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Independents N

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A F L R T Cont
Addison Edith Sylvia N7 Fisher Ellen Victoria N13 Lawrie Alice N76 Rice Elizabeth N7 Tinning H B N47X
Ash Frances Ellen N5A Fisher Lillias Florence N13 Logan Robert N39 Rice Richard N7 Tinning Mabel N3
B Ford Edwin Giles N5A Luttrell Constance Mary N21 Ripper Betty P N82 Tinning Martha N3
Bush Annie N36 Ford Florence Maud N5A Luttrell Edward Hungerford N17 Ripper Frederick H N82 Tinson Eliza Helah N33
Bush Maria N36 Ford Jane 1 N5A Luttrell Frances John N19 Ripper Inez P N82 Tinson Eliza N33
Butler Alfred A N Ford Jane N5A Luttrell Hannah Georgina N17 Robertson Marion Isabel N W
Butler Caroline N7 G Luttrell Laura Maud N19 Robertson Mary Ella N83 Walker Elsie Brenda N84
Butterworth Emma N118A Gardiner Sarah Ann N Luttrell Robert Edward N21 Robertson William Erin N83 Ware Ann N123
Butterworth Joseph N118A Gentry Amy N14 Luttrell Sarah Ann N19 Rollings Herbert N1A Ware Jeremiah N123
C Gentry N14 Luttrell Tasman E N19 Rollings Ida Mary N1A Ware Mary N123
Chadwick Jane N1A Gibson Emily May N17 Luttrell Tasman Edman N19 S Watkins Amelia Wilhelmina 1 N1X
Chadwick Peter N1A Gibson Frank N28 Luttrell William Leslie N19 Sadler Richard James N11 Watkins Amelia Wilhelmina N1X
Chapman Emily N4 Gibson Henry N17 M Semple Mary N53 Watkins Benjamin John N1X
Chapman Isaac Eynon N4 Gibson Ivy N28 Marriott Elizabeth Mary N41 Smith Alice May N30 Watkins Ethel May N1X
Congegational Union Removals 2 N14A (Huon) Gibson Jane N28 Marriott Harriett N41 Smith Arthur Alfred N30 Watkins George N6
Congegational Union Removals 3 N14A (Huon) Gibson Leslie N28 Marriott Henry N41 Smith Dorothy Ismay N11A Watkins Jane Margaret N6
Congregational Union Removals N14A (Huon) Gibson N28 Marriott William 1 N41 Smith Grace N68 Watkins Jane
Congregational Union Removals 1N14A (Huon) Gibson Thomas N28 Martin N35 Smith Henry 1 N30 Weild David N47
Congregational Union Removals 4 N14A (Huon) Gibson William Stephen N28 McMurchie James 1 N35 Smith Henry N29X Weild Elinor N47
Congregational Union Removals N14A (Huon) Gladwin Mary N2 McMurchie James N35 Smith Leslie Joseph N11A Wild J N69
D Goddard Marjorie Isobel N56 McMurchie John James N35 Smith Lucy N30 Withrington Edward N34
Dawes Elizabeth Emily Stileman N13A Green Jane N24 McSweeney Eliza N37 Smith Martha Ann N65 Withrington John Charles N34
Dawes Susannah Augusta N13A Green William Patrick N24 Miller Anna Henrietta N13A Smith Mary N29X Withrington Margaret Ann N34
Dawson Jane Clara N26 Griffiths Henry N3A Miller Elizabeth N13A Smith Rosa Matilda N29 Withrington Margaret N34
Dawson Wiiliam N22 H Miller Frederick N13A Smith Stephen Arthur N30 Woolley Edith Isabelle N
D'Emden Emma N2A Harcourt James N18 Miller John George N13A Smith Sydney Herbert N68 Woolley Mary Ann N32
D'Emden Henri James N2A Harcourt Lucy Ellen 1 N18 N Smith William Perkin N65 Wright Charles N76
D'Emden Sophia Mary N25 Harcourt Lucy Ellen N18 Nicolson Ellen Sarah N125 Spencer Mary Elizabeth N20  
Dossetor Doris Isabel N15 Hook James N12 Nicolson John N125 Spencer Thomas N20  
Dossetor Winnifred Patience N15 Hook Jane Agnew N12 O Spong Frederick Nash N18  
E Hook Sarah Elizabeth N12 Oates Albert Charles N7 Spong Jeannette N18  
Edginton Alan Charles N23 I P Stirling George N76  
Edginton Lewis N23 Ibbotson Ida Marian N5A Parker Florence N7 Stirling Jeannie N76  
Edginton Norman Green N23 J Paterson Frederick J N50 T  
Edginton Thomas N23 Jackson G E N27 Paterson John N N8 Taylor Andrew Sharpe N6  
Edginton William Patrick N23 Jackson Mary Ann N27 Paterson Martha N50 Taylor Sarah N6  
Evans Hettie Marie N71 Johnson Edith Ellen N5 Paterson Mary Anne N8 Tinning Annie Martha N3  
Evans Mabel Ann N71 Johnson Elizabeth Jane N5 Paterson Mary J N8 Tinning David B N3  
  Johnson Joseph Henry N5 Paterson Rose N42 Tinning Elizabeth N62  
  Johnson Joseph N5 Paterson William Charles N43 Tinning Emilie Judd N3  
  Johnston Catherine Gertrude N38 Pierce Emma Learmont N36 Tinning Ernest Tasman N62  
  Johnston Isabel N38 Pierce Henry N36    
  Johnston Maria N38 Purvis Miriam N56    
  Johnston Samuel Henry N38 Purvis William N56    
  Judd Morris Stanley N22      



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