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Church of England Section V

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.Cornelian Bay Search

Adams Arthur John Dalgleish C Horton Eliza O'Byrne Rose Ann Stoessicer Ernest
Adams Joseph William Davas Richard J Hosking Annie Mary   Strickland Evans LLyod
Allwood Lillie Eliza Davie Annie May Hosking John Thomas P Strickland Lionel Victor
Anderson Ireieen Davie Charles Hulbert Minnie Eliza Partridge Letitia Frances Strickland Victor
Anderson Nathaniel D Derrick Joseph Samuel Hulbert William Charles Partridge Walter William  
Andrews Walter Thomas Derrick Mary   Patterson Donald T
Ayers Jack Derrick William James I Pearce Ellen Tayler Frederick John
Ayers Lucy Dixon Jane Innis Percival William Pearse Edith Alison Tayler James Edgecombe
Ayers Victor Downing Charles Ernest Ireland Edward R L Peden Emily Thomas Eva May
Ayling Frederick Drakis Mary Ann Ireland Elizabeth Jane Peden Joyce Alice Thomas William Evan
  Drakis William Henry Ireland Emma Peden Marian Thompson William Berkely
B Duggan James A Ireland Richard Edward Peirman John Thorne George
Baby Dyson Robert V6 Ireland Richard George Pelham Annie Amelia Thorne Mary
Bailey Albert Victor Dyson William Daniel V6   Pelham David Toan Francis Warren
Baily Mary   J Pelham Frederick Henry Townsend Alice Margaret
Baker Luke E Jeffrey Helen Perkins Albert Townsend Clarice
Baker Mary Ann Easton Eric Johnson Minnie B Maud Dorothy Perkins Alfred Townsend Dorothy
Barlow Mary Howarth Ellis Dora V262 Johnstone Jane Elizabeth Walker Perkins Amelia Townsend William
Barton Samuel Ellis Ellen Jane V125 Jones Susan Ellen V569 Perry Alfred Robert Tarron Townsend William George
Batchler Elizabeth Ellis Robert John V125 Joyce William Robert Phillips Henry A Tully Michael John
Batchler Henry England Sarah Ann   Phillips Margaret  
Bates John Evorall Sydney J Dominco K Phillips Mary Helen U
Bell John Edward Evorall Veronica Joy Fay King Ethel May Pipkin Charles Unknown 1
Bell Milford Henry   King Mary Ann Pipkin Edward Unknown 2
Beltz Mildred Sylvia F Kohl Charles William Pipkin Henry Unknown 3
Beltz Sarah Ann Fenner Alfreda May Kohl William Porthouse Eliza Unknown 4
Berry Alfred Herbert Fenner Betty   Porthouse John Unknown 5
Blackburn Simeon Figg Aldinca Albert L Poultney Nellie Unknown 6
Boultbee Emmely Frances Figg Margaret Martha Lacey William Pretty Elizabeth Unknown 7
Bowden M Filler Phyllis Doreen Latham Alexander   Unknown 8
Boys Minnie Flack Bertram Cecil Leary Daniel R Unknown 9
Boys Thomas Henry Fleming John George Ledwell Albert Ratcliffe Amy Louise Unknown 10
Broughton Violet May Ford James Thomas Ledwell Eleanor Maud Ratcliffe James Unknown Albert
Brown Thomas   Legge Julia Redpath Ann Unknown Charles
Bullock Isaac G Little Amelia Hannah Reeves E R Unknown Dollie
Bullock Mary Ann Rebecca Gilbert Charles Henry Little Herbert Reid Agnes Unknown Elsie
Burnley Hilda Winifred Gilbert Charles Henry 1 LLewellyn R Reid Mervyn Unknown Rheuben
Burnley Jane R Gilbert Rebecca Luttrell N A Reid Violet Unknown Sarah
Burnley Jane Rebecca Gilbert William Ernest Luttrell Frederick William Rodgers Ermina Louisa  
Burris G T Gill Luke   Rolls Doris  
Burrows Gladys Vera Glover Jack Vivian M Rooney Catherine W
Burrows Violet Jane Goddard Lewis George Mancey Charles Thomas Rooney William Walker Elizabeth L J
Butler Charles Henry Golding Alfred March Kathleen Eileen May Russell Avicetella Walker James Brown
Butler Harold V C Gorringe Charles Francis Marsh Louisa Russell David Wallner John George
Butterworth Ada Georgina Gorringe Frederick Robert McCallum Agnes Mary Russell Donald Wallner Winfred Ellen
Butterworth John Guest Bernice McCallum James Russell Ermina Sarah Sims Ward Emily Unknown
  Guest George McCallum Lavinia Russell George Byworth Waters Florence Alberta May
C Guest Teddie McKean Ella Rose Russell Harold Watson Alfred Edward
Carter Maria   McKean Herbert Russell Olive Minnie Watson Florence May
Cartledge J H McKean Mary Jane Russell William Frederick Watson William
Chadwick Beatrice Hall Edwin Howard McKean Thomas Henry   Webster Arthur
Chadwick Henry August Hall Ellen Mary McLagan Amelia S Webster Lilian
Chadwick Roy Henry Hall Harriett McLagan Christina Saggers Arthur 1 West Eileen Daisy
Charlton John Hall James Barter McLaren Emily Saggers Arthur W White Charlotte
Charlton Lily Maud Hall John McLaren Hugh Saggers Eileen Whittaker Elizabeth
Clark R C B Hall John Edward McVilly Richard Saggers Harriet Rosina Whittaker Joseph
Cook Ellen Keturah Hall Martha McVilly Richard W H Saggers Trevor George Wickins Eugene William
Cook George Henry Hall Mary Ann Meredith Elizabeth Palmer Scotney Thurza Wickins Tabitha
Cooper Antionette Beddome Hall Olive Mary Milburn Henry Perry Scotney William Wilkinson James
Cooper George Hall Sarah Jane Milburn Sarah Sculthorpe Benjamin James Wilkinson Jane
Cooper Gladys Hanley Elizabeth Mills Helen Sculthorpe John Ramsell Williams Albert E
Cooper Jane Hanson Charles Peter Mills William Sellers Emma Jane Williams Arthur
Corbett James Hanson Fanny Montressor George C Sellers James Williams Edward
Corfield Alfred Harris John Walter Morgan Flossie May Siggins Elizabeth Williams Mary A
Corfield Rosina Harris Leslie Robert Mullins Patrick Siggins John Williams Mary Ann
Cowland John Harris William Bradley Oberlin Mullins Susan Simpson William Williams Mary Ann 1
Cox John Stanley Harrold Ellen Theresa Murray John Smith Beryl L Williams Roy
Cox Rebecca Harrold Henry Murray Mary Smith George Williams William
Cox Robert Heffernan Frederick H Murray Richard Smith James Brett Winter F
Cox Robert Leonard Heffernan George James   Smith Leslie James Wooby Thomas
Crockett Ellen Heffernan Laura N Smith Mary Woodward George Todd
Crockett William Heffernan Maud Rose I Newton Amelia Florence Smith Mary V Woodward Georgina
Curle Alberta Louisa Heron Arthur Noble Clara Emma Stamford Ellen Helovia  
Curle Dorothy Vera Heron Rosina Noble Samuel Henry Stevens Doris  
Curle Ernest John Hill Alice Nokes Alice Ann Stevenson James Lindsay  
  Hill Dorothy   Stillwell Benjamin  
  Hill Mary Jane   Stillwell Clara  
  Holmes Albert E      
  Holt Alfred      
  Holt Jane      

Many thanks to Carlene Batchler for her photo of  Henry and Elizabeth Batchler's headstone.

Many thanks to Lyn Carruthers for information on 3 unknown graves



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