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Enclosed Derwent Gardens Niche Wall E

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A   Maxwell McDougall Thomas Clewer   Craig Strutt Geeves Hocking Richardson Richardson Baldwin Mills Wilkinson Macartney
B     McDougall Reynolds Clewer Nugent Ward Strutt   Hocking   McCreary Brown Mills Wilkinson Macartney
C Kirby Amos Turvey Brown Batt Levis Rowntree Hartley Geeves Filbee Rex Brough Richardson Patterson Cotton Stevens
D Kirby Morrisby Turvey Evans Batt Levis Dakin Hartley McGuffie Filbee Rex   Richardson Patterson   Stevens
E Wellard Breen Alomes Alomes Backhouse Goss   Exton Cundy   Jones Mason   Fielding Middlebrough Weir
F   Breen O'Meagher Mollineaux   Moy Phillips Cook Halstead   Sly Cracknell Toan McIntyre Moore Henry
G Salt Powell Hughes Mollineaux Steele Gard Phillips Cook   Spencer Sly Cracknell   McIntyre Moore Hope
H Johnson Solomon O'Meagher Carnell Steele Bricknell Wright Phillips   Volber Stewart Gray Gray Morrisby Moore Hornsby
I Johnson   Manning Bracewell Heffernan   Wright Phillips McDonald King   Read Philp Bellis Proctor Priest

E Continued

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A Postlethwaite Ransley Kingston Turner Turner Cornish Hickman Hickman Simpson Brent Scott Roberts May Farrell Ward   Ross
B Postlethwaite   Kingston Sing Allen Cornish Hickman Hickman Simpson Brent Toplis Young May Farrell Ward    
C Moir Robinson Clark Hogan   Newbon Hickman Hickman Hutchison Jones   Lee Richmond Fitzgerald Deeks Fleming Golding
D Moir Doddridge Clark Hogan   Newbon   Hickman Hutchison Jones Pitt Lee   McKay   Hastings Golding
E   Prentice Barrow Paterson Reardon Spinks Blyth Boyes Sansom Hooker Blake Rogers Jacobs Dakin Speers Payne Lewis
F   Prentice Anning Spokes-Paterson   Spinks Blyth Boyes King Elliott     Rowlands Raycroft Carruthers Stuart Lewis
G Piggott Woodward McKellar Scott Freeman   Eldershaw Boyes   Elliott Braithwaite Mathers Roche   Stanton Reid Parker
H Piggott   McKellar Scott   Leech Fisher Boyes   Weaving Tabor May Warren Read Branch Reid Harris
I Smith Dicker Boyes Gilders Bath Johnstone Fisher   Elliott     May Tabor Abercrombie Williams Reggett Lewis




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