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Church of England Section XX

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Abey Claire Estelle Coleman Vera Lilian 1 Hinton John Mitchell Helen Lucas Silver Leslie
Allsebrook Agnes Martha Coulson Mary Beatrice Hinton Martha Mitchell John Graham Silver Violet
Allsebrook William Coulson William James Holmes Elijah Mitchell Katherine Augusta Sinclir Basil Reginald
Anderson Andrew Peter Cowles Arthur Frederick Holmes Margaret Moore Edna Mary Singer Ida Gladys
Anderson Josephine Myre Cowles E A Hortin Esther Felicia Moore Frederick Walsh Skeels Arthur Ernest
Anderson Rebecca Crawford Johnson Hortin Frederick William Morgan John Skeels Gwendoline Jessie
Anderson Robert Crawford Kathleen May Howard Nancy Pearl Mountford Bessie Alice Skeels Lucy Beaumont
Ashton H V Crawford Myrene Rene Howard W G   Smallhorn Julia Anne
Atkinson Henry John Alexander Crawford Sarah Ann Howells James N Smallhorn Sarah Kate
Atkinson Sarah Crawford Unknown Howells Sarah Newell John Joseph Smart George E
  Critchley Frederick Leslie Hutchinson Errol Albert Newell Mary Ann Smart Louisa
B Crowe Alice Huxley H J Nichols Emmeline Smart Tasman John
Badham George Richard     Nichols James Smart Thomas Alfred
Badham Nancy D J Nichols Ruby Smart Zillah Elizabeth
Bahr Charles Alfred Dance Albert Aymes Jarvis Albert Nichols Sarah Ann Smith Alfred
Bahr Charles H Dance Dorothy Marie Jarvis Ida May   Smith George
Bahr Dorothy Alice Dance Elizabeth Harriet Johanson Mary Ann O Smith Harry
Bahr Esther Davidson Elizabeth Marie Johanson Olaf Oddie Edgar Hector Smith James
Bahr Mildred Evelyn Davidson William Roland Johnson Alec Oddie William R Smith Jane
Bahr Trevor Dawson Emma Matilda Johnson Eunice Oliphant Archibald John Smith Jane 1
Bahr Winifred Irene D'Emden Lois Mary Johnston Alfred Wallace Oliphant Emily Muriel Smith P P
Baker Mary Alleyne Devereaux Florence Marion Johnston Vivian A Oliphant Linda Myra Steele Phyllis Muriel
Bates Margaret Duncombe Cissie Jones Charles E Oliphant W Stockdale G H W
Beckett Annie Duncombe George S Jones Charles Edward Osborne Coral Stockdale Ida Elizabeth
Beckett John Duncombe Glad Jones Maizie William Osborne Edward Owen Sturges Florence Evelyn
Bender Albert H T Duncombe Lance Jones Mary Margaret Osborne Ellen Elizabeth Summers George Harry
Bender August Duncombe Madge Jones Myra Daphney Osborne Walter  
Bender Lukenia Jane     Oswin Elizabeth M T
Bentley Annie Jane E K Oswin John Charles Tapner Elizabeth
Bentley Edmund Eckford Annie Louisa Kalbfell Unknown Charles   Tapner Frank
Best Gwen Eckford Norah Carlotta Kemp Florence Eliza P Tapner Frank 1
Best Rose Victoria Eckford Sarah Caroline Augusta Kirkby Theodore William Allsebrook Page Albert Austin Tapner Thomas
Blackwell Mary Jane Ellis Emily Selina   Page Beverley Rushton Tapner William
Blackwell William Ellis William Henry L Page Florence Marion Taylor Mary Adelaide
Bonner Thomas Elliss George James Lancaster Alexander Page Florence Marion 1 Taylor Mona
Boote Annie Elliss Mary Ann Lancaster Doris Ellen Page Louisa Jane Taylor Walter Edward
Boreham Adelaide Sarah Elrick Ethel Lillian Lancaster Esther Eliza Patmore Arthur Charles Thompson Bridget
Boreham Fredrick Elrick Robert Lancaster Madeline Patmore Emily Pearl Thompson Charles
Boyd Eileen Pearl Enever Emily Lancaster Pauline Phyllis Patterson Mary Thornton Harry
Brennan Mary Enever William Ledwell Esther Jane Patterson Richard Turner Edwin Devlyn
Brent Lila Jean England Henry Lewis Lewis Elsie Kate Payne Owen George  
Brent Lillie   Lewis Ernest William Payne Thomas U
Brian Charles Winter F Lewis Eva Marion Payne Thomas 1 Unknown 1
Bridgen A M Felmingham Sarah Jane Lincoln Charles Thomas Pearson Jeannette Elizabeth Unknown 2
Bridgen E Felmingham Thomas John Lincoln Rebecca Thomasine Pennefather C F Unknown 3
Brient Sophia Agnes Felminham Thomas John 1 Lingard E May M Pennefather Edward Going Unknown 4
Bromfield Arthur Ernest Filby Edith Little Robert Paget Penny J Compton Unknown 5
Bromfield Lily Mary Filby Ronald George Lloyd G W Prior Leigh Younger Unknown Irene
Brooks David Fisher Ann Dain Lloyd H    
Brooks Elizabeth Fisher Godfrey Loder Arthur Alleyne R V
Brooks Leslie John Foley G Long Fanny Rex Guy Watchorn Richmond Vince John Thomas
Browne Ethel Florence Free Audrey Ruth Long William Reynolds Annie E R Vince Mary
Browne Sydney Free Clarence George Lovell John B Reynolds Harriette Vince William
Browne Sydney Albert Freeman David Henry Luttrell A M Reynolds Walter Albert  
Bryan Catherine Evelyn Freeman Dorothy Clare Luttrell Annie Eva Rice W C W
Bryan Edward Douglas Freeman Florence   Roberts Alfreda Mary Ward Albert E
Bryan Evelyn Frost Annie Louisa M Roberts Alma Emily Webb Charles Albert
Buchanan Dorothy L   Maddock Ada Louisa Robertson Beatrice Webb Charles Albert Victor
Burles Elizabeth G Maddock Charles Richard Robertson James Webb Frances
Burles Richard Gillie A M Maddock Charles Roy Robertson Lila Webb Margaret
Burnside Ronald Gooding Benjamin Maddock Elizabeth Ann Robertson Ronald Webb Vernon Audley Keith
Burnside Winifred Gooding Julia Maddock Margaret Louisa Robertson Sylvia Whitehouse Elsie
  Gunn Frank Lindsay Maddock Richard Lord Robinson Amy Ethel Whitehouse Herbert E
C   Mann Jack Robinson Doreen Mabel Wickins Walter Frederick
Case Henry H Mann John R H Robinson Eric John Williams Lucy May
Case Mary Ann Harris Benjamin Mann Kathleen Mary Robinson John James Wilson Herbert Osbourne
Chapman Mary Louisa Harris Eliza Lily Mann Margaret Robinson Ruby Mary Wilson Rebecca
Chugg Roy Richard Harrison Annie Mann Matilda Jessie Rogers Rupert Eric Wilson Sarah Osborne
Clark Ann Harrison John Mann Tasman C Rogers Wilhelmina Victoria Withington Desmond George
Clark Cecil Roy Harrison John Anderson Mathews George Henry Roy Elizabeth Withington George
Clark Tasman Leslie Harrison John William McGuiness Unknown Roy John Withington Vera Evelyn
Clark Thomas Sabine Harrison Martha McWilliams Frances Eleanor Royle Lillian E Wolfe John
Clarke Kenneth Huntley Harrison Tasman Victor McWilliams Margaret Annie Royle Wilfred Alfred Wood Emma Rebecca
Cleland Ellen Louisa Hayton Emmiline Eva Mead Emily May Rushton Frances Isabella Wood William John
Cleland William Hayton Percival George Millar Ellice May Rushton Mabel Heath  
Clifford W J Hayton William George Millar Marianne   Y
Coleman Scott Heath Neil Harry Millhouse John S Young M S G
Coleman Scott1 Hellessey Mary Millhouse Mary Salmon Alice Young Nellie Laurel
Coleman Vera Lilian Hellessey Samuel Minchin Frances Salmon Annie M  
  Hey Alice Louise Minchin Henry R Saunders Charles James  
  Hey Edward George Mitchell Frances Annie Saunders Florence  
  Hey Henry Thomas Mitchell Horace Ralph Saunders Hannah  
  Hill Dennis Robert Mitchell Margaret Joyce Saunders William Joseph  
  Hill Henry Herbert   Sealy Amy Josephine  
  Hill Mabel Susan   Sealy Raymond  




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