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Church of England Section NN

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Ackroyd George Dalwood Ivy Irene Hughes George Joseph New Charlotte Stapleton Vera Ina
Ackroyd Mearl Davidson Charles Albert Hughes Isobel Margaret New John Henry Steed Josie
Adkins Margaret Davidson Grace Elizabeth Hughes Phyllis Newitt Albert Edward Stennard Clarence Stokell
Alcock Alfred Dedenczuk Colleen Hunn Aubrey Victor Newitt Jane Stennard Mavis Josephine
Alcock Annie Victoria Dickinson Ruby D Hunn Darrell Arthur Newman Clarence Gaston Sutcliffe Elias
Allison Daphne Dickinson Ruby D 2 Hutchins Alfred Ernest Newman G G Sutcliffe James
Allison William Norman Docking Gladys Maud Hutchins Daniel Henry Newman Maud Louisa Sweet Alfred Charles
Allwood John Docking Sarah Ann Hutchins Emma Isabella Nicholson Ada Elizabeth Sweet Elizabeth
Anderson Cecelia Elizabeth Donaldson Eileen Rachel Hutchins Margaret Nicholson John Storie Sylvester Thomas G
Andrews Rubina May Donaldson Louie Hyatt Henry Arthur    
Atkinson Tasman Douglas Mary Janet Hyatt Raymond Francis O T
  Douglas Minnie Louisa Hyland Leonard Phillip Ogilvie George Harold Tatnell
B Downard A M Hyland Mona Grace ONeal Albert Tennant Albert Charles
Ball Alice Maud Dutch Alexander George Hyland Susanne ONeal Florence J M Tennant Ambercene
Banks Agnes Mary Dutch Eliza Sarah     Tennant Thomas Henry
Banks George   I P Thorne Victor Claude
Barnes Charles George E Ikin Olive Lillian Paice Daisy Billie Cooper Tomkins Celia Catherine Ayson
Barnes Charlotte Sophie Eaton Annie Isaac Alice Palmer Frederick Arthur Tonks Ethel May
Bayles Henry Charles Eaton Ethel May Isaac Herbert Palmer Frederick Phillip Towell Lavinia
Bayles Katherine Elizabeth Eaton George Edward   Palmer Muriel Irene Towell Thomas Renton
Bearman Charles Noah Eaton George H W J Park Lillian May Triffett Ada
Bearman Emma Eddington Felicite Grace Jackson E R Payne Elizabeth Ann Triffitt Muriel P Beatrice
Berkshire Elsie May Edge Elizabeth Ruby Jackson George Ephraim Phillips Benjamin Turner Alice Annie
Berkshire Vincent Charles Edge Henry L Jarman Minna May Phillips Helen Turner Arthur George
Berry Donald David Edwards Daisy Jeffrey Mavis Pidgeon Ethel May Turner Beryl
Berry Doris Louise Edwards Louisa Margaret Jeffries Linda May Pilkington Frances G Turner Cecil Clarence
Bibby James Edwards Mary Jeffries William Pomeroy Donald George Turner Dorothy Jane
Bibby Sarah Ellen Edwards Thomas William Johnstone Ada Christine Pomeroy Sylvia Turner Elizabeth L
Blacklow Derwent James Estcourt Elizabeth Jolley Arthur James Ponton Laura Turner James
Blackwood Eleanor Annie Estcourt Frederick William Jolley Mary Ann Potter Edward William Turner Tasman Frances
Blackwood Harold Edwin   Jordan Lucy Ann Potter Gladys Irene Turner William John
Blackwood Harold Macbeth F Jordan Robert Colin Potter Miriam Maida  
Blake Jessie Foncie Fanning Helen Jordon George Richard Potter Stanley Brinton U
Blake Norman Douglas Fanning Ritchie Jordon Lily May Preston Phyllis Lillian Umfreville May Louisa
Blake Norman Douglas Fanning Roy   Preston Sarah Ann  
Bloomfield A R Fenton Alfred Wickham K Pritchard Oscar Joseph V
Bolch A A Fleming Edgar Thomas Kelly Thomas John Probin Doris Verrier Winifred Marie
Bomford Jean Fleming Esther Jane Kirkgaldy Olga Eileen Probin Elizabeth Catherine  
Boucher Richard William Foster Richard James Knight Margaret E Probin Lorna Freida W
Bradshaw Thelma Francis Henry Knight William Ernest Pross Charles Waldron Clifford Herbert
Broadby Charles Francis Lawrie   Purcell Jane Walshe Ada Margaret
Broadby Rose Elizabeth Frawley John L   Walshe Gordon H
Brodribb Sarah Ann Eliza Frawley Mary Sarah Ann Lahl Henry William R Ward Edward
Broughton Minna May Clare Frawley Peggy Lahl Mary Ann Rayner Florence Georgina Ward Hugh
Brown Lillie Maude Fuge Alfred Claude Langdon Emily Eliza Rayner Percival Miles Ward Ruby Maud
Brown Samuel Stanley Fuller Ernest Edward Lange Caroline Myrtle Reimers Lynette Ward Walter
Burles Harold   Lange Henry Jacob Ridler Emma Louisa Watkins Emily Elizabeth
Burn Florence Isabell G Lathey Robert William Ridler Frederick Robert Watkins Fredrick William
Burn John Joseph Gangell Jemima Jane Lathey Victoria Ridler Helen Constance Webb Arthur
Butler Edward Joseph Gatehouse Amelia Lewis Bridget Emma Roberts Florence Elizabeth Webb Mary
Butler Harolene M Gatehouse Arthur Lewis Eliza Roberts Henry Robert Weeding Henry
  Giles Eva Jemima Limbrick Pauline Roberts Lillias Jane Weir James Samuel
C Giles Ronald Charles Linton Mabel Robertson Lucy H Wells Harold James
Cash Ruby Cecilia Giles William John Linton Percy Edward Robertson Lucy Hannah Wells Lola Annie
Cashman Marie Elizabeth Gill Mary Teresa Little Linda Robertson Thomas John Wells Thelma Noreen
Cawley Amelia Maria Glover Allan Lord Amy Lillian A Robertson William F Weston Annie May
Cawley William Henry Glover Cyril Lowe Henry Robinson Eric Ross Weston Joseph Henry
Chambers Blanche Adelia Glover Hazel Clare   Robinson Ivy Isabella Wheatley John Fry
Chambers George Henry Glover Laurice Mary M Robinson Jane Wheatley Mary Jane
Charlton Mary A Glover Richard James Maddock Atholdene Lynbert Robinson John Ross White Amy Pearl
Cheeseman John William Godfrey George Maguire Richard Henry Rogers Frank Wilkinson Doreen Elizabeth
Cheeseman Mary A Godfrey Isabella Maingay Frederick Clifford Rogers Gertrude Williams Evelyn
Christie Elizabeth Ann Goldsmith Edward Charles Maingay Leslie Clifford Rumbelow Daniel John Williams Muriel Ismay
Christie Henry Goldsmith Fanny Maingay Thelma Rumbelow Emily Elizabeth Williams Sarah Ann
Clark Andrew B Good Donnie Rose Mann Henry Charles Russell Frederick Henry Wilson Charles
Clark Ronha Dorothy Goodman James Mansell Andrew Evans Russell Hagar Flora Wilson E
Clark Sarah Ann Goodman Margaret Mansell Margaret Ann Russell Lillian Leita Wilson Ethel Maud
Clayton Athol Goodyer Ann Marley Mary   Wilson Horace
Clayton Bridget Grattidge Phyllis Vida Marley Seth S Wood E D
Clayton Matt Graveley Charlotte Marshall Catherine Berthena Saggers E J Wood Emma
Clennett Alfred Graveley Henry Edward Marshall Mona Emmiline Schott Lilian Wood Thomas F
Clennett Janet Grose Mabel Ellen Marshall Thomas George Schott William Edward Worsley Herbert
Coady John Thomas Gunn Brett A H Martin Margaret Pearl Scott Charles Ernest Wylie James
Collis Clarice Roslyn Gunn Irene Mason Annie Lyon Scott Emma S Wylie Mary
Collis Horace Edward   Mason Frederick Scott Marion  
Conley Eliza Adella H Mason Isabella Shea Margaret  
Conley Thomas Haigh Alfred S Mays Kate Shea William  
Cooke Alice Emma Haigh Julia Mays William Adam Sheehan Tolm  
Cooke Clifford John Hall Allan McPherson James Sheen Frances Queenie  
Cooke Clifford John 2 Hall Olive Irene McPherson Mary Sheilds Archbald  
Cooke Myrtle Grace Hardman Eva Beatrice Medbury Olive Daphne May Sheilds Martha  
Cooke Robert Claude Hardman Tasman Meinhardt Florence Sheilds Sarah  
Cooke Susan Hawkes William Nelson Meinhardt Herman William Shelton Chester Leslie  
Cooke William Henry Hawkesford Caroline Francis Middleton Kate Laura Silburn Muriel Fanning  
Cooper Allen George Hawkesford Nathaniel William Middleton Nellie Clara Sims Florence Emily  
Cooper Arthur Leslie Henzler Elsie May Miller George W C Sims Joseph Henry  
Cooper Charles Thomas Henzler Frank Miller Lillian May Slater Robert Lang  
Cooper Emily Susan Hepworth Nena Moffat Bertha M Smith C E  
Cooper Phyllis M Hickman Percival Moffat George T Smith Margaret Ellen  
Cooper William C Hohne John Mollross Louisa Beatrice Smith Sarah Louise  
Cordwell Louisa Holmes Clara A Mollross Tasman Ernest Smith William  
Cordwell Walter Richard Hope Frank Morgan Olive Stanfield George James  
Cosker Clara Elizabeth Hope Minnie Melba Morgan Oliver David Stanfield Harriet Matilda  
Cosker Richard Thomas Horwood-Barrett Hugh Murphy Gloria Joan Stanfield Sydney  
Craike William Charles Horwood-Barrett Phyllis Laura      
Craske Caroline Howell Ernest Edwin      
Cripps Leslie Howell Harriett Etta      
Curran D Hudson Albert H      
Curtis Elsie Dorice Hudson Cora V      





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