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Church of England Section QH

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

A D J N Cont S Cont
Allanby Jane Francis Daly Terence John Jackman Glenn David Nichols John Stevens Peter John
Allchin J Deakes Jason Michael Jackman Marion Jane Nichols John Anthony Stewart Maureen Joyce
Allen Kathleen Maud DeGroot Jennifer Ann Jackson Ian Charles Nichols Serena Celia Stewart Shane William
Allen William Charles Delphin Wayne Jackson Tennyson Valentine Norris Unknown Strange Twins Unknown
Anning Neil Sydney Devine Kim Kenneth Jarrett Glenn David Noy Wendy Kaye Street Unknown
Appleby Dion Barry Devine T J Jennings G I   Swan Aileen Jean
Appleby Pam Christine Devine Tammy Jones Cheryl Ann O Swan Ellen Dawn
Atkinson T Dobson Glen Jones Isabel Lillian O'Neill O Sweet Baby
  Dobson Kenneth Russell Jones T L O'Reilly Martin Daniel  
B Dobson Pamela Ruth Joseph Harold Norman Osmond Wayne F T
Bailey Tamara   Joseph Tania Marie   Tapp Marie Alice
Bakes Christopher Robin F   P Targett Nicholas John
Baldwin Cindy Maree Farr Amanda Beatrice K Pearton Tanya Lee Thorp Paul
Ball Jalen Mark Farrow Robyn Leigh Karp A Pedder Scott Adam Thurlow Anthony Leigh
Ball Mark Albert Ferguson Linton Kentish Marcel John Petterd Ina Jean Tibble Baby
Ball Unknown Fewkes Unknown Knop Stephen Leslie Pinchin-Gamble Unknown Tilyard Craig
Barker Ann Catherine Fleming Christopher Gordon Knott Peter Leslie Pithouse Bernd William Trenham Penny
Bellette Unknown Ford Sharon Louise Kruger Andrew Richard Plummer Joanne Mary Triffitt David Wayne
Billinghurst Joanne Fox Michelle Leanne   Polley Katrina Triffitt Scott
Bingley Craig Peter Francombe Helen L Poulson Tracey Triffitt Todd Neil
Bone Scott R French J A Lacey Janetta Ellen Pryor Dennis William  
Bones Margaret Dawn Froud Brendon Law Charlotte Pursell Baby 1 U
Bones Peter John Fyfe A K Leamam Unknown Pursell Baby 2 Unknown 1
Bradley Craig William Fyfe Annette Marjorie Lette Marcus John   Unknown 2
Bradley Heather Louise   Lockley Denise Ruth Q Unknown 3
Brain Douglas Graeme G Lockwood Rodney L Quilliam Andrew Noel Unknown 4
Brooks Lee-Anne Gangell Unknown Long Sylvia Anne   Unknown 5
Brown Donna Maree Garland Elizabeth Longey Scott Graeme R Unknown 6
Burke Paula Elizabeth Geard Roslyn Ann   Rabe Simon Peter Unknown Danny
Burke Scott James Geeves Ronald Charles M Radosavljevic Raymond Walter Unknown June
Burnett Geoffrey Brian Gericke Julie Lizette Maccallini David Rayner Adrian  
Burr Baby Gericke Scott John Mace Helen Mary Rayner Andrew W
Bygrave Gregory Thomas Godfrey Unknown Marriott M R Reardon Michelle Ann Walker Karen
Bygrave Leo Thomas Goninon Baby 1 Marrison Katy Rhodes Cherie Jo-Anne Ward Unknown
Byrne Donna Goninon Baby 2 Martyn S Richardson Leeanne Michelle Warn Margaret
  Gough Matthew James Mason Linda Alexandra Roberts Fiona May Warn Theresa Maree
C Gunton Shelly Jane Mason William Mark Roberts Shane Leigh Warne Ricky John
Carmichael Karen Elizabeth   Mayne Unknown Robinson Karen Anne Wedd Gavin John
Cash Christopher Robert H Mays Stephen Andrew Rose Stuart John Weeding Jason
Cash Mariese Suzanne Hall Shane Anthony McLean Sharee Rumley Unknown Wells Robert John
Challis Bernadette Hall Unknown McLennan Michelle   Westbury Shane Derek
Chambers Scott Noel Harding David Frederick McLoughlin Nicole June S Wiggins Phillip
Chapman Unknown Harding Lee-Anne McLoughlin Paul Nicholas Saarimaa Mark Williams Henry Thomas
Charlton Warren Martin Harvey G W McManus Shane Andrew Salter Andrew David Williams Judy Effie
Christian Julie Heenan Unknown McTye Russell Paul Samson Rainer Mark Williams Robin John
Christian Rosemary Henderson Roslyn McTye Shane Leslie Scarff Amanda Wills Jan Elizabeth
Christian Russell Hendon Brad Midson Amanda Jane Scott Donna Rose Wilton Unknown
Clark Arlene Henri Grant Mitchell Brian Andrew Seabourne Cheryl Wood Katrina Elizabeth
Clark D J Henry Marion Patricia Morris Karen Seeliger Andrew Woulleman Danny Edward
Clarke Julie Ann Hepworth Paul Andrew Mourant Stuart John Shelton Luanna Marie Wythes Elizabeth Anne
Clifford Leigh Athol Hepworth Tanya Marie Mudge Christine Sherman Annette Dawn  
Clifton Geoffrey Douglas Higgins Roderick Mundy Jason Lawrence Smart Shirley Y
Clifton Robinlee Hill Unknown Munro Ian John Smith Lisa M Yemm Christian
Coleman Kaye Sandra Hindrum Andrew Murray Dorothy Joyce Smith Matthew Stephen  
Coombes Baby Hines Kimmy   Smith Susan  
Cooper Tracey Lee Horner Julie Anne N Smith Wade M  
Cornish Winsome Kay Horsey Michael Neil Kim Snooks Matthew David  
Coulson Kerry Joseph Horsey Trevor Cornelius Nelson Roslyn Stanton W J  
Creese Julie Lorraine Howe Darren John Newman Scott Richard Stee Liza Alexandra  
Crombe W D Howell Susan Maree Nichols Baby (Boy) Stellmaker Baby (Boy)  
  Howlett Raymond Craig Nichols Jason Peter Stepanidis Katerina  





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