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Derwent Gardens Enclosed

Garden Bed 30

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

A C Cont H Cont M Cont S Cont
Abrahamsson Claes Marcus Cawthorn Charles Frederick Heckler Alfred Oscar Edmund Moerkerk Hreman Gerard Smallbon Sheila Mary
Abrahamsson Jenny Sophia Chandler David Clyde Herbert Reginald Harry Morris Elsie May Smith Bertie Manser
Ayling Douglas Chandler Jessie Barbara Hicks Cyril Albert Morris Richard James Allard Smith Beryl Elizabeth
Ayling Mona Eileen Charlton Ethel Victoria Hicks Mary Kathleen Morris Thelma Lydia May Stokes Ella Rose
B Charlton Patricia Kathleen Hodgson Mamie Dorothy Francis Mullins Charles Gordon Stokes Robert
Baines Clement Donaldson Charlton Vivian Ray Holmes Alfred John Mullins Jennie Carmela Suhr Douglas James
Barren Alice Clark Amy Sophia Holmes Amy Munnings Reginald Cecil Sward George
Barren Charles William Clark Jack Hosan Cyril Glarina Murphy Nora Kathleen Sward Olive Marie
Battin Charles Henry Clennett James Hoskins Hosan Naomi Pauline Murray Clyde Daniel T
Battin Lila May Clennett Kathleen Mary Houlder Daisy Myrtle N Targett May Gwendoline
Beswick Dorothy Ruth Conlan Neil Bransome Houlder Walter Hardwick Neilson Elsie Frances Targett Stuart Sydney
Blackburn Colin Mark Connolly Vera Evelyn May Huddlestone Elsie Neilson Harold Leslie Disher Thornhill Elsie Maria Charlotte
Blake Albert Reginald Cooper Mona Doreen Huddlestone Joshua Thomas Nunn Allan Ernest Titmus Percy Douglas
Blake Mollie Claudia Cracknell Fayma Joy Hughes Lucy June O Toll Desma Marion Ruby
Blake Phyllis Jean Czuczor Istvan Aladar J Owen Susan Tonks Marie Lyla
Blake Terence Robin D Jackson Mollie P Tonks Russell David
Blomhoff Johannes Nicholas Dickens Keith Jacobs Ronald Arthur Parsons Alan Cecil Townsend Ivy Jean
Boshoten Jacoba Dillon Florence Graham Johnston Rex Henry Percival Pearson Frank Townsend Jason Rae
Bowerman George William Donovan George Thomas Johnston Vida Louise Myrtle Pearson Mary Perrin Townsend Rae
Bowerman Violet Elsie Donovan Jean Louise K Peterson Henry Isaac Tringrove Dorothy Lillian
Boys George Herbert Donovan Joan Mary Kjar Esme Wilmott Peterson Lilly Tringrove Ruby
Boys Gladys Eileen E Kjar Norman Avery Martin Pettit Henry George Arthur U
Bratt George William Eaves Nellie Myra Knight Charles Tizard Pettit Lorna Daphne Underwood Gordon
Bratt Winifred Jean Eaves Trevor James Knight Winifred Beatrice Phillips Elizabeth Alice Upton Daisy Mary Helen
Brennemo Daniel Elkins Eva Jacklyn L Phillips Lavinia Susannah V
Brennemo Daniella Elkins Jack Reid Lakin Gladys D'Aar Pilcher Ethel Victoria Van Der Burg Antonius Gerardus
Brown Edward Everett Rae Larner Max Albert Porter William George Van Der Burg Margaret Mary
Brown Beryl Marie F Latham Daral Sydney Presnell Arthur James Edward Varian Alice Thelma
Brown Elizabeth Fox Rosemary Latham Sylvia Joyce Presnell Jane Chesney Varian James Rowe
Brown Gahey William Froud Adeline May Lethborg Coralie Anne Pretyman Barbara Christine W
Brown Hazel Milroy G Lethborg Elvin Arthur Pretyman Jennifer Maree Wadley Beryl Henriette
Brown Ivy Gard Michael Jon Letters Reginald R Wadley Claude Goodwin
Brown Leonard Herald Gardiner Wycliffe Faulkner Linnell Jean Justine Rainbird Alice May Walter Peter Arnley
Brown Ralph Gates William Arthur Linnell Maxwell Irving Reggett Dorothy Abbott Waterworth Eric Newham
Brown Rex Tasman Goldston Rachel May Long Gertrude Rieusset Benedict Daniel Francis Webb Daphne May
Brown Stanley Goninon Edward Francis M Rieusset Maria Eliese Wells James Wilfred
Burne Edwin St Helier Goninon Jean Crawford McIntyre Erica Laura Robinson Nora Eleanor Westbrook Chota Catherine
Burne Laurel Grant Ronald Norman McIntyre Gilbert Langdon Rush Elizabeth Eleanor Westbrook Elizabeth Dardis
Burrage Herbert William H McIntyre Muriel Rush Thomas Maxwell Westbrook Norman Owen
Burrage Thelma Grace Hadlow David Thomas McIntyre Roy Stringer Ruut Ilse Derwent Whitburn Charles Moyle
Byrne Brenda Violet Hamilton Amy Dora McKay Beulah Jessie Ruut Viktor Derwent Whitburn Claudia
C Hamilton Herbert James McKay Valentine Victor S Wise Charlotte Dorothy
Calvert Daisy Derwent Hankin Gary Philip McKenna Charles Sargeant Annie Wise Harry
Calvert Royden Morrisby Harding Donald Geoffrey McLagan Harold Samuel Sargeant Daniel John Wood Ann Elizabeth
Cannell Peter Maxwell Harding Pearl May McLagan Leah Maria Scott Ian Hamilton Wood Ida Rose
Carnegie William Henry Harvey Beryl May McPherson Leonard Donald Shaw Margaret Jane Woolley Hilma Roland
Castle Alice Mary Harvey Douglas Ronald Midson Calypso Claremont Shepherd Violet Eve Woolley Scott Charles
Castle Harry Hay Adella Ivy Midson Ivy Pauline Smallbon Norman Alfred Harold Worbey Albert Allen
  Hay Allan     Worbey Alison May
        Wright David Eric
        Wright Marjorie Kate

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