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Derwent Gardens Enclosed


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Derwent Gardens Enclosed

Garden Bed E

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search



Archer Alison Violet Cashion Michael Eaton Eric William Jones Leon Thornton Oakley Ellen Rubena Pearl
Archer James Vincent Cashion Nora Rose Eaton Jean Mary K Oakley James Samuel
B Charlesworth Constance Mary F Kellaway Annie Isobel Olding Rosanne Gaye
Bates Sandra Joy Charlesworth Edith Flett Anne Knott Thelma May R
Besford David Cleary Beryl Margaret Flett Jack Knott Vivian Curnow Reardon Delores
Besford Rhoda Combe June Barbara Fulton Matilda Amelia Knowles Joyce Riddell Verna Kathleen
Bowden Andrew Charles Combe Norman Arthur G Knowles Raymond Joseph Riddell William Vernon
Bowden Christopher Charles D Garrett Judith Ann L S
Bowden Emma Victoria Maud Dehle Charles Theodore Williams Garrett Laurice Brame Lazarus James Sproule Brightie Loreen
Bowden Frederick Thomas Dehle Ila Ruby Garrett William Maxwell Lazarus Nancy Grace Sproule Stanley Charles
Bower Catherine Dillon Gladys Emily Gluschke Harold Linden Frazer M T
Bower John James Dillon Maurice William Gluschke Hazel Mabel Marriott Mabel Florence Terry Keith Ralph
Bridges Donald Herbert Hughie Douda Josef Vaclav Gluschke Hazel Minnie Marsland George Harold Rodney Terry Lyla Grace
Bridges Molly Douda Maria Gulline Maxwell John Marsland Sydney Elma V
Bruford Edith May Dowding Alan David H McGinness Elizabeth Isobel Vincent Doreen Margaret
Bucirde Donald Percy Dowding Marjorie Havergal Hall Andrew Edgar McGinniss Alan George Vincent Isabel Eleanor
Bucirde Eveline Zelma Driscoll Agness Forrest Hall Eva Mary Millin Alison Margaret Vincent Thomas Charles David
  Driscoll Fay Elaine Homes Eva Elisabeth Mitchell Karen Anne Vincent Thomas Henry
  Driscoll Victor Roy Homes Nouri O H   W
        Warren Sarah Hessey
        Warren William Denholm
        Westwood Audrey Ruby
        Westwood Eric Leonard




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