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Independents O

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A D H Cont M Cont S Cont
Abbott Alfred O69 Dakin Bernice Winifred O51A Hayward Henry O21 Mason Alice Jane O100 Seabrook Harriett Emma O7
Abbott Emma O69 Davies John Thomas O57A Heathorn Isabella O20 Mason Mary Jane O44 Seabrook Margaret O8
Aldred Hilda O62 Davies Louisa Rebecca O57A Heathorn John 1 O19 Mason William O100 Seabrook Waldo Walter O7
Aldred Sarah O62 Dawson Mabel Beatrice O104 Heathorn John O19 Masters Anne Auchterlonie O51 Sharp George William O15
Aldred William O62 Dawson Mary Ann O96 Heathorn Louisa O19 Masters Herbert O51 Sharp Marianne O15
Argee Allet Letitia O13 Dawson Robert O104 Heathorn Thomas O20 Masterton Jessie Coralie O42 Sharp Richard Ralph O15
Argee Joseph William O13 Dawson Thomas O96 Henningham Elizabeth Hannah O1 Mayne Douglas Arthur Henery O61 Sharpe Thomas O25
B Dean Edward O101 Henningham Frederick John O1 McDonald Alice Dollie O46 Sheppard Angus Marsh O56A
Bailey Gustavus O20 Dear Mr & Mrs O87 Henwood Emma Jane O71A McDonald Matilda O103 Sherwin Elizabeth O3
Bailey Pearl Winifred O20 Dear Amy Eva O87 Hickman Eleanor C O17 McDonald Richard O103 Sherwin George Green O3
Baker Margaret Ruth O15 Dear Ann O87 Hickman Sarah O17 McInerney William John O10 Shoobridge Amy O23
Bearman Charles Noah O59 Dear James O87 Hinings George William O33A McLeod Elizabeth O32 Shoobridge Esther Kentish O23
Bearman Mary Jane O59 Dear Richard Edward O87 Hinings Mary Ann O33A Miller Anna Henrietta O108 Shoobridge Fanny Muriel O23
Bearman Willey O59 Denny Elizabeth Mary O57X Hinsby Lucy S O123 Miller Katie Westmoreland O75 Shoobridge Louis Manton O23
Benjafield 1 O86 Dollery Edith Mary O36 Hinsby Mary O123 Moore Frederick O64 Shoobridge Rupert Oakley O23
Benjafield Amelia O86 Dollery Edwin Maxwell O36 Hollis Alexander O37 Moore Jane O64 Simmons Charles Stephen O85
Benjafield Harry O86 Dollery Elias Mark O36 Hollis Joseph O37 Morey Arthur O52 Simmons J W O16
Benjafield Ray O86 Dollery Emma Anne O36 Hollis Joseph William O37 Morey Charles O49 Simmons Jane O16
Bennison Eric Mervyn O22 Dollery Eveline O36 Hollis William Joseph O37 Morey Eliza Susannah O52 Simmons Jane Sophia O16
Bennison Henry O22 Dollery Norma Agnes O36 Hore Annie Boyle O63 Morey Emma Maria O49 Simmons Lavinia Grace O16
Bilton Laura Elizabeth O57X Duff Fergus O37A Hore Edward Coode O63 Morgan Emma Alice O120 Sims Hedley Arthur O57A
Bishop Emma Rose O33 Duff Janet MacFarlane O37A Horn Edward O61 Morgan Josiah Albert O120 Sims Ida Amelia O57A
Bishop Nellie O33 Duff John O47 Horn Hannah O61 Morton Cecil George O82A Smith Alive Beatrice O118
Bishop Thomas O33 Duff Margaret Houston O37A Howard Alfred Charles O9 Morton Clara Ethel O82A Smith Charles George O73
Blundstone Barl Doris L O60 Duff Owen John O47 Howard Allet Letitia O9 N Smith Frank O118
Bradford Elizabeth Lily O93 Duff Robert O37A Howard Annie Elizabeth O9 Nation Doris O107A Smith George J F O73
Brannan Daniel O2 Duff Wee Rab O37A Howard Arthur Samuel O9 Nation George O113 Smith Grace Thelma O No 118
Brannan James A O2 E Howard Hannah O9 Nation Mary Matilda O113 Smith Letitia O118
Brannan Margaret O2 Eastman Jane O1 Howard Henry John O9 New William Bellette O65 Smith Martha J O73
Brannan Nellie O2 Elliott Amy Marion O12 Hughes John Henry O72 Nicholson Eliza Jean O56 Smith William Ernest O118
Brennan Agnes Hollis O37 Elliott Eliza O11 Hughes Marian Ada O72 Nicholson Eliza Ulan O56 Soares Augusto Mangel O34
Brennan John Henry O37 Elliott Helenor May O12 Hurle Robert H O73 Nicholson Fred Geeves 1 O56 Soule Charles May O103A
Briggs Arthur Joseph O111 Elliott John O11 J Nicholson Fred Geeves O56 Stephens Elvie C O121
Briggs Edith Jessie O111 Elliott Mary Annie O11 Jackson Eliza O33 Nicholson Frederick William O56 Stephens Florence Amelia O121
Burrows William Henry O88 Elliott Robert O12 Jackson Elizabeth O33 Nicholson Martha Geeves O56 Stephens Henry Adshead O121
Burton Frances Amelia O66 Elliott Sarah Eliza O11 Jackson Joseph James O33 P Stephens Maida F O121
Burton George Henry O66 Elliott Sophia O12 Jacobson Annie O112 Page Annie Gertrude O28 Stubbs Thomas Victor O116
Butterfield Arthur Robert O14 Elliott Susannah O11 Jacobson George James O112 Page Freida Margaret O28 T
Butterfield Mary A O14 Evans Edgae Ernest Edwin O57 James Ferdinand O20 Page James O28 Tilyard Frederick O56B
C Evans Herbert Arthur O57 James Rose Adelaide O20 Page Lillian H O28 Tilyard Jane Frances O56B
Cane Annie Elizabeth O74 Evans John O57 Jamieson Walter George O18 Paton Cloris O104A Tyler Edmund O109
Cane Charlotte Elizabeth O82 Evans Thomas O57 Johnston Hugh O28 Paton Helena O104A Tyler Elizabeth O109
Cane Florance Susannah O74 F Jolly Mary Ann O26 Paton William Urquhart O104A V
Cane Henry O74 Felegrite Fannie O20 Jones Edgar Randel O84 Paul Nicholas C O98 Vautin Henry O45
Cane Lawrence Gatehouse O82 Fisher Amy O102 Jones Emily Mabel O84 Paul William O98 Vautin Jane Anne Elizabeth O45
Cane Martha Frances O82 Fisher Elizabeth O40 Jones Louisa O84 Pease E May O110A W
Cane Theophilus James O82 Fisher Ellen O92 K Pease Mary Elinor O110A Walch Aida O20
Cane Theophilus O82 Fisher Emily O77 Kennedy Amelia Jane O4 Pedder Walter Edwin O50 Walch William Henry O20
Capburn Susan O35 Fisher Marjorie O70 Kennedy Dorothy Evelyn O4 Pedder Walter Yeulett O50 Walker Ida Mary O99
Capburn Thomas O35 Fisher William Gentry O92 Kingston Henry Clyde O94 Proctor Amy Constance O80 Walker William O99
Cheshire Lucy Jessie O No Fisher William Henry O40 L Proctor Ellen O80 Wallace Alice May O70
Cleary Caroline E O90 Free Frederick William O65 Lake Florence Margaret O75 Proctor Elsie Llyod O80 Wallace Florence Amy O70
Cleary William O90 Free Samuel Bellette O65 Lake Lawrence Carey O75 Proctor Lily Blanche O80 Wallace John O70
Cleary Wynnfred H O90 Fyfe Frances C O48 Lake Sydney Moor O75 Proctor Thomas O80 Wallace Laura O70
Clewer Elizabeth Harriett O53 Fyfe James O48 Lake William O75 Q Walters James Douglas O46
Cocks Kathleen O37 G Lane Alice Lucy O52B Quinn Emily Agnis O30 Walters John Samuel O54
Coleman Elizabeth Ann O29 Galloway Mary Lily O41 Lane George Edward O52B R Watt George James O114
Coleman George O29 Glass O106A Lane Henry John O52B Rainbow Julia O30 Watt Mary May O114
Coleman Thomas Roskell O57X Glock Eliza O106 Lane John Evans O52A Rainbow Mary Ann O30 Webster John O30
Collier J J O15X Glock Michael O106 Lane Sarah Ann O52A Read Edward C O39 Webster Sara O30
Collis Walter O110 Golding George Oldmeadow O23 Lane Thomas O52B Read Elvie O39 Wilson Elizabeth O93
Condon Alfred 1 O31 Graham Sarah O9 Lindsay Ina O9 Reid Peter Laurie O58 Winch Annie Maria Grubb O5
Condon Alfred O31 Graham William O9 Lindsay Samuel O9 Reid Sarah Caroline O58 Winch Annie Maria O5
Condon Alice Maude O31 Grubb Henry C O5 Livingston Emily Maria O91 Ricards Julianna Mary O38 Wookey Archibald W L O5
Condon Anne O31 Grubb Jane O107a Livingston Irene O91 Ricards Robert O38 Wookey Ida E G O5
Condon Ellen O31 H Livingston James O91 Roberts Arnold Chester O39 Wookey Violet E A O5
Cracknell Florrie O113 Harper John O68 Lucas Charlotte O126 Roberts Esmay Myra O39 Wookey William L O5
Cramp Henrietta Jane O90 Harper Sarah O88 Lumsden Sarah Elizabeth O83 S Woolley Henry Collins O107
Cramp William Thomas O90 Hawkins Eliza Caroline O77 M Sargeant Daniel 1 O24 Woolley Isabel O107
Crouch George Stanton O43 Hawkins Fanny Ida O83 Macbeth Elizabeth O10 Sargeant Daniel O27 Woolley Sarah Ann O107
Crouch J S S O43 Hawkins Henry O83 Macbeth John O10 Sargeant Emily O24 Woolley William Jane O107
Crouch Stanton O43 Hawkins Leonard O83 MacDougall James O37 A Sargeant Hannah O27 Woolley William O107
  Hayes Emma O25 MacDougall Janet O37A Sargeant Sarah O27 Wright Laurene Estelle O90
  Hayes John O25 Mainwaring Lou O60 Seabrook Dorothy Merle O7 Wright Robert O90
  Hayes Margaret Ellen O115 Mainwaring Samuel O60 Seabrook Edward Allen O7 Y
  Hayes Richard O115 Martin Elizabeth L O5 Seabrook Eric Charles O7 Young Fanny O34
    Masingberd Frances O20 Seabrook George Smith O8 Young Thomas G O34



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