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Independents A

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Absolom Emily Louise A349A Chaffey Marjorie Marion A213 Inverall Mary A105 Martyn John Thomas A353 Smith Annie Rebecca A137
Absolom William Henry A349A Chappell Elizabeth A30A J Martyn Martha A353 Smith Arthur Horbury A137
Anaxouzos M A Cooley Elizabeth Annie A73 Jackman Amelia Lucy A261 Martyn Raymond Ernest A353 Smith Brian Desmond A29
B Corbett Christiana Stella A350 Jackman Townley James A261 McGuiness Albert E A190 Smith Caroline Isabel A26A
Banks Ricky James A264 Corbett Gladys Pearl A350 Jarman Matilda Amelia A14 McGuiness Linda A190 Smith Tasman Crossley A137
Bate Edward A306 Corbett James Phillip A350 Jarman Richard A14 Moseley Ivy Louise A361 Smith W H Firth A115
Bate Pearl E A306 Corbett Mary Ann A62 Jeffreys Sidney Hulbert A130 Moseley William Eathorne A361 Stanfield Lilla Myrtle May A189
Bates William A279 D Johnson Jane Olten A194 N Stanford Betty June A200A
Beckett Frederick James A331 Danton John James A216 Jones Edward A30 Nation Florence Nellie A296 Stanford Leslie Derwent A200A
Beckett Myrtle Eileen A331 Darling Mary A251 Jones Ella A30 Nation Lewis A296 Stevens Ellen A133
Bellis Grace A323 Darling Robert A251 Jordan Alan Bertram A185 Nation Lindsay Pitt A296 Stevens Maria A133
Benton Alexander Christian Frederick A219 Darling William Fisher A251 Jordan Clara Victoria Alexandra A 185 Nichols Ethel Amelia A362 Stevens William Henry A133
Beppoioe X A No Davidson Donald Eric A346 Jordan George W A185 Nichols Ronald Ancie A362 T
Best Laura Adelaide Davidson Henry Louis A28 K O Tait James Francis A302
Bigwood Sarah A127 Davidson Hilda Olive Myrtle A28 Knight Leslie Thomas A276 Owens James Richard A26 Tate Mary A62
Blindell Anne Clara A56 Davidson Molly Francis A346 L P Thomas Mary Ann A168
Blindell Emma Francis A54 Dwyer Jessie A275 Lawson Joan Edith Gertrude A372 Parker Elizabeth Estelle A109 Tilyard Frederick Vernon A221
Blindell Robert Walter A56 F Leitch William Henry A294 Parker Henrietta Ann A109 Turner Daphne Maud A27
Blindell Thomas William A54 Fairey Frances Mary A259 Lewis Irene Constance A294 Parker Rose Anna Amelia A109 Turner John James A27
Bolton Milford John A180 Fisher John Strahan A12 Ling Albert Ernest A212 Ploughman Elizabeth C A64 U
Bolwell Jane Whitehouse A216 Fisher Joseph A12 Livingston Albert F A344 Ploughman George Lewis A64 Unknown Emily
Bolwell William A216 Fisher Sarah A12 Livingston Andrew Spurgeon Nicholson A344 Ploughman Georgina Marjory A64 W
Boxall Marion Betsy A342A Francis Henry Arthur A327 Livingston Jack A197 Ploughman Minnie Winifred A64 Wagner Ailsa Robena A314
Boxall Walter Thomas A342A Francis Rose Mary A327 Livingston Ross A198 Potter Alice Maud A283 Wessing Nella Marie Frederikke A116
Brewer Charles William A106 G Lonez Mary A307 Potter Leslie George A283 Wheatley Ellen A335
Brewer Eva Isabell A106 Gall Andrew George A299 Long Eric Maxwell A349 R Wheatley Richard Thomas A335
Brewer Robena A169 Gall Clara Isobel A299 Lovell Darcy James A264 Ramsay Ingeborg Andrea A2 White Alma A A19
Brewer William A169 Gall Harold James A299 Lovell Leslie Lewis A264 Rayner Amelia A126 White Ethel M A19
Burrows Charles Alexander A284 Goodrick George A161 Luttrell Arthur Alexander A278 Rayner Charles Walter William A126 White George Herbert A19
Burrows Charles Leo A284 Green James Campbell Dawson A339 Luttrell Donald Kenneth A278 Robertson Daniel Allan A200B White Harry Marmaduke A19
Burrows Lily A284 H Luttrell Ethel Emily A278 Robinson Allan Lohrey A329 White Lucy A280
Burt Eyma Daphne Elfreda A319 Henderson William Henry A86X M Rogers Gertrith A193 White Owen A A19
Burt Frederick George A319 Hill Eugene William A 273 M.AJ Rogers Tasman James A193 Williams Clyde Raymond Ronald A192
Burt Sophia Louise A319 Hill Rita May A273 Maguire Matilda A34 Rowley Ada Minnie A222 Williams E A135
C Hills Isabella Agnes A341 Maguire Thomas Gordon A34 S Williams Francis A192
Caffell Charles Alexander A60 Hodge Doreen A254 Maguire William John A34X Seaton Leonard A340 Williams Kenneth A201
Caffell Henry Frank A60 Hodge Ernest Albert A254 Manning Henry John A149 Shearing Alexander A196 Williams S A135
Caffell William James A60 Horne James E A53 Marchant Harry Albert A207 Shearing Eliza A189 Wooldridge Bertha Gladys A350A
Calthorpe Mary A105 Hortin Henry James A1 Marchant Lavinia A207 Shearing George A189 Wooldridge Ernest Tasman A350A
Calthorpe William E A105 Howard Bruce A176 Marchant Maida Isabella A86 Shearing H H A189 Wooldridge Martha Louisa A
Calway Arthur Charles A106 Howard Harry E A176 Marchant Ruby A86 Sherwin Alice Jane A220 Wooldridge Mary Ann A343
Cannock George A24 Howie Ada C A127 Marmion Sophia Ellen A317 Sherwin Aurilian Alfred A220 Wooldridge William T A343
Carlson Albin A308 Hughes John A17 Martin William A277 Shipp Frank George A312  
Carver Alice Hope A54 Hughes Walter John A17 Martyn Eliza Fanny A359 Shipp Gladys A312  
Chaffey Alfred A213   Martyn John Thomas 1 A359 Smith Alice A139  
Chaffey Ellen Margaret A213        




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