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Independents G

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.


A Chrisoulakis Theothoros Foniadakis Athena G198 Kanakaris Dimitrios G153 Tennant Annie Elizabeth G82
A2 Costain Arthur Maurice G83 Freeman Martha G61 Kapyahe Tzortzis Vasilikis G177
A3 Cox Edward George 1 G126A G Karimalis Anna G209 W
A4 Cox Edward George G126A Gooding Herbert Stanley G8 King Frederick William Walter G5 Wale Mary G56
Allen Kenneth Hamilton G67 Cox Eleanor Smith Beddome G48 Gooding Maud Louise G8 King Jacob G5 Weaving Herbert G64
Ashton Elizabeth Esther G77 Cox Henry James G48 Gould Charles Edward G10 King Sarah Maria G5 Weaving Kathrine Adline G64
Austin Emily G10 Cox Ida G126A Gould Florence G10 King William Thomas G5 Weaving Mary Elizabeth G64
Austin Thomas G10 Cox Marian G126A Gourlay Beatrice Doris G2 Koumoundouros Ilias G189 Wellard Bright L G124
B Cramp Clifton Richard G11 Gourlay David G4 Krambousanos Vangelis G206 Wellard Charles E G124
Barnett Trevor Gordon G46 Cramp Doris Emily G11 Gourlay Ernest Lyttleton G3 L Wellard Harriet G80
Barnett Arthur Paviour G45 Cramp Leonard Arthur G11 Gourlay Henry George G2 Lincoln Louisa G127 Wellard Samuel Nicholas G80
Barnett Elsie Isobel G46 Cramp Mildred Ida G11 Gourlay Jemima G4 Long Henry David G9 Weymouth Amy G44
Barnett Frances G45 Cramp Richard James G11 Gourlay Percy David G3 Long Phyllis Jean G9 Weymouth Oswald G44
Barnett Henry Samuel G4 Cramp Rosa Mary G11 Gourlay Thomas G2 M Weymouth Phoebe G44
Barnett Olive G4A Cummins Alice Mary Victoria G53 Gourlay Winifred Isobel G2 Marriott Mary Jane G1 Weymouth William Anderson G44
Barnett Rebecca G4A Cummins George Henry Sydney G53 Gourley Sarah Jane G3 Marriott William G1 Weymouth William Brian G44
Biggins Samuel G31 D H Marriott William Richard G1 White Edith G10
Bishop Caroline Mary G87 Davidson Alexander G105 Hanton Ella Mary G122 Merchant Ellen Eva G105A White Emily G10
Bishop Thomas Lowes G87 Davidson Jane G105 Hanton Francis G122 Miley Harold Richard G72 White Ethel G10
Bowden Hedley Roy G12A Davis Charles G92 Harris Henry Edward H G73 Miley Mary Ann G72 White James Noel G10
Bowden Louisa Emily G12A Davis Margaret Mary G92 Harris Louisa Clara G73 Miley Richard G72 Williams Amy Mary G78
Bratt Elizabeth Mary G63 Denning Mary Baber G86 Hill Joseph Edwin G126B N Williams William Henry G78
Bratt Eva Dora G63 Denning Victor Ernest G86 Home Ada Emma G90 Nanaetamath Woolley Benson Huxtable G89
Bratt James G63 E Home Arthur G90 New Frederick G126C Woolley Charles Alfred G89
Brown Elaine Beryl G92 Elliott Betty Isabel G105A J P Woolley Harold Mortimer G89
Brown Jannette Lllian G51 Elliott Doris Jane G105A Jeffreys Emma G90 Pace Rosario G170 Woolley Harriet Elizabeth G89
Brown Roger G92 Elliott Edmund Alfred G105A Jenson Eliza Shelverton G12A Panasuik Natalie G164 Woolley Henry Collins G32
Brown William Jeffery G51 Elliott Kenneth Branscombe G105A Johnson Beatrice G66 Paul Florence Mary G56 Woolley Jessie G89
Buckley Catherine Ann G64   Johnson Joseph Henry 1 G66 Paul James G56 Woolley Miriam Hutchings G89
Burleigh Emma Elizabeth G61     Paul Mabel Irene G56 Woolley Osric Raltson G89
Burleigh Henry James G61     Perkins Howard G85 Woolley William G89
Burton Maude G88     Peterson Peter John G3  
      Peterson Rosalina G3  



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