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Church of England Section VV

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Adams Alice Dalton Charles T K Hill Doris Nicholls Cynthia Stewart Merida Ann
Adams Marion May Davies James Hill Elizabeth Caroline Noble John Courtland Stewart Minnie Louisa
Archer Frederick Benjamin Dobson Ada Hill Frederick Norwood Robert Stewart Raymond
Atkinson Edward Derwent Doering Bertha Emma Auguste Louise Hill Lillie   Stewart Roy Stanley Robert
Atkinson Lydia Doering Ernest Lewis Hill Robert P Stokes Miriam
  Donaldson Frank Howell Adeline Parker Harriet Street Alfred Henry
B Donaldson James   Parker William Street Sarah
Banks Henry Donaldson Mary Ann Turner J Pearton Joseph Daniel Street Telfer Burton Alan Hamer
Batchler Ethel Donovan Frances Elizabeth Jager Harry L Pedder Alice Stubbs Frederick Leslie
Batchler Mary Dutton Ada Jager Janet E E Pedder Charles Joseph Stubbs Louisa Ernestina
Batchler Percy Dutton O A K Joyce William Joseph Pilmore Marion Dorothy Stubbs Martha
Belbin Emma Elizabeth     Pitchford Stanley Stubbs William
Belbin Joseph Stephen E K Pullen Mary Ann Sutcliffe Ada Isabell
Bent Ernest Essen Charlotte Jane Kent Juanita Pullen Thomas V Swanton Elfreda Gertrude
Bent Mary Ellen Essen Eliza Ellen Kent Mabel Jean Pullen William Thomas Swanton Raymond Maxwell
Berry Emily Gentle Eubank Raymond Knight Peter Punter Evalena Sweet Florence Eva
Berry Walter Harold Evans Edward J Knight William James Punter John  
Black W M Evans Olive Lillian   Purcell Alfred T
Blackwood J F Ewell Dorothy Mabel L Purcell Henry Thickins William
Bradley William Ewell Unknown Lahl James Purcell Mary Ann Thorne Anthony
Budd Charles   Lampkin Edith May Pye Henry Thorne Charles
Budd Doris Maida F Lampkin Francis Henry Pye Mary A Toogood Catherine
Burgess Unknown Fewkes Adelaide Maud Lampkin Ronald Leon   Toogood Charles
Burrows Ann Fewkes Arthur George Lampkin Walter Augustas Q Topham John Thomas
Burrows Bob Fleming William Lavell C J Quarrell Florence Alberta Townsend Eileen
Burrows George Fletcher Dennis James Leefe Edward   Tregenna P A
Butler Brian Winston Fletcher Matilda Elizabeth Leppard Jane R Trevis James R
Butler Edmund James Fletcher Thomas Leppard John Rapp Esther Turner Robert A
Butler Effie Ada Fletcher-Jones George Thomas Lincoln George Rapp George M Tyler Eustace Albert
Butler Haddee Madge Hannah Dalmas Fletcher-Jones Helen Jane Lincoln Hilda L Ratcliffe Olive May Tyler Helen
Butler Henry Edward Forbes Henry Blair Linton J E Rees Julia Mary Frances  
Butler Noel Edmund Forbes James Somerville Lovell Esh Adkins Reid Marjorie Gwendoline U
Butters Isobel Ford Charles Edward Lovell Jane Richardson William Charles Unknown 1
  Ford Lucy Jane Lovett George Thomas Riley Ethel Unknown 2
C Franklin Agnes Jessie Lucas Charles Henry Riley James Unknown 3
Cantrell Alan Franklin Arthur Lucas Elizabeth Riley James Edward Unknown 4
Cantrell Eve Franklin James Roper Lynch Elizabeth Riley Judith Ann Unknown 5
Cantrell John Free Edward H Lynch Henry B Rogers Florence Unknown 6
Cantrell Mary Free James Tasman   Rogers William A E Unknown 7
Challenger Charles   M   Unknown 8
Challenger Florence G Marley Charles F S Unknown 9
Chalmers Roland Glover Henry Marley Margella Sherrin Henry T Unknown 10
Claridge Mary E Goodey Alice Mason Edward Sinclair Christina Unknown 11
Claridge William Goodey Walter John Mason Fanny Louisa Smith Arthur Charles Richard Unknown 12
Clark Harold Louis Gordon Hannah McArthur George William Smith Joseph Unknown 13
Clark William Gordon Thomas McBean Frank Stanley Smith Kathleen Dorothy Unknown 14
Clarke C J Gould Elizabeth Mary McCuaig George John Vaughan Smith Oswald Derwent Unknown 15
Clarke Cyril James Grant James Alfred McKenny Lola Joy Snow Albert J Unknown 16
Clarke Phyllis Helen Graver Arthur A McKenny Mary Snow Florence Evelyn Unknown 17
Cleary Alice J Green Denis McKenny Reginald Snow Frederick Albert Unknown 18
Cocker Fanny A A Green Evelyn Mary McKenny Thomas Spong Harold L N Unknown 19
Colbourn Ernest Green Harry MCkie Ellen Spong Marion T Unknown 20
Colbourn Henry James   McKie William Spong Val Stanley Unknown 21
Colbourn Margaret H Menadue Benjamin Spotswood Amelia H Unknown 22
Colbourn Percival Haden Alexander Bunn Menadue Elizabeth Jane Spotswood James A Unknown 23
Colbourn Rachael Haden Rachel Rhoda Millhouse Alfred Tasman Spotswood LLewellyn Unknown Emma
Cooper Emmie Elizabeth Hale William Edward Millhouse Nellie Spotswood Maude F G Unknown Robert
Cooper Herbert Unknown Hallett Lindsay George Moles George Arthur Spotswood Unknown Charles  
Cooper James Leslie Haynes Constance A Moore Julia Steedman Minnie Margaret W
Cooper Sydney Mortimer Hayton Alice Victoria Moore Leslie Albert Stephens Dorothy E Walker Annie Maria
Coppleman Clarice Maria Hayton Rebecca Amelia Mulligan Alfred Hugh Stephens Mary Croome Walker Walter
Cosker Allan Cyril Heath Audrey Mulligan Mary Stevenson Frank Wells John Henry
Cosker Eileen Ceciley Heath Cecil Lambert Mullins L M Maud Stevenson Frank Charles Wells Marie Louise
Cosker Richard Thomas Heath Ivy Robina Mullins Thomas F Stevenson Katherine White J
Cromer Eva Margaret Higham James Henry   Stewart Alfred Williams Irene
Cromer Frederick William Higham Mary Ann   Stewart Irene Madge Daphne Williams James
        Williams John
        Williams Mary Ann
        Williams Sarah Jane
        Williams Thomas Albert
        Willmott Eric O
        Willmott Mary
        Willmott Osbourne Rose
        Witte Frederick
        Wyncoll George Egerton
        Young Hermine Eva




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