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Derwent Gardens Enclosed

Garden Bed 34

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Abbott Lionel Herbert Gallagher Jack Patrick Kerrison Eric Cornelius Palmer Lynette Anne Tanner Elizabeth Mary
Abbott Margery Nance Gerrand Andrew LLyod Kerrison Yvonne Potter Maurice William Tanner Marion Robertson
Aitkenhead Alexander Gerrand Penelope Jane L Potter Rita Louisa Tapping Grace MacDonald
Aitkenhead Dora Gore Cliff Langdon Ronald Terrence ProctorJean Mary Tapping Pryor Caleb
Allen Maurice Lionel Gore Gladys Eileen Langmaid Roger Ian Purchas Patricia Norma Townsend Helen Louise
Andrews Lewis Kershaw Goss Brian Nicholas Lawler Robert R Townsend Leslie Morrison
Anning Ivan Rex Grace Ernest Colin George Lee Maisie Emily Reardon Victor Cleaver V
B Grace John Francis Lever Beryl Lillian   Valentine Brenda Evelyn
Barlow Emma Therese Grace Lucy Olive LLyod Brian Osmond S W
Barnstable Patricia Mary Gray Benjamin Gordon Long Edna Edith Sawford Percy John Waage Fredrik Willy
Bendig Helmut Bruno Gregory Rita Phyllis Myrtle Long George Wilson Sawford Sheila Dulcie Watkins Brian John
Bendig Irmgard Helga Griggs Andrew David Lowe Dulcie Schupp Karl Peter Watts James Allan
Boucher John Alfred Groves Geraldine Kaye Lowe Kenneth Scott Gwendolen Helen Victoria Wharmby Dorothy Lena
Branch Betty Dawn H Lyneham Noel LLoyde Scott Reginald Ellis Wharmby Lawrence Herbert
Branch Maxwell Harold Haley Gregory Neville M Sculthorpe Leslie Joshua Richard Williams Audrey Susette
Brearley Russell Hammond Hanlon Leonard Charles MacMillan Dorothy Joy Shaw Adrian Jack Williams Kenneth John
Brown Earl Hardwick Leon Arthur Marley Anthony John Smith Ethan James Williams Olive Kathleen
Burke John Hay Hargreaves Anne Marley Arthur Gordon Smith Gordon Charles Williams Reg Edward
Burrows Anne Doreen Harper Frank Thomas Mason Kerry Lynne Smith Hedley George Wright Herbert George
C Harper Iris Margaret McCulloch Christine Joan Smith Jean Holman Wright Margaret
Churchill David William Hawkins Alan William McDonald Phyllis Emily Smith Joyce  
Churchill Rodney James Hayes Mary Dawn Menzie Joyce Sarah Anne Smith Reannen Louise  
Clark Bart Hean Brenda Mary Miller Dorothy Hilda Speakman Graham  
Collins Thomas George Heron Stella Jean Miller Herbert Harold Stagg Arthur Ernest  
Collins Hodgman Leigh Baily Millin Kenneth Ernest Stagg Jessica Louisa  
Cosker Laura Beatrice Holmes Edith Lilian Munday William Charles Stops Maxwell Richard  
Coulson Lynette Hudson Elizabeth Dorothy Evans Munday Zoe Norma Struthers Sybileen Gwenneth Marie  
Cox Walter Henry Hudson Walter Thomas James Munro Harold Donald    
Crowley George Arnold Hurburgh Beryl Lillian Munro Heather Rene    
Crowley Minnie Eleanor J      
D Jack Alice      
Dennison Maureen Elizabeth Jack Walter James      
Ditcham David Stanley Jackman Robert Nigel      
Donnellan Corrie Ruth Jenssen Ronald David      
Ducie Jean Alvis Jenssen Shane      
E Joyner Alan Vaughan      
Evans Clarice Nellie Barlow Joyner Katherine Elizabeth      

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