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Enclosed Derwent Gardens Niche Wall M

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
A Burrell Jones Harris Propsting Kilburn Turvey Hardy   Smith Clinch Soundy Viney Hall McLoughlin Jackman
B Burrell Jones Harris Stacey Stacey Turvey Hardy Jenkins   Clinch Soundy Viney Hall McLoughlin  
C Portnell Portnell   Thors O'Conor Bell   Morgan     Burgess Newnham Hewitt Cooper Wallace
D Portnell Reynolds Sherwin   Wain Lane Facy Facy Reggett     Newnham Hewitt   Wallace
E   Reynolds Sherwin Glaser Batchelor Lane Hull Benjafield Brown Beatton   Peterson Hutchinson Churchill Mulcahy
F Graham Beard Sherwin   Whittington Spaulding Armstrong Baldwin Foster   Ford   Hutchinson    
G Williams Beard   Corbett Lowe Spaulding Page Norman Ackerley Fergusson Thorp Thorp Brooks Peters Blackhall
H Hickman Tinning Propsting Corbett Lyne Johnstone Bonders Lyne Ackerley Ackerley Laidlaw Ransley   Peters Blackhall
I Clark   Davies Whittington Stacey   McConnon Macey McNeill   Laidlaw Ransley Bain Crutchley Moody

M Continued

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
A Turner Morison Rogers London Bessell McDougall Webster   Thompson Green Wills Sargison Jack Suckling Peacock
B     Rogers London   McDougall       Blotnicki Wills   Jack Suckling Gillow
C Essen Killick Alison-Norris Wade Bilson Davis Cousins Fuglsang Douglas-Make Kirkpatrick Foster Parsons Norris Dodge Chandler
D Essen Killick Alison-Norris Wade Bilson Davis Tennant Fuglsang Mercer Kirkpatrick Foster Parsons Griggs Dodge  
E Lahl Combe Ford Gregg Searchfield Davis Glass Thomas Thomas Ball Rex Blackwell     Pedder
F   Combe Ford Nibbs Brown Davies Glass Long Johnston Smith Glidden Blackwell Ford   Wadsley
G Jarvis Jackman Cosson Nibbs Brown Moore   Long Johnston Smith   Tait Ford   Wadsley
H Burgess Jackman Cosson Nibbs   Ross Forwood Heatley Spotswood   Wilkinson Tait   Jaap Jones
I Davis Angwin Mazey Welsh   Ross Johnston Heatley   Holmes Wilkinson Smallhorn Johnston Jaap Tregear

M Continued

31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
A Iles Shaw Geappen Gillham Dickenson Langdale   Bevan Gallagher Males   Thiessen Young Campbell  
B Gillow   Geappen Gillham Dickenson Langdale Kent-Newbold Bevan   Males   Thiessen Young Campbell Cuthbertson
C Levis Shaw Banks-Smith Adkins Moore Lucas Anderson Shield White McCarthy Bailey Langford Aber Lee Finkelde
D Levis Anders Banks-Smith Adkins Moore Lucas Anderson Shield White Green   Langford Aber Lee Cramp
E Blight Corney Rowe O'Shea Moore Hannon Philp   Bessell Green Morgan Dunn Hooper Hewitt Cramp
F Birtwistle Owen Nimmo White Bailey Hannon Vince Clayton Willis   Morgan   Hooper Round Howard
G Nichols Owen Nimmo   Bailey Richardson Vince Knibbs   Law Morgan   Young Stanwix Howard
H   Owen Fazackerley Harber Boddam Richardson Smith MacFarlane England Law Taylor Large Bennett Simmons Gilligan
I   Tregear Fazackerley Harber Brown Newbold Winthrop     Alcock Wells Steele Bennett Simmons  

M Continued

46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
A McGregor   Kerr Kerr Bynon Thorne Freeman   Andrewartha Andrewartha Rowland Calvert Jones Taylor Murdoch
B McGregor   Watson Wardrop Wardrop Thorne Eaton Young   Paterson Rowland Calvert Jones Taylor Murdoch
C Curtis Corney     McIntyre Rust Rust Young Pixley Eadie Eadie Hickman Pacey Corstorphan Murdoch
D Curtis   Little Gurr   Lee-Jones Floyd Tucker Pixley Hood Baker Hickman Pacey Corstorphan Murdoch
E Collins King Howard Luttrell Grimsey Pople Floyd Tucker Edwards Hood Durkin Goscombe Low Robinson Murdoch
F     Mellor Stanfield Grimsey Pople   Batt   Salter Young   Ireland Robinson Burgess
G Ford Allen Sly   Bennett Collis Buckpitt Andrews Lincoln Tregenna Young Greenwood   Weldon Bird
H Shrimplin       Bennett Collis   Bell Lincoln Cooper Cooper   Mackey Weldon Onn
I Shrimplin Leary Spotswood Thomson Bradley O'Neill   Harrison   Cooper   McKendrick Mackey    


Allen James Edwin M-

Bailey Sydney John M-

Biddulph Amelia M-

Buckpitt Elizabeth M-

Clayton Elsie Linda M-

Collins Gwynneth Amelia M-

Combes Frederick Leslie Garnock M-



Copeland Meg M-

Edmands Edith Isobel M-

Evan Gladys Jeannette M

Forwood Edward M-

Garnett Gladys E M-

Garrett Nellie Blanche M-

Garrett William Leslie M-

Glidden Mary Ann M-

Gribbin Agnes Duff M-

Gribbin James M-

Griggs Monica M-

Holmes Alan M-

Hugo Ernest Victor M-

Johnson Lillian Roberta M-

Kent-Newbold Joseph William M-

King Harold John M-

Little Claude M

Lyne Colin Victor M-

Morgan Olive Davenport M-

Mulcahy Annie Victoria M-

Paterson Edwin M-


Sargison Madge Pauline M

Smith Peter Joseph M-

Stephensen Christian Julius M-

Thors Alfred George M-

Watson Henry M-

Whittington Alfred M-

Willis Alfred Ernest M-Winch Leo Douglas M-

Willis Alfred Ernest M-

Winch Leo Douglas M-




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