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Church of England Section QB

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Absolom Unknown Eaton Margaret Ann Kaproulius Angelo Quinn D R Taylor D A
Addison Kaye Patricia Edhouse Peter Michael Kay Gregory Philip Quinn L A Thomas H
Aird Valencia Gay Eiszele Noel Wayne Kaye Unknown   Thurlow Angela Louise
Allan Margaret Pearl Elwell Unknown Twin 1   R Thurlow Simon James
Allan Winsome Pearl Elwell Unknown Twin 2 L Redshaw Colin William Tilles Tina Johanna
Allen Mark Emin W J Lavell Mary Kaye Redshaw Hubert Ronald Donald Tilyard Unknown
Alomes Pauline Evans Gregory Ross Little Douglas John Reid C A Townsend Stanley Glyn
Andrews Jack Alexander Everett Donald Lockwood Peter Maxwell Reid Carol  
  Excell Unknown   Richardson Arthur Ponsonby V
B   M Richardson Earl Wilfred Vanson J
Bannister Darlene Anne F Maher Diane Richardson Jean May  
Beasy J L Fehlberg Tasman Maher Glenice Roberts Terence David W
Bellette Andrew Lee   Maher John Robertson Kerrie Joanne Wallace Unknown
Bezverkof Florence Elaine G Maher Kaye Robins Kenneth Bruce Ward Hayley Anne
Boucher Darrell Desmond Gadd Bradley Wayne Maher Merry Roper Unknown Watt Margaret
Boxall Alan Wayne Gadd Jason William Males Elaine Rosendale Gilbert Kenneth Way John
Brown E T Giles Brett Anthony Mays Damian Leigh Rowntree Bertha Whitaker Webb Barbara Lucy
Brown Mary Anne Gillam Grant McDermott Julienne Alice Rowntree Gilbert Webb Pauline Ethel
Budd Harry William Goninon Arthur Winston McGuire Lynette Fay   Webb Peter Mark
Burrows Sabina Claire Goold Raymond Keith McIntyre Richard John S Webb Ross Francis
  Gore John Geoffrey McKay Patricia Dawn Saggers Andrew John Webb Susan Alice
C Goudie Kenneth Herbert McLaren Gregor William Sargason A J Webb Tania Maree
Cairns J H Gough Baby McLean Leonard   Welsh Lester Henry
Cairns Michael James Gough Marjorie Gwen Moles Shirley Ann Saunders Brian Robert Wheatley Edward Glen
Calvert Baby Gough Stanley William Morgan Elizabeth Ellen Savage Judith Kaye Wheatley Edwin Keith
Cannell Stuart Matthew Gray Ellen Mudge Lesley Lorraine Savage Unknown Jan White N
Carter Baby Green Barbara Ann Murfet M L Scott Leon Bruce Wiggins Arthur Heron
Cartlidge Helen B Guthrie David Allen Murray Rodney Laurence Shea Neil T Wiggins Graham Eric
Chaffey Mark Andrew     Sheild Mary Willett Christine Hazell
Charlton Sarah Jane H N Simpson David John Williams David Wayne
Clark P M Hales Kevin Wayne Nichols Harry Simpson-Wilson P J Wilson V N
Coe Nikki Lee Hales Walter John Nichols Tony Slade Billie  
Conrades T J Hallett Kenneth Nottage Anthony John Sly Rosemary Y
Coombs Maria (Society of Friends) Harris B L   Smith Andrew Mark Young Graeme Forbes
Coombs Mary Hills S K O Smith Barry William  
Coombs William Charles Hopson Brett Jason Oates Simon Allen Smith C J  
Coombs William Harry Hopwood S M Orpin Unknown Smith Charlotte V  
Cornish K W Hoskinson Renee D   Smith Graham Hector  
Cox Allan Geoffrey How Colleen Joyce P Smith Peter Bruce  
Crisp P Howard John Payne C J Smith Sharon Anne  
  Hutton Marguerite Dianne Pelham Patricia Spotswood Jason Wayne  
D   Peterson Ann Maree Story Ricky James  
Daniels Robert Harold I Pitt Lynette Ann Swan Jason Allen Charles  
Daniels Scott Alfred Irving Elaine Elizabeth Pitt Richard    
Dayly T L Ivory Henry Alan Plaxton John Maxwell    
Deakes Cecil Arthur Allen   Potter Annette Elizabeth    
Deakes Jason Wayne J Poulson Keith Wayne    
Derkley Terri Leane Judd Noel Psychari Constantina    
Downie Kenneth   Pursell R E    
Dunbar Susan Mary        




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