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Enclosed Derwent Gardens Niche Wall Q

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
A   Nicholls Contencin Roberts Bailey   Johnstone Johnstone Russell     Parker
B Kennedy Kennedy Contencin Roberts Bailey   Johnstone Johnstone Russell Burbury   Parker
C Kennedy Reece Wright Ross Hope Hope Reynolds Paice Stops   McIntosh Duncombe
D Chandler Pridmore Wright Ross Hope   Reynolds Paice   Thiessen   Duncombe
E Chenney Chenney Scott Stansfield McPherson Procter     Whitney Powell Piesse Hodgman
F Little Grayson Hyland/Scott Hyland McPherson Procter Stranger Stranger Brown Priest Fraser-Easton Fraser-Easton
G Boscoe/Little Mortimer Debnam Round Denholm Edwards Skinner Skinner Brown Priest Norman Norman
H Johnstone Johnstone Meech Round   Edwards Eastick Scott Philp Heaton Tilyard O'Brien
I Abbott Abbott Howard Murchison Clothier Boxall Scott Philp Hart Tilyard O'Brien
  13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
A Lennox Leary Mollineaux Johnston Wilkinson Rogers Geeves Goodrick Hodgson Gray Goddard Goddard  
B     Mollineaux Johnston Wilkinson   Power   Hodgson Gray Brumby Evans Allie
C Cass Bolt Hey Fabian Grose Eales Wilby Waller Newbold Bluett Fisher Meerman Cooper
D Cass Bolt Hey Fabian Grose Eales Wilby Waller Bluett Fisher
E Inches Hollis   James Vincent Dyer Hall Thompson Robertson Kohl Salmon Rennie Shirley
F     Barnett Benbow Hayes Mortimer Hall Thompson Pilsbury   Ranton Ranton Downie
G   Webb Osborne Wood Hayes Mortimer Hay Bennett Pilsbury Mason Skinner Skinner Barrett
H Jones Taylor Keats Wood Ward Wallace Hay Bennett Oxley Charlesworth Blowes Edson Jones
I Hoggins Wilson Keats Dalwood   Lemon Williams Burn Saltmarsh Charlesworth      


Allie Ollie Vera May Q

Clark Alexander Joseph Q

Cooper Gertrude Doris Q

Dickenson Valma Doreen Q

Edson Ruby Harriett Q

Hamilton Hilda Ethel Douglas Q

Hamilton Wyndham Charles Douglas Q

Holmes Winifred Ada Q

Howard Thelma Clarice Q

Jones Edith M M Q

Lambert Aleatha Q

Mason Albert Samuel Q

McGrath Elsie Q

McIntosh Elizabeth Alma Q

Newman Sarah Ellen Q

Newstead Nancy May

Sharaschkin Ina Q

Sinnitt Emily Q

Thiessen May Katherine Q











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