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Derwent Gardens Enclosed

Garden Bed 29

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Abbott David Colin Diprose Ruby Ikin Joshua Raymond Oakley Gordon Hunter Tinning Mary Noelene
Abbott Gregory David Driscoll Alice Catherine Ikin Samantha Jane Overton Charles William Tolman Mavis Lilian
Atkinson Jeff Bradley Driscoll Percival Alfred Ikin Thelma Mabel Ozols Amalija Elizabeth Turner Neralee
Atkinson Lorna Louisa Thomas Dunkin Adam Cameron J Ozols Martins V
B E Jackson Eric Percival P Vince Rose Gertrude
Balsille Alice Eddingtin Dora Blanche Jackson Valmai Alison Palks Janis Vilhelms Vince Wilfred C
Balsille George Davy Eldridge Tom James Allan William Palks Uldis Auseklis W
Bayles Ella Amy Evans Thomas Keith James Edna Grace Pelham Ethel May Wade Evelyn Clara Harriett
Betts Edith Winifred Louise F Johnson Dora Constance Pelham Henry Walker Amy Sarah
Bisset John Hastings Field Lila Ruby K Peters Doris Eileen Walker Robert
Bradley Doris Louise Fife Gregory Keith Kuhn Herbert John Phillips Edwin Wynne Webb Irene Mary
Braithwaite Margaret Elizabeth Fitzgerald Alex Vincent Kuhn Mona Irene Phillips Norman Edwin Webb Maurice Victor
Brundle Joan Pauline Fitzgerald Mabel Evelyn L Pilsbury Gladys Webberley Alison
Brundle William A A Fraser Joseph Lancaster Keitha Monica Pilsbury William George Wenger Claude Horace
Bryan Harold William Fraser Louisa Leaman Daisy Elizabeth Purser Edward A L Wenger Emma Louise
Butters Jessie Amelia Freeman Arnold John Levis Eileen Purser Vivienne Lucy Whittington Lillian Grace
Butters Leslie Gordon G Levis Robert William Q Whittington Margaret Helen
C Gibson Ian Maxwell Lewis Derwent Owen Quarmby William Whittington William Daniel
Campbell Darlene Jam Glock Joan Lewis Una R Wilson Gladys Smith
Campbell Michael John Graham Ralph Lorenzo Lynch Leanne Kristine Reason John Joseph Woolley Cecil Charles
Cant George Mervyn Gray Douglas James 2 Lynch Nancy Eileen Reason Violet Woolley Myra Grace
Carter Peggy Erica Gray Douglas James M Reeves Edward George Wright Dorothy Mary
Carter Ralph Gregory James Maxwell Mahoney Margaret Jean Roland John Y
Chandler Evelyn Bertha Gregory Lena Madge McKay Suzanne Eileen Rowbottom Edith Young Annie Elizabeth
Chandler George William H McPherson Edna Delia Rowbottom George Young Greville Thomas
Christiansen Josephine Anne Hall Lily Maud McPherson Percival Keith Rowe Mary Alice Z
Clark Alexander Hardy Charles Robert Menadue Flora Christina S Ziolkowski Michay
Clark Lila Rose Hodgkins John Edward Menadue Louis Archie Savage Eric Edwin  
Connor Herbert Hodson George Ivor Abbot Mollineaux Roy Savage Minnie Myra  
Coombe Doris Pearl Hodson Margaret Florence Moore Clifford Richard Schieler Annemarie Elisabet  
Coombe Winston Gregory Hughes Albert Henry Moore Phyllis Lillian Scollick Janet Ethel  
Coulston Aubrey Lawrence Hughes Doris Evelyn Moore Trissie Shadwick Charles Sydney Unknown Could be Phillips
Coulston Margaret Isabel Hyland Reginald Michael Moore William Charles Shadwick Violet Ada Lillian  
Crombie Eric Stanley Hyland Yolas Ethel Munnings Athol Slade George Anthony  
Crombie Naomi Hope   Munnings Peggy Slade Sylvia Louise  
Crudgington Arthur   N Smith Arnold Cecil  
Crudgington Minna Ellen   Neville John Hargreaves Smith Emma Elizabeth  
Curtis Margaret Robb     Smith Ethel Jane  
      Smith Geoffrey Arthur  
      Smith Gifford Keith  
      Smith Harold Walter  
      Stuart Audley Andrew Mervyn  
      Stuart Beryl Elizabeth  

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