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Derwent Gardens Enclosed

Garden Bed U

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Aherne Barry James Dalwood Archibald Charles James Veda Plunkett Alick Guy Taylor Keith Walter
B Dalwwod Alice Mabel Johnston Barbara Plunkett Florence Lily Mary W
Baillie Miriam June Davies Howard Peter Johnston Edward Richard Pullinger Ernest Arthur Weaving Graeme Robert
Beckitt Aubrey Read De Jersey Harold Ernest George K R Weaving Mavis Effie
Beckitt Joan Anne R Kearney Raymond Henry Rait Douglas James Weaving Sidney Herbert James
Booth Elvie Gwendoline Edwards Jean Millicent Kearrney Birdie Catherine Reynolds Elvina May White Douglas Haig
Bratt Douglas Lyndhurst F L Reynolds Llyod White Hesba Lydia Elmore
Bratt Elsie Myra Faulkner Dorothy Miriam Langham Marion Rice Colin Alfred Williams Ian Bruce Dryll
Briggs Jack Walter Faulkner John William Little Doris Judd Rushforth Eileen Power Williams Mary Jane
Briggs Mona Doris G Little Neil Edgar S Williamson Doreen
Brown Eileen Judd Geeves Cyril Aubrey Lunson Dean Peter Sear Duncombe Williamson Myrtle May
Brown Walter William Geeves Dennis Ian M Sear Louisa Wilson Dorothy Love
C Geeves Doreen Molly MacDonald Eulalie Alice Shearing Mark Wilson John
Carr Anthony Frank Golanska Frances Mason Charles Edward Skinner Brooke Herbert Wood Victor Ronald
Carr Mona Gwendoline H McDonald George Skinner Kathleen Rose Wotherspoon John
Carr Stanley Frank Harrison Jean Ogden McGough Kathleen Mary Skinner Thelma Wotherspoon Margaret
Clifton Ethel Constance Harrison Keith Herbert Jack McGough Stanley Charles Smart Heather Dawn Y
Clifton James Graham V Harvey Keith Oscar Moore Raymond Edward Smith Emily Jean Young Catherine Dorothy
Collard John Edward Harvey Phillip Lynton Morrisby Malcolm Bignell Smith Henry Clyde  
Constantine Edith Louisa Harwood Doris Irene Morrisby Mary Naomi Stevens Elizabeth June  
Constantine Selby Vincent Hathaway Louisa May Munro Annamaria    
Conway Doris May Hayward Marjorie Gertrude      
Conway Joseph Heffernan Marie Joyce      

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