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Derwent Gardens Enclosed

Garden Bed Z

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search

Barratt Georgina Dianne Easey Kathleen Doreen Hay Stephen Wynne Olubas Edward Derwent Smith Laurence Edward
Barratt John Frederick Easey Leslie Frederick Hay Wynne Westcott Olubas Gloria Beatrice St Leger Vincent James
Benson Raymond Peter F Hopkins George Thomas Omond Dorothy Jane Millar T
Berry Edith Annie Fenton Ella Maud Hopkins Ivy Eliza Keegan Omond John Hugh Meldrum Thurlow Albert Leman
Berry Newton Day Fenton Roy John Howden Norman William Omond Nigel George Thurlow Gladys Myrtle
Biggs Alice Winifred Finn Mary Dorothy Hursey Mabel Ruth Omond Robin Meldrum Turnbull Dudley William
Biggs Lillie Evelyn May French Dulcie Margaret Hursey Ronald James Oswin Alan Roy Turnbull William Charles
C French Horace Joseph M Oswin Dorothy Nias Turner Jeannette
Collins Dawn Rosemary G Martin Kenneth Ronald P W
Collins Donald Charles Geeves Eileen Elizabeth May Martin Mavis Irene Lillian Pitt May Gladys Lillian West Emma Jane
Commane Mollie Geeves Fred Charles McNamee Amy Muriel Pitt William George Whitford Elfleda Amy Amelia
Commane Phillip Leslie Michael George Grace McNamee James Bernard Prendergast Patrick T Whitford William Cecil Rhodes
Connor Amelia Graham Edna May Moore Jonathan Edward Prendergast Thomas Wilcox Desmond James
Connor Raimond Willoughby   Moore Thelma Zeana R  
D   Morrison Sue Maree Rizzolo Peter Charles  
Doering Judith Anne   Morrison-Kile Tennille Maree Robinson Arnold  
Donaldson Jack   Mulligan Enid Marjorie    
    Mulligan Richard Francis    

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