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Church of England Section Y

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Adams Catherine Mabel Daldy Maria Jane Hope Frances Louisa Read Anne H Lotte Unknown 1
Adams Elizabeth Dickson Mary C Hope Helen Dockrill Read John Terry Unknown 2
Adams Florence Marian Douglas Ida Hope Maude Annie Rex Elizabeth Sophia Unknown 3
Adams Frederick Ernest Driscoll Myrtle Irene Hope William Rex Frank Richmond Unknown 4
Adams John   Houghton Stanley Rex Robert Richmond Unknown 5
Adams Joseph E Hudson Pauline Alice Richards Eva Unknown 6
Aitcheson Patricia Irene Elliot Gwlady Lavinia Hurburgh Agnes Elizabeth Richmond Lindsay Unknown 7
Alderton Mabel Adina Elrick Thrya Mavis Hurburgh Charles William Gordon Richmond Mathinna Unknown Adela Sarah
Allanby Clifton   Hurburgh Crosby Risby Anthony Edmund Unknown Charles
Allanby Robert Shelton F Hurburgh Cyril Devereaux Risby Arthur E Unknown Dorothy
Atkinson Myrtle Mary Family Vault of B L Rumney Hurburgh Emma Risby Charles Arthur Unknown Eliza
  Farrer Mary Annie Hurburgh James Unknown Risby Diana Unknown James Norman
B Farrer Nathan Hurburgh Lilly Myra Risby Eliza Alice Unknown Margaret
Banks John Ford Antonia Sophia Hurburgh Mary Hannah Risby Gladys Marguerite Unknown Mary Jane
Barnard Charles Walter Ford Emile Ernest Hurburgh Unknown Risby Harry Ernest Unknown Richard John
Barnard Elizabeth Ann Ford Emilie Hurburgh Unknown 1 Risby Henry  
Barnes George Charles   Hurburgh Unknown 2 Risby Isabella V
Barnes Harriett Helen G Hurburgh Unknown 3 Risby Jack Lyndon Vimpany Amos
Barnes Sydna Belle Georgeson Mary Ellen Hurburgh Unknown Ella Risby Joseph E Vimpany Fred
Barnes Valma Isobel Georgeson Unknown Hurst Cecilia Risby Lavina R  
Bennett Leonard Carlo Gibson Ben Hurst James Risby Louis W
Bennett Leslie Isabel Gibson Horace Edward   Risby Mabel Aileen Walker Francis Edward
Bingham Eveline Gibson Lucy Henrietta I Risby Oscar Walker Louisa
Bingham Robert George Gibson Lucy Henrietta 1 Ibbott A Risby Rupert Wilson Walker Unknown
Birch Augustas Hardy Gibson Norman Arthur Ibbott Martha Jane Risby Thomas Walpole Mary Ann
Birch Henry Gibson William George   Risby Thomas 1 Walpole Robert
Birch W T Gifford Olive J Risby Trevor James Walpole Robert 1
Blee M A Gifford Vernon Stanley Jackson Isabel Roberts Annie Maria Watkins Mary Ann
Boden Constance Albertia Gilham Archur Henry Jackson John Oscar Roberts Richard Lewis Watkins Unknown
Boden Harold LLewallyn Gilham Edward Young Jackson Thomas O Roe Henrietta Marie Watkins William
Bond Basil Gilham Ellen Edith Johnson William Rogers Alan Burnaby Weaver Ada
Bond George Gilham Emily Sarah Jones George Rogers Clarice Weaver Annie M
Bond Gladys Gilham Mary Elizabeth Jones John Downie Rogers Jessie Mary Weaver Derek Scott White
Boot Elizabeth G Gill Florence S E Jones Julia Unknown Rogers Lionel Scarr Weaver Ian Maclaren White
Box William Draper Gill George Phillip Just Josephine Mason Rogers Peter Kenneth Weaver James Tomkins
Bright Constance Gill Henry Horatio Just Thomas Cook Rollins Thomas John Weaver Jean Eileen
Bright Laura Gill Rosa Mary   Rowe Phyllis Jean Weaver Mary White
Bright Richard Stonehewer Gill Sara Inez K Roy Ella Weaver Merle White
Bright William Gill William Henry McLow Knight Margaret Roy William J Weaver Phyllis White
Brown George Gill William Louis McLow Knight William Royston George Joseph Weaver Roderick
Brown Margaret Gill William Thomas   Rumney Claude Tasman Webb Margaret
Bucirde Ivy Avarina Gillham Frederick Kidder L Rumney Frances Webb Unknown
Buckland John Gillham Herbert Lindsay Livingston Samuel Rumney Frances Ann Elizabeth Webb William James
Buckland Margaret Gillham Myra Maude Lord Arthur Thompson Rumney Frances Madeline Westbrook Ethelie E
Buckpitt Edward W Glover Amelia Lord Frederick   Westbrook Frances Aldridge
Buckpitt Jane Glover Thomas Lord Mary Jane S Westbrook George Tasman
Buckpitt Ken Glover Unknown Lynch Emma Sculthorpe Mary Jane Westbrook Matilda J
Buckpitt Margaret Jane Glover William Lynch William John Sculthorpe Matilda Westbrook Rowland W T
Buckpitt Myrtle E Goldsmith Alice Amelia   Sculthorpe William Westbrook Samuel William
Buckpitt Samuel Henry Goldsmith Amy Christabel M Sculthorpe William Richard Westwood Charles Hutton
Buckpitt W S Goldsmith Cecilia Jane MacGowan Ida Louise Self Andrew Whitcomb George
Bullock Amelia Goldsmith Celia Alice Mason Alexander McGregor Self Elizabeth Whitcomb George E
Bullock J J Goldsmith Charles C Mason Alfred Swayne Self Emily Whitcomb Mary Ann
Bullock Jeffrey Goldsmith Ernest Alan Mason Elizabeth Self Thomas White Ada Kathleen
Bullock Rosina Ann Goldsmith Irene Celia Mason Jane Self Thomas Edward Beardshawe White Frances Eliza
Bullock Victor Goldsmith Jane Elizabeth Mason Janet Smith Self Thomas Edward Tolman White John Lindsay
Button Cecilia Goldsmith John Alfred Mason Joseph Bayles Sherwin Sarah White John Vernon
Button Henry Edwin Goldsmith Thomas David Mason Joseph Henry Sherwin William White Kathleen Mary
Button Stella Coralie Goldsmith Thomas Swayne Mason Williamena Harriett Shone Lulu Mezcer White Keith Davis
  Goupe John James McDougall Caroline Jane Smith Edward Allen White Lennard
C Goupe Martha McDougall Nancy Mary Smith Infant Child 1 White Margaret Murdoch
Cameron James Goupe Phyllis Winifred Alice McGough Robert Smith Infant Child 2 White Nora
Cameron Juno Grant Charles Henry Gough Vyvyanna Wyndham Smith Infant Child 3 White Robert Thomas
Cameron Sarah Ann Grant Charles Henry 1 McGregor Alexander Smith Infant Child 4 William Jane Max
Cave Dulce Mary Haddon Grant Charles William McGregor Beatrice Smith Infant Child 5 Williams Caroline Louise
Chapman Sarah Elizabeth Grant Charlotte McGregor Christina Stewart Smith Jane Williams Frank
Chard Bessie Rose Grant Dorothy Gwendoline McGregor James Smith Jane Frances Williams James Maurice
Cherry Agnes Annie Grant Frederick George McGregor John Gibson Smith Robert William Williams Kathleen Kate
Cherry Albert Henry Grant Ian George Mezger Elizabeth Rebecca Smith Rosanna Williams Louis Henry
Cherry Emily Grant Joan Sylvia Mezger John Young Smith Unknown Williams Owen
Cherry Henry Grant Mary Ann Mezger Thomas Smith Unknown 1 Williams Stan
Cherry Laura Ellen Grant Mary Ann Jane Mezger William Smith Unknown 2 Williams Vida Hilda
Chesterman Alfred Henry Grant Mary Janetta Midwood Amy Lavinia Smith Unknown 3 Willing Douglas Eric
Chesterman Alfred Keith Graves Esther Jane Midwood Mina Kate Smith Unknown 4 Willing Jessie Clarice
Chesterman Alice Rowena Graves Jessie Miller Alan John Richmond Smith Unknown Windermere Willing Keith
Chesterman Annie Rebecca Graves John Woodcock Miller Andrew John Fawns Smith William Hy Willing Raymond
Chesterman Charles Bruce Graves Joseph Miller Andrew Paton Stephens Effie Wilson G
Chesterman Charles Edward Gray Ellen Elizabeth Ritchie Miller Antonia Stops Alfred Francis Wilson H
Chesterman Dora Gray George N Miller Antonia Helen Scott Stops Arthur George Wilson Robert
Chesterman Florence Marion Gwyer Mary H Miller Campbell Murdoch Stops Mary Ann Wise C S Tasman
Chesterman Francis Herbert   Miller George Keith Stump Elizabeth Laura Wise Catherine Mary
Chesterman Henry H Miller Ian Murdoch Stump Garnet Belmont Woodwiss Annie Florence
Chesterman Henry 1 Hadley Agnes C Miller Lindsay Stevens Stump Georgina Alberta Woodwiss Grace
Chesterman Ida Annie Hadley Alice Catherine Miller Mary Annie Stump Hilda Constance Woolmore Ann
Chesterman Joan Doreen Hadley John Clay Miller Maxwell Murdoch Stump Iris Marjory Wrainch Eleanor
Chesterman Johanna Hamilton Dora Jessie Moore Mary Ann Stump James Alfred Ernest Wrainch Eliza
Chesterman Laura Fanny Hampson Winifred Lucy Morley Mabel Marie Stump James Cumine Wrainch Matilda
Chesterman Mary Hart Unknown Murray Caroline Grace Stump James Frederick Wrainch Thomas
Chesterman Maxwell Foster Hartland Rosina Thirza Murray James Stump James Frederick 1  
Chesterman Nancy Florence Hay Claude Franklin   Stump John Leslie Douglas Y
Chesterman Noel Hay Louisa N Stump Joyce Marguerite Withrington Young Charles
Chesterman Sydney A Hay Maud Caroline Newton Eva Stump Louis Vernon Young Edward P
Clark Alexander J Hay Robert Snowden Newton Nellie Maud Stump Mark Edwin Withrington Young Oscar Dixon
Clark Alma L Hay Thomas James Newton Rose Valentine Stump Tasman Withrington Young Sarah
Clark William J Q Heathorn Montague T   Sutcliffe Charles Stuart  
Cleaver Amelia Ann Heathorn Amy May  O Sutcliffe Ellen  
Cleaver Lawson J Heathorn Montague Thomas  Oldham Edwin Sutcliffe Leslie  
Colman B Henderson Amelia Oldham Hannah Penn    
Connor Michael William Lucas Hewer Alan Raymond Oldham Thomas Edwin T  
Connor Vi Alava Hewer Irene Mary Orpwood Arthur Tait Clare Esther  
Cotton Alfred Edward Heyer Amy Florence Isabel Orpwood Ella Jane Tait Robert  
Cotton Dorothy Ada Heyer J   Tasker Florence Elizabeth  
Cotton J H Heyer Neva Eveline P Tasker Henry Hugh  
Cotton Pearl Victoria Hinds Annie Jane Parkinson James Cumine Tasker Henry Leslie  
Cox Albert Edward Hinds Ellen Parkinson Josephine Eliza Tasker Ottilie Noel Rubidge  
Cox Alfred John Hogarth Clytie May Peterson Carl Herman Terry Rosemary  
Cox Charles Edward Hogarth George Alfred Peterson John Edward Terry William Garrard  
Cox Jinnie Hogarth Gloria Rose Peterson Urania Thomas Claudia Susan  
Cox Lois Hogarth Gwen Mary Pinfold Amy Frances Tomlinson C  
Cox Mary Purcell Hogarth Minnie May Pinfold Ray    
Cox Unknown Homan Ruth Plane Aimee Ethel    
Cuthbert Charles D'Arcy Hookey Dorothy Ruth Plane Edgar Edward Charles    
Cuthbert Daniel Charles Hookey Harry Granville Price Denham Harold    
Cuthbert Edwin Bassett Hookey Vernon William Price Harold E    
Cuthbert Mary ELizabeth Hope Edith Myrtle Price Kathleen Mary    
  Hope Florence Louisa      




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