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Derwent Gardens Outer Walls & Beds

Garden Bed EE6







Allan Harris John Carrick Stanley Norman Fisher Vera Jean Harley Eileen Amy McDonald Angus Joseph
Archer John Chessell Russell Edward Foweraker Patricia Harley William Ledward McKay Mary Esme
Bailey Arthur Edgar Connolly Frank Brian Fyfe Keith Hasler Francis Leonard Moore Alice Edith
Bailey Roslyn De Soza Ronald Bruce Gardner Helen Bispham Henry Mary Anne Newton Jeannette Alice
Bantoft Bridget Denholm Colin Ellis Gardner Sidney George Hickey Richard Samuel Newton Jonathan Ross
Bantoft James Denholm Elaine Mary Gill Mary Irving Dorothy Jean Pratt Ethel May Courtney
Bantoft Joseph Donovan Patricia Dawn Gill Richard George Irving Roy John Pratt John Courtney
Barr Beryl Gwynfa Drake Doreen Mary Glen Maisie Joseph Erle James Hugh Riley Gordon Sidney
Barr Keith Drake Reginald Percy Guidolin Florence Frances Joseph Hazel Louise Riley Nancy May
Barwick Leila Dutton Ethel Guidolin Walter Joseph Kaye Edward Johnathon Robertson Alan James
Barwick Ronald Dutton Gordon Davis   Kaye Vera Hilda Sleyters Berta
Batge Patricia May     Keogh Jane Lawson Sommerville Thomas
Batge Phillip Anthony     Kleeman Laurence Donald Taylor James Ruta
Blake Lola Joan     Legzdins Esils Taylor Sylvia Naddell
Blake Thomas Griffith     Levis Geoffrey Lyndon Tonner Valma
Blanks Harry Thomas     Levis Kerry-Ann Tonner William Ferguson
Blanks Verna May     Levis Robert Douglas Viney Gerald Charles Stuart
Boas Edward     Littlejohn Victor James Viney Gwendoline Isoabel
Bowden Harry Douglas       Walker Rex Case
Bradbury Sean       Ward Douglas Roy
Brannan John James       Wiggley Catherine
Briggs Winifred Jane        
Brittain Annie        
Brookes Linda Millicent Rose        
Brookes Royden John James        
Brough David Phenton        
Brown John Charles        
Brown Walter James        
Buckley Raymond Thomas        
Burton Jonathan Matthew        

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