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Derwent Gardens Outer Walls & Beds

Garden Bed F4

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried. Cornelian Bay Search






Abery Craig Childs Neil Edwin Galloway Eric Albert Kelly Donald Leslie Rafter Janet Anne
Ackroyd Cochrane Ethel Jean Galloway Winifred Emily Kemp Kathleen Ramsey James Frederick
Alexander Roy Joseph Cochrane Robert Ralph Gibson Bryan Phipps Kerr George Reynolds Brian Alan
Anderson Mary Sheila Conroy Edward Maurice Gibson Olive Betty Kievit John Reynolds Joan
Anderson Richard Arthur Conroy Joan Valerie Golding Jack Gordon Kilmartin James T Robins Stephen Paul
B Cook Arthur Goodsell-Burns Joshua Christopher L Rouleston Harold
Baker Ted Cooper Charles Rex Graham James Harold Bruce Lamont Yvonne Janet Rowlands LLyod Lachlan
Bannister Noel Frank Cooper Laurel Dawn Graham Sylvia Fay Langford Winifred Phyllis Rundle Betty
Batchelor Joshua Richard Cornford Ethel Grace Gregs Donald James Law Annette John Rundle Frank Ashleigh
Bell Cecily Clarence Cracknell Robert Cyril Griggs Patricia Kay Law Geoffrey John Russell Robert George
Bell Thomas Curtis William Robert H Lord Maurice Athol Albert S
Bellette Barry Charles D Hay Frederick J A M Savie Charles Walter
Bellette Fay Darcey Christina Beryl Hay John William Massina Harry Covington Shea Charmain Louise
Bender Jan Darcey Ian Thomas Heffernan Keith William McCreary Donal A Shea Stephen Bernard
Bennett Samuel Leo Gerrard Darcey Thomas Arthur Heffernan Mary Fay McCreary Hannah Dorothy May Short Dorothy Elaine
Booth Brent Michael Davie Donald Edward Heikkila Niilo Erland McMahon Thomas Stewart Silver Audrey
Boxhall George William Denton Clyde Vercoe Heron Andrew Crawford Mitchell Athol Thomas Silver Keith
Boxhall Mary Dickson Norman Wilfred Hibberd Florence May Mitchell Kevin Anthony Simpson Thomas Drayton
Branch Marjorie Joan Dix John Stephen Hibberd Harry Eardley Mitchell Mavis Jean Smith Alexander Robert
Broadway Eric Lionel Ducat Edwin George Hodoniczky Kalman Morse Phyllis Mary Smith Kenneth Ross
Brooke Mark David Duggan Valerie Geddes Howard Richard Alfred Mortynk Geiss Macarthur Stanczyk Jan Wojciech
Brooke Peggy E I Mortynk Mary Aubrey Stanczyk Stefania
Brown Allen Arthur Esdaile Alice Andrew Inches Craig Anthony Moses John Harold Stevens Leonie Margaret
Browning Therese Nicole F J N T
  Fellowes Margaret McFarlane Jackson Graeme Kenneth Neall John Francis Tegg Susan Elizabeth
  Fenner Patricia Rose Johnston James Geoffrey Nicholson Jean Margaret Tichonow Paul Alexander
  Ferrar Betty June Johnston Mavis Kathleen Nicholson Susan Jeannette Rae Tichonow Victor
  Flaherty Gerard Niall Jolley Arthur Lewis O Tims Pauline
    Jones Larry Allan Orr Lynette Elizabeth V
    Julian Robert David P Voss Suzanne Lee
      Palfreyman Doug W
      Palfreyman Meg Washusen Albert Keith
      Palfreyman Scott Wesley Charles Victor
      Parsons Florice Elizabeth Whittle Joseph Michael
      Parsons Owen Arthur Williams Reginald Graham
      Pelham Garry David Witkowski Ruby
      Phillips Rebekka Marie Wong Chou Ying
      Plaxton Maxwell Jack Woods Leslie Alfred
      Pope Terry Laurence  

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