knowles George & Mary




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