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Church of England Section  UU

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Ackerly Colin Herbert Derrick John Thomas How Ah Milburn Mollie A Steed N
Alexander Dorothy Molly Derrick William James Howe James Ryder Milburn Peggy Dawn Stevens Charles N
Allen Richard Rowland Dixon Alice R Hull Herman A Mills Dolly Stevens Harriett
Allen Tasman Kenneth Dixon Arthur E   Mills Harriet E A Stewart Elizabeth Ann
  Dodge Percy C J Mills Joe Stewart Eric William Peace
B Dolliver Arthur Jarritt Charles William Morgan Arthur Douglas Stock Ernest Thomas
Barrow Grace Dolliver Dorothy Emma Johnstone Myrtle J Rose Moss D G Stock Georgina
Blazely Emily Dolliver Ethel Maud Jones William Hugh   Suckling Peggy Elizabeth Ann
Blazely Reginald Amos John Douglas Selina Joseph Charles William N  
Blazely Reginald George Douglas William Joseph Maria Mary New Alice Florence T
Bone M J     Nichols Trevor Taylor Johanna
Brain H N F K   Taylor Robert James
Brown Daisy Feilding James Kingston Reginald Jack O Taylor Ronda Patricia
  Feilding Sarah Matilda   Owen Francis E Trebilco Hector Martin
C Fergusson Constance L   Turner Don
Cannan Amy Catherine Fleming Andrew Ferguson Langley Harold P Turner Marie Vivette
Cannan Charles Edward Fleming Mary Langley Myrtle Paice Louisa  
Challenger Ellen Frances Elizabeth Flood James Lawler James Cummins Paice W U
Challenger William Edwin Flood Ruth Lawler P J Paling George Unknown 1
Challenger William John Forrest Annie Janet Leonard Charles Edward Pegg Florence Unknown 2
Chandler Alfred Phillip Forrest Frederick L A Lipscombe Rebecca Pegg Reginald Unknown 3
Chandler Amelia Elizabeth   Lyden Ethel Maude Perriman Alfred Ernest Unknown 4
Chew Rose Jessie G Lyden James Perriman Violet Mary Unknown 5
Chintock N A Gallagher Eliza   Pollock Raymond A Unknown 6
Clark Basil John Gayton E M Porter Emma Arnold Unknown 7
Clarke Charles H Gayton Elizabeth Maidment Frederick Benjamin Porter Harry Thomas Unknown 8
Clarke Rosaline Gordon William Ernest Maidment Haydee Mabel Porter Thomas E Unknown 9
Collins Ella Joyce Gray Fanny Jane Mansfield William Thomas Proctor Mary Unknown 10
Conyngham Joan   Martyn Emily   Unknown 11  (See below)
Costello Cynthia H Martyn Harry R  
Costello Geoffrey Harrex Ann Mason A Reeves Dorothy Ashton Nichols W
Costello Winifred Hay Eric Thomas McGowan Donald Oswin Roberts H A M Ward Annie Ellen
Costelloe Higgins Edward McGowan Donald Oswin 1   Ward James Alexander
Coulson W Holliday Margaret McGuiness Arthur Augusta S Warden Delia
  Hollingsworth Ben McGuiness Millicent Shea Allan Emanuel Wood B E
D Hollingsworth Mary Ann McLoughlin Christina Mary Shegog William Wyatt Jean Violet
Davis Essie Maud Hopwood Isaac Henry McLoughlin Eric Markham Shirley Richard  
Davis Keith Francis Hopwood Rene McLoughlin Graham Joseph Spurling Frederick  
Davis Maud Lillian Horne Maria McVilly Archibald Francis Spurling R L  
Derrick Eliza Horne Vera May McVilly Mary Ann Spurling Richard Leslie  
    Mee Esther Elizabeth    
    Milburn Max Charles    

Thank you to Roger Clifford for identifying the Unknown 11 headstone as Charles William & Maria Mary Joseph.




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