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Enclosed Derwent Gardens Niche Wall S

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
A McQueeney Johnstone Denholm Denholm Daw Latham   Burton Millingen   Manson Barwick Bennett Watkins Argent
B McQueeney Johnstone   Denholm Daw Latham Barker Barker Hopkins   Manson Barwick Bennett Watkins Argent
C Read Johnstone Griggs Bower Hope Rayner Crowe Bestwick Clark Barwick Hughes Pidgeon Peacock Salter Dorloff
D Bland Hickman Griggs Bower Smith Rayner Hunt Hunt   Conroy Hughes Pidgeon Monteith Salter Lewis
E Evans Davis Amiguet Smith Eddington Browne Howell     Kennedy   Douglas Monteith Reeves Smith
F Nibbs Davis     Stabb Baxter Gibson Spaulding Forsyth Williamson Joseph Keats Monteith Purdon Smith
G Nibbs Steedman Webb Lamprill Stabb Baxter Gibson Benbow Sansom Williamson Joseph Keats Studley Connell Combes
H Fisher Steedman Wright Drysdale DeJersey Huxley Anowsky Miles Harlem Davidson Brown Norris Reid Reid Lane
I Fisher Hall Williams McCowan Huxley Read Bentley Vernon Thompson Davidson Brown Norris Nettlefold Griggs  


16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
A Fulton Hibbard Williams Hempseed Monk Daymon Mickleborough Collins Woolnough
B Fulton Hibbard Williams Hempseed Monk Daymon Mickleborough McGee Woolnough
C Baldwin Godwin Broadby Monk Roach Adams Cato Reekie Foster
D Baldwin Godwin Broadby Monk Roach Palfreyman Abbott Abbott Foster
E Potter Hay Johnston Orchard Griffiths Palfreyman Rawson Garity Callow
F Potter Salter Reeves Orchard Griffiths Cripps Cripps McDonall Bellette
G Hope Mitchell Robertson Turner Turner Flexmore Cripps Johnson Firth
H Hope Willing Robertson Callow Roberts Kalbfell   Johnstone Neilson
I Bedford Holder Stewart  Henry   Kalbfell McNeair Warren Austin


Amiguet Allan Gonthier S-

Crisp Beryl Ruby S-

Mitchell Leonard John S-

Reid Keith Roy S-

Sellars Elsie May S-

Turner Jessie S-











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