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Independents M

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.


A D H S W cont
Adams George M4 Downie Charles Terry M16 Harcourt Grace Clarke M31 Sargeant Alice Evelyn M22A Watchorn Ernest Henry M1
Albury Doris Lily M6 Downie Clarice Eileen M16 Harcourt Katie Seymour M31 Sargeant Joan Harcourt M22A Watchorn Erskine Clarence M8
Albury Ellen Susanna M6 Downie Edith M30 L Sargeant William Alfred M22A Watchorn Frederick Charles M8
Albury George Boys M6 Downie Henry Edmonds M30 Loughridge Beryl Olga M14 Stark Margaret Bayly M8 Watchorn Horace Albert M1
Albury George M6 Downie Jane Anne M28 M Swan Mary Gladys M8 Watchorn John M8
Albury Margarette J M6 E McCreary Gladys Doreen M11 T Watchorn Joyce M8
B Evans Emily Mary M15 McCreary James M11 Tinning Ethel Lilian M22A Watchorn Louis Alfred M19
Baily Ethel M26 Evans Jack M15 McCreary Lillian Sarah M11 Tregear Edward Charles M9 Watchorn Maria Isabel M1
Baily Frederick Garth M26 Evans John William M15 O Tregear Florence Emily M9 Watchorn Mary M8
Baily Frederick John M29 F Oldham Amelia Dorcas M1 Tregear Ida Elizabeth M9 Watchorn Mary Margaret M8
Bowman Jean Martyn M5 Farmilo Daniel M14 Oldham Charles Edward M21A Tregear William David M9 Watchorn Millicent L M8
Bowman John M5 Farmilo Elizabeth M14 Oldham Lizzie M21A Turner Amy S L M20 Watchorn Phil M8
C Farmilo Fredericka E B M14 Oldham Nat M21A Turner John George M20 Watchorn Rupert Westbrook M8
Cane Fanny Amelia Florence M12 Farmilo Gladys M14 P W Watchorn William John M8
Cane Miriam Georgina M12 Farmilo Philip George M14 Pearce Edward Hurst M17 Watchorn Ada A M8 Watkins Alfred M27
Cane William Alfred M10 Fletcher Margaret M25 Pearce Emmeline M17 Watchorn Alice E H M1 Watkins Harriet Ellen M 27
Clemons Mary Joan M8 G Priest Lillian M16 Watchorn Arthur Denison M8 Watson Alice M21
Collins Sarah M1 Gee 1 M3 R Watchorn Arthur Stanley M8 Watson Charles Chapman M21
Collins Wiliam M1 Gee 2 M3 Rabbitts Edward M Watchorn Dorcas Ann M8 Watson Margaret M21
Conolan Charles M18 Gee M3   Watchorn Dorothy Matcham M8 Widdcombe Evelyn H M22A
Conolan Jessie Louisa M18     Watchorn Eliza Jane M8 Woolford Laura Grace M30



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