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Enclosed Derwent Gardens Niche Wall D

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
A Kellett Clifford Wayn Bayley Westbrook Kremmer Kremmer Totham Totham Young De Bomford Mitty Cramp Foreman
B Kellett Clifford Stevens  Bayley Westbrook Kremmer Kremmer   Totham Young De Bomford Mitty Cramp Foreman
C Crome Bull Stevens  Eddington Magrath Cooper Cooper Hodgman   Weatherhead Tanner Mitty Whiting Flint
D Crome Bull Deegan   Hedberg Willans Willans Hodgman   Weatherhead Tanner Turner Whiting Flint
E Eadie Plane Adams Foster Hedberg Harrington Temple Muir Hey Fergusson Harber Banks-Smith Hurd Priest
F Eadie Sherriff Adams Schmidt Schmidt   Gillham Ibbott Smith    Cane Freeman Gregs Williams
G Childs Kennedy Hill Fraser Grueber Grueber   Ibbott Smith  Griffiths Cane Freeman Gregs Williams
H Charlton   Hill Fraser Long Watkins Newman Brambley   Reid-McIntosh Knight Parker Lansdell  
I Woodgate   Watkins Mills Long Watkins Kirby Brambley Banks-Smith Chambers Knight Geary Lansdell Argee


15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
A Jones Lane Hooper Westbury Pullen Hay   Maley
B Jones   Hooper Westbury     Stanley  
C Sargent Lee Shone Griffiths Collis Donaldson Lane Fleming
D Sargent Lee Wessing Baker Collis Donaldson Lane Fleming
E Christensen Reading Moore Putman Little Chitty Milburn Worladge
F Woolley Reading Lumsden Putman Little Chitty Milburn Worladge
G Lobban Bock Semple Scott   Drake Sinnitt Woodgate
H Cooper Bock Semple Clarke Jackson Stevenson Sinnitt  
I Boden Earley Breaden McLaughlin Blyett Slade Huxley Durkie

Adams Andrew Wield D-

Collis Harry D-

Eddington Mona D-

Lane Florence Dinah D-

Morgan John Campbell D-

Unknown Elizabeth Annie D-

Unknown Frank D-

Wickens Walter Vernon D-

Woodgate John Percival D-






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