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Church of England Section  O

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

A D J R U Cont
Abel Amy Dalgleish Ada Lucy Jenkins John D Ransley Maud Lydia Unknown 9
Adams Samuel Henry Dalgleish Oliver Maysey Jones Emma Madeline Ransley Walter Robert Unknown 10
Adams William George Daly Hilda May Jack Alice Rachel Rhodes Mary Unknown 11
Addis Annie Jane Dare Carmen Nicole   Robertson Henry Unknown 12
Aherne Helena Dare Gertrude Mabel K Robertson Martha Unknown 13
Aherne James Dare Nellie Kemp Albert E Robertson Sarah A Unknown 14
Amiguet Daisy Elvie Dare Sydney James Kemp Judith Anne Robinson J Unknown 15
Atkinson Roberta Dawes Harold E Knight Martha Roma Unknown 16
  Dolaher Sarah Knowles Alfred Samuel Rosendale Donald Alfred Unknown 17
B   Knowles Henrietta Clara Rosendale Doris May Unknown 18
Barham William John E Koppleman Lillian Rose Rosendale Dorothy Unknown 19
Benbow Ernest Charles Ericksen Rita   Ross Julia Unknown 20
Benbow Myrtle   L Rowe Frederick H Unknown 21
Beresford Ethel F Langley Walter Thomas Ryan John Francis Unknown 22
Billinghurst Charles Albert Farrell Elsie Langridge Laurel Mary   Unknown 23
Billinghurst Coral Dawn Feltham Alan Mervyn Lawrence Sarah S Unknown Alfred James
Billinghurst Leslie James Feltham Ethel May Leslie Alice Marjorie Savage Anne Unknown Harold
Billinghurst Winifred Lois Feltham Joseph Wheeler Lilley Victor M Schlor Beulah May Unknown Nell
Bird William Arthur Foster Cecil Lincoln Eileen D F Schoe W Unknown Thomas 27
Blacklow F Fox John Lomas John Scott Donald H  
Bone Ethel May Fox Martha   Scott Douglas W
Boucher Rebecca Elizabeth   M Self Herbert J Wagner Frederick William
Boucher Richard William G Manser William Alfred Self Les Walker Elizabeth
Branigan Joan Golding S G Martin Lila May Sellers Elsie J Walker Leslie
Branigan William Gourlay Joan Mavis McDonald Sydney Sellers Frederick Webb Hannah
Brock F D Gray Basil McGrath Annie Seymour T Webb J L
Brown Alfred Robert   McGuire Frederick A Sharman Raphael George Webster Dulcie Jean
Brown Alvera Jean H McKnight Cliff Sharpe Arthur Thomas Williams Jane
Brown Ruby Pretoria May Hack Malinda McKnight Dotty Sharpe Harriett Maud Williams John
Brown Sydney Ernest Hack Sydney Roy McQuabe Margaret Smith Albert Edward Wilson A
Burdune Herman Hague Ada Mary Miller Anna Smith Amelia Wise Kiaora Kitha Kathleen
Burdune Martha Hague Alfred James Miller George David Smith Ellen Wood Louisa
Burnell Catherine Elsie May Haigh Rubina Hannah Miller Ruby Alice Louise Smith Nellie Vanda Woodham Elsie
Burnell Henry Frederick Harding Ada Mills Edith Maud Smith William Woodham William Charles
Burnell Walter Charles Harding Alfred J Moody Arnold Thomas Smith William E Woolley John Edward
  Haris Jesse Morgan Arthur T Smith William Elphrick Woolley Sarah Jane
C Harn Edward Phillip Morgan Edith M Spencer Gertrude Maud Wright Archibald Seymour
Carr Mary A L Harrington Alfred Muir Frederick Leslie Spencer Thomas Frederick Wright Ethel Josephine
Carr Thomas G Harrison C E   Stevens Alice Wrigley Mary Lucy
Chaffey Joyce Harrison Joseph Richard N Stevens John Wrigley Thomas
Chamberlain Albert Harrison Winifred Mary Neilson Margaret    
Chamberlain Ethel Harrold Albert Ernest Nichols Theo Ruth T Y
Chambers Jean Harrold Clara   Tapp Daisy Agnes Yeoland Cecil Darcey
Chambers Maisie Jean Hawkins Thomas Walter P Temple Vernon Robert  
Chandler Ellen May Henley Emma Ann Palmer Virginia Frances Tennant Arthur John  
Chandler George Edward Henrebe John Park Lily Thies Edward Arthur  
Chatters Christopher Hepburn H C Park Robert Triffett Kevin A  
Chatters Maria Matilda Hepburn Henrietta Parker Annie Florence Turner William  
Clark V R Hill Amy Maria Parker Reginald    
Clarke W Hill Charles Leslie Paul Gladys Francis U  
Collins Frank Hill Mary Frances Eva Paul Walter Francis Unknown  
Cook Albert Roland Hill William Francis Pearton Charles Leslie Unknown 1  
Cook Edna Hitchens J Pentecost Frank Unknown 2  
Cork Veronica Dora Hohne Annie Pentecost Ruby F Unknown 3  
Coulson Henry Lewis Hohne Annie 1 Perkins Amelia Unknown 4  
Coulson Jemime Jane Hohne Henry Perkins William Unknown 5  
Crane Frederick George Hohne Henry 1 Perkins William Henry Unknown 6  
Crane George Alfred Hopkins Harry H Poultney Alice May Unknown 7  
Crawford Douglas Hopkins Rosana Mary Poultney George Arthur Unknown 8  
Crawford Robert Horwood-Barrett Ella Price Harold    
Cunningham Abraham Horwood-Barrett Margaret Jane Pritchard Ada Georgina    
  Hudson Eileen May      






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