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Derwent Gardens Enclosed

Garden Bed Y

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Anderson Gerald Thomas Colborne Robert Stevens Ross Jeffrey John Edward Charles Naylor Eliza Coralie Taylor Myrtle Elsie
Anderson Jean Connor Gladys Louisa Johnson Basil Neil Nicholas Ellen Mabel Taylor William John
Anderson Mary Jane Connor Oswald Rupert Johnson Nena Dawn Nowakowski Mary Theodora Triffett Kathleen Dawn
Andrews Bessie Crocker Stewart Hamilton Jones Cecil Ledsham O Tuttle Ethel Woodrow
Andrews Jean Marion D Jones Hazel Leila Oldham Geoffrey Tuttle Thomas Milford
Andrews John Walter Dalwood Reginald Edward K Oldham Raymond U
Andrews Marjorie Emily Davern Dorothy Mary Jean King Keith Russell Oldham Vera Evelyn Upchurch Mary Elizabeth
Andrews Philip LLewllyn Davern Stephanie Jayne. King Ruby Dorothy P U'ren Mary Isobel
Andrews Philip Noel Davis Alexander Alfred Kingston Elecia Albinia Parsonage Daniel John U'ren Rupert Vernon Wills
B Davis Edward Colin Kingston Howard Inglewood Parsonage Gladys Elizabeth V
Barling Doris Daisy F L Patterson Jessie Eileen Viney Edith Fanny
Barling Rona Joyce Fish George Walter Lawless Leslie Clyde Patterson Richard Viney Frederick Harold
Barling Ronald James Fitzpatrick Francis Patrick Lockhart Helen Poke Myrtle Sylvia Viney Herbert
Barling Walter Reginald Fletcher Eileen Marie Lowe Ernest Cameron Poke Raymond Stanley W
Barrett Elizabeth Mary Primrose Fletcher Leonard Wellesly Lowe Myra Dorothy Pritchard Albert Ernest Walker Ursula Ridley
Barrett Guy G Lynch Mabel Pritchard Gertrude Laura Welling Enid Violet
Barrett Katherine Elizabeth Garity Cecil Charles M R Welling Frederick Roy
Beech Hazel Eleanor George Gladys Eileen Males Dulcie Sarah Gwendoline Reed Frances Elizabeth Mary Wellington Eric Thomas
Beech Hubert Alan Gibbings Rose Lillian Males Edward Bertie Robertson Bessie Prudence Wellington Robert James
Braybon Harold Frank Gibbings William Charles Marshman Bertha Florence Roden Sarah Ann Wilkins Hirelelle Dorothy
Britcliffe William Edward Glass William John Marshman John Charles Ross Charlie Harold Wilkins Leslie Norman
Britten Norman William H Menzies George Livingstone Ross Nancy Doreen Wood Pearl Elizabeth
Brown Samantha Heatley Kathleen Margaret Menzies Phyllis Irene Rowe Richard Athol Y
Budd Charles Henry Homan Arthur Leslie Menzies Rodney Neil Ruddock Lois Lynda Young Ann
Budd Elvie Hannah Homan Shelah Gladys Miller Betty Margaret S Young Leslie James
Buerckner Albert James Horner Albert Mills Ellen Maude Sadek Anton  
Burgess Arnold Edwin Horner Ethel Florence Mills Harold Keith Salter Eric William  
Burgess Susan Downs Horner Keith Alan Mills Leslie Hubert Keith Saunders Jillian Elizabeth  
  Horner Rex Albert Mitchell Claire Irene Sharples Frederick Alfred  
  Hurburgh Mary Maxwell Mitchell Stuart Victor Shields John Burgess  
  I Moody Charles William Sice May  
  Inches Clifford Lawrence Morris Trevor Vernon Sice Tasman George  



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