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Church of England Section R

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Adams Annie Lucy Croft May Jones Aubrey Hamilton O'Brien Darcy Garfield Talbot June C
Adams Brian Harry Croft Robert James Jones Frances O'Brien Edward Charles Talbot Thomas Albert
Adams Harry Ernest Crouch C J Jones Henry O'Brien Emma Target Charles Albert Bacenall
Allwright George William Cuthbertson A Jas Jordan Mary Ann O'Brien Minna Clevenly Target Rosa Elizabeth May
Allwright Mary Louise Cuthbertson Ada Selina Jordon Frederick William Osborne Arthur Taylor Humphrey
Amott Charles W Cuthbertson Harry C   Osborne Charles Taylor I C E
Amott Daisy Cuthbertson L Esme K Osborne Charles Ray Thompson Richard Henry
Amott Elsie May Cuthbertson Thomas Whitfield Knight Ada Caroline Osborne Dick Thompson Sarah Jane
Andrewartha Ada Lillian   Knight Unknown Osborne Ethel Tremayne Walter John
Avery Gwendoline Edith D   Osborne Mary Ann Tucker Arthur
Avery Oscar Clyde Dalton Florence L Osborne Ronald Turner Tasman James
  Dalton Walter Langley Edward   Tyrer John Peter
B Davis Alice Mary Langley Elizabeth P  
Barber Elizabeth Davis David Manton Lee Florence Elizabeth Pearson Arthur Frank U
Barber William Dillon Elizabeth Lee James A Pearson Georgiana Upton George Henry
Barwick Mabel Agnes Dunkley Robert Campion Lester William John Pinfold Harriett  
Beard Helen Dupre George Edward Lethlean Thomas Henry Poultney Emmeline Edith W
Beard Norman Eric   Lethlean Viola Clarice Poultney Henry Thomas Waddington Alfred Albert
Birtwistle Mary Elizabeth E Lewis Owen James Priest Jessie 1 Waddington Harriet
Booth Leonard Keith Ellis Sarah Ann Lipscombe Isabella Kate Priest Jessie E Ward Cyril Eric
Boucher Clement A Ellis William Lipscombe Leslie John Pritchard Florence May Watchorn Clara L
Bowker Alice Elliss William Lomasney Thelma Alice Pritchard Henry Thomas Watchorn Florence Emily
Bowker Mark Evans Betsy Lord David Buchanan Pritchard Roy Percival Wells Edith Balfour
Bradley Joseph Evans Mary Jane Lord Ruth Puddicombe Reginald Beynon Wheatley Joseph
Brockett Albert Lovell Evans Robert Albert Loveridge Doris Helena   White Clara Victoria
Brockett Isabel Leahry Evans Thomas Joseph   R White Francis George
Brown Sidney Francis   M Radcliff Anna Maria Williams Eva Emily
Brown W E F Macaulay Ethel Marion Radcliff Crawford Williams Francis Augustas
  Fergusson Gerald Markby Elizabeth Radcliff David Williams Francis John
C Fisher Albert John Markby Joseph Radcliff Elizabeth Francis Williams John R
Cairns Frank Anton Fisher Amy M Matthews Amelia Amanda Radcliff Jessie Wright Mary Louisa
Cairns Mary Elizabeth Fisher Ellen A McAulay Alexander Radcliffe Anna Maria  
Campbell Clara Millicent Fisher William J McAulay Alexander Leicester Rex Charles Bayley Richmond Y
Campbell William Algon Foster Evelyn Martha McAulay Ida Mary Rex Charles Harvey Young Rose Leah
Canaway Alma Watson Foster John William McCambridge Dorothy Lillian Riseley Myrtle  
Canaway Phillip Joseph   McGee Frances Mercia Russell Mabel  
Caulfield John G McLaren    
Cearns Max Gadd Charles McShane Charlotte S  
Chatterton Allen Francis Gadd Myrtle McShane John Schofield William John  
Chatterton Elizabeth Mary Gadd Sarah McWilliams Elizabeth Sarah ScholfieldPhoebe Elizabeth  
Chatterton Florrie Gourlay Jean Minna McWilliams William John Scott Alexander  
Chatterton Francis John Gregson William Owen Millar Harriet Agnes Scott Sarah Ann  
Chatterton Frank   Millington Maggie Lawson Sheen Henry William  
Chatterton Joseph H Millington Victor Edwin Sheen Margaret  
Chatterton Kate Hanschen Jean E Monument Sheen Rachel  
Chatterton Katie Harris Caroline Morey Mary Sheen Rubina Agnes  
Chatterton Ruby Harris Henry Morris Alexander Sheen Unknown  
Clarke Lillian Haward Ailsa Emily Morris Emma Sheen Unknown 1  
Cole John Haward George Frederick Mulligan Hilda Jean Shone Amy  
Collis William Hawkins Samuel Mulligan Joseph Augustus Smith Alice Jane  
Contencin John Joseph Hawkins Sarah Ann Mulligan Sarah Elizabeth Smith Douglas  
Contencin Mary Anne Hayes Annie Elizabeth Murray Richard Smith Harriett  
Cook Arthur Edward Hedberg Kathlyn Murray Una Smith Herbert James  
Cook Linda Maud Hemingway Alan Patrick   Smith John Cornelius  
Cooper Edwin Henry Hemingway Richard N Speakman Henrietta Charlotte  
Cooper Elsie Susan Holmes Charles Alford Newman William Speakman James Fawcett  
Cooper Emma Holmes Emily Mary Ann Nicholson Annie R Spencer Ethel Maud  
Cooper Laura E Horne A C Nicholson James Inglis Spencer Robert  
  Horne Louisa   Spriggs Amy Sophia  
  Horne William Thomas   Spriggs George Fane  
  Hurt Thomas Leon      




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