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Derwent Gardens Enclosed

Garden Bed A

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Anderson John Henry Daniel Guy Richard Griggs Derwent Charles Lester Pearl Beatrice Richardson Robert Henry
Anderson Zeila Margaret Daniel Ruth Lila Griggs Eileen Myrtle Lester Raymond George Robinson John William
B Davidson Marjorie June Griggs Graeme Loosmore Muriel Sylvester Robinson Marjorie Louise
Baker Mary Ann E Griggs Hilda Mavis Loring Clement John Rushton Walter Edward
Baker Noel Thomas Emmett Edith Caroline Grubb Bertha May Loring Katherine Florence Gwenora T
Barber Gwyenneth Anne F Grubb Kenneth John M Tolman Jack Clifton
Batchelor Reginald Englefield Feltham Albert Victor H Morgan Doris Tolman Vera May
Belbin Mary Fetham Lillian Maisie Hannon John William Morgan Edward John Horace Trousdale Robert
Burrows Sybil Irene Fish Melissa Jane Harding Lindsay William Munro Ada Ivy Trousdale Rose Anna
Burrows William Frederick Flint Alma Hargreaves Peter Henry O Trusselle Julie Eileen
Button Elsie Olive Flint Herbert William Hargreaves Shirley Margaret Oakes Bessie Trusselle Roy Louis
C Fordham Dennis Walter Hatton Audrey Ellen Oxley Eric John W
Cliffe Bert McDoull Fry Frederick Seymour Hatton Leon Maurice Oxley Graeme Jon Wallace Donald Frank
Cliffe Tryphena Joan Fry Laurel Lila Eugenie Higham Catherine Oxley John Werry Kathleen Anna
Cushion Dorothy Violet Fry Vernon James   Oxley Mervyn Ronald Wheatley Roy Carlton
Cushion Edwin Albert Fry Violet   Oxley Nancy Freda Joy Whitfield Edgar Vincent
        Whitfield Jean Mavis
        Wignall Douglas Frederick
        Wignall Norah May
        Wright Thomas Edward

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