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Church of England Section X

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Adamson Elsie De Porder Cornelia D Holmes John Miles Monk William John 1 Semple Emily M
Ainslie Annie De Porder Sophia Holmes Lilian Caroline Montfort Emmeline Eliza Sly John William Ernest
Ainsworth Nellie Dechaineux Ella Holmes Unknown Moore Adelaide Sly Thomas W E
Alexander I Dechaineux Felix Hooper Doris Myrtle Moore Eliza Smith Charles J Sculley
Andrew Anne Cole Dechaineux Lucien Hooper Eleanor Moore Jane Smith George
Andrew Edward Devine Winifred M Hooper Thomas Richard Moore John Smith Helen Cecilia
Andrew Elsie Mary Ann Dickenson Susan Hope Annie Moore Mary Eleanor Smith Henry
Andrew Florence Royal Dickinson Ernest Verner Hope Florence A M Moore Thomas Smith Janet
Andrews Alfred Henry Donahoo Kathleen Mabel Hope Florence Betty Moore Zoe Collis Smith Laura Susan
Andrews Mary Mabel Duncan John A Hope George Edward Morey Abraham Smith Thomas
Archer Amy Augusta   Hope Harriett Morey Ellen Sorell Dora Forbes
Arnold James Washington E Hope James Morey Wilfred Lydney Sorell Hugh Percy
  Edwards Alan Hope Joan Morling John Spencer George Ernest
B Edwards Dorothy Hopwood Winifred Jessie Morling Joshua John Spencer Margaret
Bailey James Edwards Julie Frances Howard Emily Morling Sarah Ann Stacey Alice Maud
Bannister Emily May Edwards Leslie Wentworth Howard John   Stacey Edward Archibald
Bannister James Edwards Marie Louise Howard Susan N Stacey Hans Edward
Bannister Kate Edwards Sidney Thomas Howells Hanna Letitia Niekerk Cornelious M Steele Alice Mary
Barwick Harold Emery Charles Howells Walter Humphrey Ocle Nokes Eric Percy Steele Frederick Charles
Barwick Margaret Emery Eleanor Agnes Hudson Alfred Christie Nokes Percy Robert Steele Gertrude
Beemer Agnes Annie X156 Erp J F Hudson Mary Ann Nokes Rose Steele Nancy
Beemer Albert Ernest X156 Espie Clara Hughes Edna   Stephens Edith
Beemer Amos Frederick X156   Hughes Harriett Anis O Stephens Edward William
Beemer Charles Henry X156 F Hughes Herbert Benjamin Oddie Ethel Stephens Noel Edith
Beemer Charles J X156 Featherstone Bessie Hull Jane Oddie Henry Strange Emma
Beemer Elizabeth Jane X156 Featherstone Constance Blenman Hull Thomas Oddie Henry 1 Strange Harold J W
Bellette Harriott Featherstone Georgina   Oddie Horace Strange John James
Bellette Walter James Flach Jane Forbes I Orpwood Maggie Stride Clarice Daisy
Billinghurst Alice Louise Flexmore I Ikin Thelma Moffett Outten Ellen Stride Edward
Billinghurst James Franklin Elizabeth Annie Ikin Thomas Outten Henry Stride Mary
Billinghurst Lydia Franklin George Ings Edward   Stride Mary A
Bowman Jane Elizabeth Fuge John Harry Innes Fanny Edith P Stride Miriam Gertrude
Bowman Robert Thomas     Pacey Annie Stride William
Brammall Margaret Louise G J Pacey Charles Raymond  
Briggs Ellen Janot Garvin Francis Jackson Patrick Pacey Charlotte Sarah Jane T
Briggs Thomas Gaylor Ernest Cameron Jackson Sarah Georgina Pacey Edward Tayler Isabella
Briggs Willie Gaylor Martha Johnson Laura Elizabeth Pacey Thomas Dewhurst Tayler Walker Pellowe
Brinckman C A Gibbons Matilda Christina Johnson Laura Elizabeth 1 Parsey Terence Oscar Taylor Elizabeth
Brinckman Fredrica Wilhelmina Glock Laurence Johnson Sarah Ann Paterson Amelia Beria Thorne Edward Sydney
Brooks Ernest Cundell Glock Lorense Johnson Unknown Paterson Edward A Thorne Hobart Norfolk
Brooks Louisa Glock Phillip Jones Harriett Elizabeth Paul John R W Tibbs C
Brown Ann Goldstein Edward Jones Leonard Gillespie Payne Charles Samuel Tibbs Elizabeth Mary
Bullock Joseph Jeffrey Goodwin Alice Sophea Jones Thomas Payne Emma  
Butler Jane Gorringe Sarah Emma Jones William Payne Samuel U
  Gould Alan Mervyn   Paynter Annie Underwood Albert
C Gould Alice A K Paynter William Underwood Jane
Cairns Esther Gould Alice Mary Kelly Joseph Pepper Esther Unknown Elsie M L
Cairns Helen W Gould Anthony Galen Kelly Susan Pepper Harriet  
Cairns Robert Gould Arthur Wycherley Kermode Eric Le Poer Pike Ethel Ada V
Carle Walter Gould Cecil Ashley Kermode Reginald Hugh Cecil Pike Francis John Varalla Hester
Cartreit Haviland J D Gould Donal Henry Vincent Kingston Catherine Pike Francis John 1 Varalla Nicholas
Chase Georgina Gould Dorothy Lynette   Pike Henry E Vimpany Henry Charles
Chepmell C J H Gould Henry Thomas L Pike Mary Ann Vimpany Isabella
Chepmell Catherine Isabella Gould John Henry Long Caroline Pill John  
Chepmell Sholto Douglas Gould Marjorie Lois Long Thomas Groome Pink Frances Julia W
Clarke Ann Grellis Andrew Lovegrove Annie Janet Pink Robert Stuart Walker Harold B
Clarke William Johnson Grellis Martha Lovegrove Ellen Pink Sarah Walker Keith Sydney
Cole Frederick Vere   Lovegrove Harry Roy Pitfield Charles Walker Mary
Cole Henry H     Walker Stafford Sydney
Cole Nancy Eliza Hall Alfred Henry M R Ward Ellen
Collis Adelaide Hall Algernon Males Agnes Jessie Reynolds William James Aloysios Ward John Henry
Collis John Hall Ida E M Males Henrietta Richardson Charles Oakley Ward Margaret Isabel Mary
Colman Isabel Hall Leslie Males Jessie Madeline Richardson Frederick Ward Roberta Augusta
Colman Melba Hope Hall Mary Jane Males Mary Richardson Henry John Ward Wilfred
Cooley Charles Morris Hall Nancy May Males Thelma Susan Richardson Mary Anderson Watson Horace
Cooley Frances Hall Sydney Males William Riseley Emily Watson Louisa
Corney Arthur Newell Harbottle Cyril Pitt Marks Elizabeth Riseley William Henry Wheeldon William
Corney Jemima Harbottle Thomas Marshall Jean Ritchie Millicent Mary White Amelia
Corney William John Hart Henry Martin William R Roberts Elizabeth White Harry
County Bessie Rachel Hart Maria Mason Mary Ann Roberts George V White Henry Charles
County Charlotte Hawkes Clara May Mason William Roberts Ida White Job
County James Thomas Hawkes William Charles McGee Laura Blanche Robertson Edwin William White Mabel
County Thomas Hawthorn George McKay Cyril Robertson John White Violet
County Wilfred Hawthorn Isabella Marie McKay Ethel Rolando Elizabeth Wiggins Arthur A
Cowburn Hannah Heineken-Marten Caroline Eliza McKay John Blanche Rolando James Wiggins Basil Heron
Cowburn William Heineken-Marten Henry McKay Martha E Rolando James 1 Wiggins Clara Lois
Cox Dorothy Anne Henderson Maurice Mclreavy Mary Ann Rolando Rosa Wiggins Florence
Cox Frederick Augustas Heywood Percival James McVilly Sarah Round Dorothy Ann Wilkinson Doris Martha
Crawford Athol Heywood Susannah McVilly Thomas Hawkins Round Eli Wilkinson Fanny
Crawford Robert Noble Heywood Unknown McVilly William Thos Rourke Ernest Wilkinson Harry A C
Creswell George William Hill Alfred Blacker Meech James Rourke Francis J Wilkinson R C
Creswell Leslie Hill Annie Meech James Robert Rowe John Mortimer Williams Ellen
Creswell Ruby Hill Eleanor Meech Joseph Robert   Williams Harry
Creswell William Charles Hill Ellen Meech Louisa Ann S Williams Richard Henry
  Hill John Alexander Meech Sarah A Salier Albert E Willing Amelia Caroline
  Hill June Meech Violet I Salier George Hedley Willing Ruth
  Hill Maud Miller Henry Salier Gordon A Willing William Samuel
  Holmes Arthur R Miller Jane Salier Headley John Woods A I
  Holmes Caroline Monk Mary Salier Jane Wylie Alice Jane
    Monk Sydney Herbert Salter Julia Wylie Elizabeth
    Monk William John Salter William Wylie Henry A





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