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Enclosed Derwent Gardens Niche Wall K

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
A Foley Moore Cooper Kearney Fogarty Bezverkof Demond Batchler Cochrane Geary Geer Vautin
B   Moore Cooper Kearney   Bezverkof Demond Batchler Cochrane Geary Geer Vautin
C Rometch Kingston Reardon   Eaves Eaves Demond Donnellan Devine Devine Gibson Lovett
D White Kingston Reardon Higgins Stanfield Lindsay Geard Simpson McSherry McWilliams Gibbs  
E   Goodwin Cramp Eaton   Lindsay Clark Rattle   Dale Heron Wadsley
F Bessell Walpole Cramp Collins Smith Alomes    Rattle McKibben Dale   Wadsley
G Bessell Walpole Rose Salisbury Smith Alomes    Page Paton Jolley Lee Wadsley
H Wiggins Baker Thomas Salisbury Taylor Wiltshire Driscoll Evans Byrne Tonks Lee Clark
I Wiggins Taylor Jacobs Robins   Wiltshire Dalwood Evans Byrne Lucas Pennicott  

K Continued

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
A Lake Rundle Holland Cleaver Bennett Dobson McShane Walker James    
B   Fulton Holland   Bennett Dobson   Walker James Turner Turner
C   Martin Coleman McGough Simmons Tegg  Goss Parsey Varna Coverdale Cutmear
D Defriez Martin Coleman McGough Davis Tegg      Worth Coverdale Shoobridge
E Roberts Martin Fisher Sheppard McDougall  Batchelor McDevitt Saville    Curtis-Flynn  
F   Walker Forsyth Kent Whelan Batchelor McDevitt Fowler Barker   Puddicombe
G Hartam Walker Forsyth Kent   Clayton Mackay Crane   Sheppard  
H Lockley Griffin Miller Heather Rae Clayton   Franklin Duffy Sheppard McKirdy
I   Stubbs Miller Heather Rae Eeles       Grice McKirdy

Blyett William Henry K-

Clark Lillian -K

Crawford Nellie Caroline K-

Crumdwell Henry George K-

Defriez John Spencer K-

Duffy Dorothy Martha Eileen K-

Fogarty Christina K-

McKibben Vina Beatrice K-

McLennan Harriet K-

Puddicombe Edward Leslie K- 

Rometch George Herbert K-

Stubbs Ada Cecelia K-

White Muriel Ella K-



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