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Outer Derwent Gardens Niche Wall 39 North


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
A Plaister Plaister   Langridge   Fleming Bell Douglas Hughes Cuthbert Richardson   Stewart Stocks Perkins   Strang
B Lacis Lacis Austin Emmett   Lincoln Goodwin Goodwin   Smith   Murfet Webb Winneke McNamara McNamara Cuthbert
C     Bilson Bilson Newton   Bentley Bentley Reynolds Reynolds Gregg   Burr Burr Cromer Cromer Carryer
D Laugher East   Stewart       Grueber Grueber   Marshall Marshall Blackwood Blackwood Park   Wisby
E   McWilliams McWilliams Ransley Bartram Bompas Bompas Mihans White Batchelor   Witts   Lennox Conrad Conrad Stewart
F Robinson Robinson Willing Willing Churchill Issell Coad   Pipkin Pipkin Reid Pearce Rice Edwards Coombe Coombe Facy
G Lewis Lewis Ferguson Ferguson Howard Linnell Woods Banks-Smith Banks-Smith Itchins Hamence Hamence King Gamble Green Reading Wilson
H Whishaw Belbin Belbin Belbin   Sealy Lewis Lewis   Trayling Trayling Condon Condon Butterworth Jackson Jackson Hutchinson
I Reed Reed Ashwood   Chilcott Chilcott   Crawford   Dare   White White Kreplin Williams Williams Buckney


18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
A Pritchard Taylor Philp Philp Leach Lovegrove McDermott McDermott Nicholls   Leitch            
B Hazelwood   Good Lewis Lewis Dunn Collins Cooper Chatman Chatman              
C Carryer Hanke Hanke Cleary Cleary Baird Wheeler Wheeler Costello Costello              
D Wright Taylor Luttrell Seager Seager Wedge Thompson
E Stewart Amos Taylor Dransfield Heazlewood Heazlewood Hyland Flint Groombridge
F   Harry Hughes Smith Smith Jacobson   Medhurst Johnson Heyward Heyward            
G Henry Scetrine Scetrine Cobbett Elson Elson
H Blackwell Blackwell Hall Farrow Briggs Andrews Johnson Johnson Heatherbell
I Buckney Smith Polley Polley Revell   Sharpe Johnstone Johnstone Johnson Langworthy            

No number for section

Harris Tom 39 North.jpg (316590 bytes)

Harris Tom

Hitchinson Janet 39 North.jpg (311825 bytes)

Hitchinson Janet

Mackey Rene Elizabeth 39 North.jpg (317650 bytes)

Mackey Rene

Mackey William Rennie 39 North.jpg (393538 bytes)

Mackey William

McGuiness John Lionel 39 North.jpg (309912 bytes)

McGuiness John

Thompson Maurice Richard 39 North.jpg (359743 bytes)

Thompson Maurice

Unknown Jean 39 North.jpg (305689 bytes)

Unknown Jean

White Madeline Emily 39 North.jpg (334373 bytes)

White Madeline

Wood Alma Amelia 39 North.jpg (281871 bytes)

Wood Alma








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