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Enclosed Derwent Gardens Niche Wall P

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A Lester Broughton Warrington Carryer Carryer Cracknell Scott    Murtagh Cundy Tudor Ridgers Steed   Kennedy
B     Warrington Crooks   Cracknell Scott      Cundy Tudor Ridgers Steed Laurance McLaren
C   Curran  Garlick Barber O'May Smith Robinson King Leverton Padman Williams Cate Fidler Heaps McLaren
D   Curran    Barber O'May Smith Neville King Leverton Padman Martin   Fidler Heaps Williams
E Moore Benjamin Hall Fitzgerald Mullen Kendrick     Forbes Farrow     Lord Makepeace McGuinness
F           Askey Eyre                
G Brown Collis   Wilson Chaffey Askey Eyre Clelland Kerr Gibson Gibson   Yeates Bailey Bentley
H Brown Collis     Smart Schulze Minchin Crosby Kerr Norman Judd Mansfield   Henderson Bentley
I Griffiths Probatt   Willis Smart Schulze Minchin Koeck Kearney Norman Westwood Kent-Newbold Marquis   Langworthy


16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
A Langdale Coverdale Hooper  McDonald Davidson Simpson Morling  Yolland Fenner Henderson
B Langdale Coverdale Kay McDonald Davidson   Schwinghammer   Fenner  
C Richardson Wood   Breheny   King Woolley Wood Smith Heron
D   Wood     Hill Hill Green Ingles Smith Lane
E Abbott Ellis Lay Woodrow Bowerman Whiting Williams   Saunders  
G Dixon McGuinness Williams Garrett Northover Johnson Burke Burke Vince  
H Dixon McGuinness   Garrett Ferguson Davies     Vince Cochrane
I Fife Rogers Walton Garrett Blaikie Blaikie Hansch Doddridge    


Collis Leslie Ian P-

Crooks William Archibald P-

Emanuel Maude Winnifred P-

Fearnley George Henry

Forbes Eliza

Ferguson Olive Isabel Flora

Gerrand Jillian Helen

Hunt Eardley Clonmine P-


James Quinton

Laurance Barry Jean P-

Mills Myrtle Olive P-

Moran James Hilary P-


Newitt Margaret Annie P-

Phillips Ronald Graeme P-

Smith James Arthur P-8

Smith Rita Frances P-8



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