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Church of England Section Q

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

A D L S U Cont
Adams K F Davidson Elvie L Larkins Elwyn Charles Sargison Rupert Rex Unknown 23
Anning John Charles Dodge Baby Larkins William Sharp Eleanor May Unknown 24
Arnott Mavis Dawn   Larkins William Maurice Sherman Eliza Eveline Unknown 25
Ashcroft Faye Doreen E Lewis Lyell Smith B J Unknown 26
  Edwards Barry Lincoln Lesley Smith Beryl Unknown 27
B Evans Raymond Arthur Lincoln Lesliy Smith Brian Unknown 28
Baluster Dennis   Linton Molly Jean Smith Dorothy Joan Unknown 29
Banks D E F Logan Phyllis Gwen Smith Keith Unknown Marlene
Bender Laughan Boy Felmingham Judith Maran   Smith Zelda Unknown Neil
Benjamin E Findlay Alexander M Stanton Pauline  
Bennett Baby Followes Rex MacDonald N C Steed Richard Edward W
Best Anita Lilyan Fyfe Manning Unknown Stokes Guy Walters Colin Andrew
Booth J   Manser Clement Stokes Lewis Walters Margaret Lee
Boucher Arthur William G Manser David James Suckling Maisie Warner J Preston
Bowden Keith Allan Geappen A W McCullum Donald George Swan Noel James Webberley Unknown
Boxhall Unknown Madeline Goyen Beryl McCullum Trevor John   Wiggins Bruce Irwin
Bradshaw Alma Green Peter McGuire Beverley T Wiggins Dallis Irwin
Brinckman Harold Arthur   McGuire Leo Brian Totham Keith Charles Woods Terrence
Brinckman Joyce Mary H McGuire Nellie Audrey Turner Annette  
Brinckman Phyllis Mary Harrison Betty C McGuire Unknown Turner Baby  
Brockman R N Harrison Keith M McKay Blanche Turner Joseph Henry  
Brooke-Cox B Hawke Hilton Trevor Mitchell Davis Alex    
Brown Hilary June Hawke Nessie Lillian Moore Bircham Ada U  
Brown Mervyn Reginald Hawke Trevor James Moore Charles M Uknown Jimmy  
Budd Kenneth Curtis Horne E J Moore David B Unknown 1  
Budd Maureen Ruth Horton Rosemarie Morley Sydney Lawrence Unknown 2  
Bull Margaret Hosking Cyril John Mundy R M Unknown 3  
Burgess Leonard Robert Housten Unknown Mary   Unknown 4  
Burgess Margaret Howe Ange O Unknown 5  
Burgess Paul E Huxley Baby (Boy) Oldham Lola L Unknown 6  
Burrows Colin Robert   Oldham Unknown Unknown 7  
Butler Patricia Beryl I   Unknown 8  
  Ipson Elaine P Unknown 9  
C Irwin Yvonne Mabel Peppiate Mary Unknown 10  
Campbell David Colin   Peterson Margaret Olivene Unknown 11  
Carmen Judith D J Peterson Yvonne Alice Unknown 12  
Chalmers Baby Johns Marry Poultney Rex John Unknown 13  
Champ David Frederick Day Jones Zelley W Price Peter Unknown 14  
Clarke Babe Ina   Purvis Robert Donald Unknown 15  
Cleaver Elizabeth Ann K   Unknown 16  
Cleaver Geoffrey Paul Kellaway Leslie R Unknown 17  
Clifton Leslie Kellerway Beverley Jean Rainbird Unknown Unknown 18  
Cloudsdale Edward J Knight R M Reid Kathleen June Unknown 19  
Cloudsdale Ivy Alice Knights Dennis Richardson Max Unknown 20  
Cloudsdale J A Kremmer David Leslie Rigney Lewis John Unknown 21  
Costain Geoffrey Maurice   Robertson Cynthia Unknown 22  
Courtney Vincie Trevor   Rogers B    



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