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Derwent Gardens Enclosed

Garden Bed 28

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Abbott Joe Campbell Barbara Hadden Elvie Mary Mann Carline Mercy Staples Frederick William
Abbott Madge Veronica Campbell Stuart Malcolm Hale Joan Midson Ivan Leslie Staples Olga Doris
Andrews Ronald Edgar Charlesworth Keith Edwin I Minnikin Edith Adelaide Stevens William Francis
Andrews Selma Rose Clements Charlotte Eveline Ingram Andrew Campbell Moore Diane Stewart Jennifer Mollie
B Clements Cyril Mockridge Ingram Kathleen Verna Moore Francis Rupert Koerbin Stewart Leslie Reginald
Baker George Edward Clements Cyril J Moore Juanita Kate Stroud Elizabeth Annis
Baker Lyla Coleman Elsie Rebecca Johnston Pearl Rose Evelyn Moore Rhoda Alice T
Banks Mervyn Cyril Collis Coleman Franklin George Johnston Samuel Henry N Taylor Sydney Michael Joseph
Barr Joan Doreen Cooper Dorothy Gertrude Blackmore Jones Jevon Rodney News Peter David Thompson Richard Henry
Barr Lyall Murray Cooper John Tasman K Nibbs James Raymond Badshaw Thompson Susan Matilda
Basstian Neil Berg D Knibb Gwenda Joyce O Travers Harold William
Basstian Sadie Phyllis Dixey Brian Robert Knibbs Elsie Lilly Orchard Julie Helen Travers Rhoda Jane
Bennett Ty Benjamin F L P Twining William Wilson
Blowfield Mollie Celia Field Phyllis Leaman Gordon Fraser Parker Harry Gilbert W
Bradley Allan Clyde Fysh Kathleen Lisson Isobel Lyndsay Vera Pratt Doris Verna Warrington Thomas Leonard George
Bradley Marjory Adela Fysh Rex Maxwell   Pratt Edward Charles Withers Catherine Frances Adelaide
Browne Allan Lindsay G   Pritchard Don Woods Kenneth Bruce
Browne Mildred Faye Gay Leslie Roy Searle   R Y
  Gay Ruby Madeline   Reading Mary Young Arthur James
  Good Edward Douglas   Richardson Ethel May Young Ellen Christine
  Groves Charles Edward   Richardson Hector Warwick  
      Richardson Janet Warwick  
      Richardson Robert Edward  

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