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Derwent Gardens


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Enclosed Derwent Gardens Niche Wall Z

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
A   Bishop Hill Hargraves Lincoln Lincoln Nicholson Hargraves Jacques Jasik Easther Daun Douglas Baines Lee
B   Bishop Hill Hargraves Baker Baker McLoughlin   Edge   Easther Daun   Baines Lee
C Gorringe Knight Woodward Woolley Topham   Knop Topham   Trott Teige Reeves Rayner Purdon Shirrefs
D Goyen Knight Woodward Rush  Salisbury Salisbury Keller Keller   Lester Williamson Reeves Rayner Purdon  
E   Stevenson Lane  Williams Rossiter Palmer Miller Crisp Mizzen   Williamson Peck Peck Reid Ivery 
F Webster Stevenson Thompson   Rossiter Palmer   Crisp Phillips Salmon Donaldson Hudson Saltmarsh Reid Ivery 
G Webster Aitchison Abraham Atkins Roberts Bowden Evans  Butterworth Phillips Salmon   Hudson Saltmarsh Brain Littler 
H     Corlett Jarvis   Challender Evans    Morey Driscoll   Hodder Lavender Brain Littler 
I   Rowland Kelly Trappes Freeman Thackray  Parker Cato   Edwards Pace Hodder Lavender Hunt Tynan

Z Continued

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
A   Hamilton Dawson Phillips Large Tremayne Hudson     Willing   Wiggins  Pyke Pyke Glover
B Hopwood Hamilton Dawson Phillips     Hudson     Driscoll   Wiggins  Flynn Diprose  
C Hopwood Dunn Slore White Ikin   Rule Fullarton Bugess   Miller Leisk Leisk Woodham Game
D Tynan Dunn Slore White Ikin Blundstone Benjamin Fullarton Bugess Badenach Miller Curtis Curtis Woodham Game
E Tynan Page Semmence Clifton Palfreyman Blundstone   Brinckman Blackwell Badenach Hull Hobden   Cairns  
F Bylett Hurst Semmence Clifton Palfreyman Long Hughes Grant Blackwell Lyall Roberts Foster Dennis Rigby Barnard
G Briggs Rumbold Rumbold   Day Long Hughes Grant Bester Lyall Roberts Faulkner   Rigby Barnard
H Briggs Klye Gourlay Morey White Anderson Lansky Triffitt Jessen Nicholson McCreary   Sullivan O'Donnell Ashcroft
I   Flexmore Partridge   Lillye Vince Hart Manson   Nicholson Taylor   Sullivan O'Donnell Ashcroft


Allanby Alma Ann Z-

Allanby Aubin LLewellyn Z-

Clennett Guy Z-


Goyen Betty Margaret Z-

Hopwood Leigh Catherine Z-

Jones Lorton Charles Z-


Mason Ruth Banfield Z-

Mason William Victor Z-

Nicholson Frederick W Z-


Porter John Malcolm Z-

Richardson Harry Z-

Woolley Colin James Z-

Woolley Fay Z-










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