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Outer Derwent Gardens Niche Wall 38 West

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A House Hunt     Macbride Bradford Blizzard       Marriott            
B       Beckwith     Blizzard Colman     Johnston   Contencin Fitzgerald Revell    
C Maguire Maguire Edwards   Schott   Blizzard   Blundstone Buss Powell Fall   Murray   White White
D Hodgkinson Gillham Gillham     Martin Martin Colman Colman Cooper Powell Wise   Contencin Sutherland Sutherland Rodd
E Swiadek Maybank Maybank Kay   Richardson   Viney Barnard   Powell Berry Delbridge Nichols   Lewis Chapman
F Mallett   Davison Davison     Sheehan Kenny Story Hay Powell Grant   Reimers   Carroll  
G Burke Burke Hayes Bower Nichols Sheppard Bratt Evans   Morgan   Cooke   Pointer Pointer Hazell  
H Mollross   Chapman Oates   Warner Pegg Pegg Hoggett Hoggett Estcourt Whelan Allie Huxley Self Self Sproat
I Bruce Bruce Quill Brown   Hardinge   Grant Grant   Darby   Wilson Wilson Champion Champion Heaven
J Farmer   Commane     Dean Dean Edwards   Campbell   Woolford Woolford Thiessen Coppleman Coppleman  
K Barratt   Bester Lane Fry   Costello   Smart Oxley McBride Chambers Chambers Wayn   Martin Thorne


18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34
B               Cooper                  
C McGuinness McGuinness Pratt Hickman Hickman   Wheeldon   Manterfield Manterfield Smith Sweeney Price Burn Williams Gregory Branch
D Rodd Evans   Graham Cheeseman Cheeseman McKinnon Hill Fitzpatrick Parsons   Sylvester Sylvester Gumley Gumley Hale  
E Shelton Shelton Birchall Langdon Hurle Barwick   Trayling Douglas   Probatt Probatt Branagan Branagan Mason Hogan Chraska
F Lester Lester Jarvis Langdon Hurle Headlam   Anning   Slater Slater Adams   Harvey   Foy Foy
G Jordan   Freeman Kennaugh Hurle Duffy   Shield Fenton Pace Palmer Corney   Bennett Bennett Dolan Dolan
H   Moore Moore Kennaugh   Haas Haas Kubank   Somers   Clarke Nichols Nichols Jackson   Monks
I Heaven Page McCooey     Hurst Hurst Michell Michell Evans Johnson Murdoch Easther   Kelly Kitchener Burns
J Kerruish Kerruish Thompson Keen Maguire Maguire   Fooks Fooks Fysh   Pinchin Pinchin McGinniss   McCall  
K Woodhouse Clifford Clifford Davey Davey Green   Oakley Dowson Dowson   Nicol Burchardt   Pacey Whitton Feirclough


35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51
B                           Jennings      
C   Munday Munday Foster Foster Cox Reddish Wilson     Haigh Haigh Newell Baker Baker   Schott
D McIntyre   Brown   Wiggins Wiggins Williams Seymour Owen   Kimber   Charlton McCambridge Davy Duggan Darley
E Ellston   McIntosh McIntosh Kelly Kelly Hogan Cracknell Cracknell Butler Butler Parker     Campbell Krawczyk Howes
F Davis Davis   Parker   Burns Webber Dewhurst Dewhurst Stowe   Weeding Weeding Hall Hall Boulter Williams
G Phillips Davis Ross Foster Swan Swan George Mann Mann Schultz Schultz Boulton Mills Mills Chadwick Jennings Ward
H Purdon Honeysett Riseley Smith Smith Davis Emery Emery Smith   Merchant Merchant Bromfield Bromfield Fletcher Fletcher Holmes
I Becker Robertson Jones   Fraser Rayner Logan Smith Smith Crawford   Moore   Newton Newton Bridge Bridge
J Ryan Ryan Partridge   Jones Robinson   Watkins Tattam Ikin Cooper Conolan Coleman Rodd Inman   Cole
K Feirclough Noble Noble Rainbird   Allen       Knott   Denholm Denholm Batchelor Batchelor Wood Wood


52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68
C Triebel Triebel Groves   Rushforth Rushforth                      
D Scott Chalu Macdonald Charlton Toole Revell                      
E Williams Cripps Clark Levy Levy Presnell                      
F Christie Christie Jordan Jordan Bartlett Bartlett                      
G Ward Wells Mann Armstrong Gibb                        
H   Povey   Jarvis Brockington Weeding                      
I Forster Forster Sargeant Wilson Fisher Mainwaring                      
J   Jones Jones Cotton Cotton                        
K Virth Pearson Chancellor Britain Trethewey                        

Bradford John Perry 38 West        Smith Hamilton Francis 38 West        Smith Ina Emily 38 West        Viney Clarice 38 West        Wayn Annie Dorinda 38 West       





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