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Church of England Section Z

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Alexander Olive Headlam Fanny MacDonald Darcy Gordon Reeves Eleanor Holbert Tregear Athol Pearce Z2
Asbolt Alfred Henry Headlam Thomas Emerson MacDonald Olive Marita Reeves Holbert Hereward Tregear Ethel Sarah
Ashbolt Alice Mabee Henry F W Mace Emma Lyttleton Reeves Richard Unknown Trethewey Diana Alexina
Ashton E E Hickman Dulcie Mace Frederick Reeves Wilfred Allen Trethewey Ian James
Ashton Lucy May Hickman Ellen S Mathers Ellen Annie Reid Irene Trethewey Kathleen Joyce
Ayton Susan Anne Hickman Morton G Mathers Ethel Maud Rigby Amy Florence Trethewey Stanley Douglas
Ayton Susan Zealandia Hickman Nellie Mathers Frank Rigby Bertram Frankland  
  Hooker Grace Mathers Janet Mary Rigby Emma U
B Hooker Mary Mathers Keith Rigby Norman Brinton Frankland Unknown
Bendall Dora Hooker Walter Mathers William Rigby Norman Malcolm Unknown 1
Bendall Frederick George   McDermott Elsie Eda Rigby Roy Frankland  
Bendall Samuel I Minty Amy May Rivers Arthur Richard W
Bendall Sara Innes Ethel A I Minty Levi Rivers Bertha Whitney Alfred
Berkshire A James Isa Linda Isabel Minty Richard Rivers Bertha 1 Wickens A E
Berry Alex James Isa Norman Barsham Mitchelmore Maria Rivers Richard Godfrey Willing Hollie Eliza
Biggins Percival   Mitchelmore Peter Rodway Louisa S Wilso Amy Eunice
Briggs Caroline Fisher J Morley Alice Rodway Percy Alfred Wilson Alexander Raymond
Briggs Eula Mary James Agnes Murdoch Mabel Mary Rowe Arthur Franklin Wilson Belle Louise
Buckland W James Charles William Murdoch Mabel Mary 1 Rowe Roberta Wilson Cecil George Augustus
Burke Frances James Constance Murdoch Margaret Joan Job Rowe William Arthur Wilson Elizabeth Bell
  James Darrell Norman     Wilson Emily Alma
C James Dudley John N S Wilson Emma Ella
Chambers LLoyd Eld James Edna Douglas Neilsen John Romanus Sansom Margaret S S Wilson Henry
Chambers Regina Evelyn Mary James Eric Neilson Eliza Sansom Walter Leslie Wilson Henry Warn
Chancellor Ethel Anne James Fanny Newnham Unknown Sharland Alfred F Wilson Jacob Warn
Chancellor Ronald Edward James Lavinia Isabell Maud Nixon Norah E M Sharland Ella Georgina Wilson Lucy A
Chancellor Sydney Thomas James Maida   Sharland Frederick Burnett Wilson Lucy Beatrice
Cobbett Ella Unknown James Maud Lily O Sharland Mary Fleming Wilson Sarah Valencia
Cobbett Wilberforce James Maud Lily 1 O'May Ernest Watson Shoobridge Fanny Maria Wilson William
Cockshutt Alice Maude James Robert O'May Irene Mary Shoobridge Unknown Winter Alfred
Cockshutt William Edward James Robert Richards O'May Mollie Smith Alice Victoria Winter Amy S
Collier Brian Lancaster James William O'May Roy Cambus Spencer Ernest Carnaby Wise Unknown Alice
Collier Thomas Lancaster James Willie N   Spencer Jessie Emilie  
Cooley Charles Frederick Jones Alice P Spencer Parsons Charles Carnaby  
Cooley Unknown Jones Basil Goodwin Page Alfred Spencer ParsonsFlorence Louisa  
Cowles Estella Elizabeth Jones Brenda Ada Page Catherine Stanley Laura  
Cowles John Frederick Jones Douglas Glover Page Charles Ades S Stennings Henry Ernest  
Crowe Marguerite Joyce Jones Emma Page Charles Service Stennings Henry Homer  
Cuthbert Caroline Alice Jones Henry Page Jane Stopp Eric John Carl  
Cuthbert Horace William Jones John Peacock M M Stride Ethel Sylvia  
Cuthbert Mildred Lavinia Jones John 1 Peacock Marla Stride Henry George  
Cuthbert Richard Henry   Pearce Arthur Lindsay Z2 Swan H C  
Cuthbert Richard Henry 1 K Pearce Ellen Swan Henry Charles  
  Kirwan Anie LaTouche Pearce Gladys    
E Kirwan Tryphena Maria Pearce Harold T  
Elmns Dora Beatrice   Pearce Henry Arthur Taylor Alice Gertrude  
Elmns Phyllis L Pearce Hugh Hoskins Taylor David Rex  
Elmns Susan Laidlaw Lynette Irene Pearce John Taylor Jack Wilfred  
  Lake Mary Pearce John 1 Terry Edward William  
F Leitch Basil Stanley Pearce Mary Maude Terry Henrietta B Sarah  
Fearnley John Leitch Donald George Pearce Rita Rivers Terry Mary Eva  
Fearnley Olive Ruby Verrell Leitch Ronald William Pearce Rolf Thorold Charles Unknown  
Featherstone Molly Mildred Leitch Walter Pearce Ronald Heath Z2 Thorpe Albert Ernest  
  Listner Eileen Adele Phelan Bernard T Thorpe Martha  
G Listner William Parker Phelan Emily LeFand Thorpe Martha 1  
Gadd Elsie May LLoyd Madeline Alice Phelan Mary Jane Thorpe William Townsend  
Geale Georgie Lucas Amy Unknown Piesse Ellen Minnie Pirie Thorpe William Townsend Jnr  
Geale Roy Lucas Annie Elizabeth Piesse Isabella Elizabeth Tinning Edith Mabel  
Gould Evelyn Grace Lucas Arthur Pollard Sarah Jane Tinning Silas Thomas  
Gould Jessie Emily Lucas Charles Pollard Unknown Tone Rosina Charlotte  
Gould Sydney William Lucas Eric Charles      
Greene Ellen Judith Lucas Reginald John Q    
Greene Frederick Cecil Lucas William Joseph Quinton Sybil Florence    
Gregory Arthur        
Gregory May Elizabeth        
Guesdon Frank Algernon        
Guesdon Unknown        

Many Thanks to Lyn Carruthers for corrections

Cyril is buried with Mace Emma Lyttleton but name not on headstone

Probate states Cyril died 30 Aug 1942 in Hobart..........AOT


First names :Cyril Westcote Atholstan

Surname : MACE Age : 56 Date of death : 30-Aug-1942

Record no. : 1C 38951 Service type : Cremation

Service date : 16-Nov-1942

Cemetery : Cornelian Bay

Area or denomination : Church of England

Section : Z Site number : Number 72,





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