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Independents P

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

A C Cont H Cont M Cont S
Adcock Ina P B P84 Crabtree John P91 Hill Hilda May P17 McPherson C D J P5A Saulter Alice Maud P75
Adcock James P84 Crabtree Martha P91 Hodgman Cyrus Lade P4 Mcpherson Zillah May P5A Saunders Charles Herbert P114
Allen Catherine P1 Crisp Laura Mary P29A Hodgman Fanny P85 Mitchelmore Mary Ann P90 Scott Alfred Henry P107
Allen Ethel Florence P144 Crisp Reginald Jack P29A Hodgman Ida May P4 Mitchelmore Percy Thomas P90 Scott Elizabeth P107
Allen Sarah Ann P46 Crowhurst Agnes Isabella P8 Hornsby Ellen Ada Sutton P95 Mitchelmore William Solomon P90 Seabrook Alfred Charles P133
Allen Solomon P46 Crowhurst Augustus P8 Hosking Marjorie Mona P23 Moorhouse Florenc E F P42 Seabrook Eliza P80
Allen William Gordon P144 Crowhurst Charlotte Georgina P8 Hovington Eliza Amelia P146 Munting Henry David P143 Seabrook Thomas Alexander P80
Armstrong William Henry P95 Crowhurst Robert George8 Hovington Richard Henry P146 N Sharpe W H P120
Aspinall Florence P132 D Hurd Nancy Eunice P52 Neal Lindsay Edward P34 Shimmins John G P25
B Dell William P2X Hurd Samuel Charles P52 Neal Minnie P34 Short Emily Pearl P9
Bacon Jane Louisa P57 Ditcham Cecelia Frances P71 I Newport Olive Louise P121 Short James P9
Bacon Samuel P57 Ditcham Samuel P71 Ikin Emily Jane P96 Newport William P121 Short Matilda P9
Bailey Edie Florence P33 Double Mary P79 Ikin Mary P96 Nicholas Douglas Leslie P73 Siely Charles P103
Baillie Doreen May P28 Double William John P79 Ikin Vera Pickering P118 Nicholas Jean P61 Siely Gladys Amy P103
Batchelor Helen P41 Dulch Nellie P33 Ikin William Henry P96 Nicholas Louisa P61 Smith Charles H P31
Bell Mabel P13 Dunkerley Marie P14A Ikin William P96 Nicholas Thomas P61 Smith Eliza Jean P26
Blackburn Louisa P87 Dunkerley William P14A Ikin William Reginald P96 Nicholas Thomas Vernon P61 Smith Henry Hilton P78
Blackburn Walter James P87 Duthoit Catherine P54 Ilin Alex Jas P96 Nicholas Winifred Irene P73 Smith Howard Erskine P26
Bloomfield Elizabeth Mary P125A Duthoit Everard P54 J Nisbet Ada Barchly P68 Smith Samuel P78
Booth George P12 E Jack Pearl Kate P85A Norris Albert James P100 Starkie Ada P22
Booth Keith A P12 Eaves Eric P16 Jackson Edwin George P40 Norris Edna Eunice P100 Starkie James P22
Booth Mary P12 Eaves Mary Jane P16 Jeffrey Corrie P43 O T
Boss-Walker Florence Maud P150 Eldridge William Walters P59 Jensen James P93 O'Brien James Frederick Charles P132 Taylor Edith Rebecca Madeline P28A
Boss-Walker Fowler P61 Ellston Edward Charles P101 Jensen Mary Ann Susan P93 O'Brien Telfer Jane P132 Taylor Elizabeth Ann P88
Boss-Walker Godfrey Thomas P61 Ellston Henry Richard P101 Jolley George Walington P106 O'Connell Alma Ellen P134 Taylor William James P28A
Boss-Walker Helen Margaret P61 F Joseph Emily Elizabeth P32 Okines Brenda Frances P7 Thompson Reginald D P64
Boss-Walker Henry Beevor P61 Fisher Clarice Elizabeth P31 Joseph George Albert P32 Okines Joyce Allingham P7 Townley Harold Joseph P102
Boss-Walker Ian Ralph P61 Fisher Deward Valentine P82 K Okines Margaret P7 Townley Lillian Florence P102
Boss-Walker Rebecca Margaret P150 Fisher Eliza P82 Kirkby John P37 Okines Thomas Arthur P7 U
Boss-Walker Roger Eric P61 Fisher Henrietta P31 Kirkby Mary Ann P37 P Underwood Jesse P86
Boss-Walker Thomas P150 Fisher Samuel Richard P31 Knight Dorothy Janne P128 Patterson Orlando Joseph P53 Underwood Lila P86
Bowden Emily S C P67 Foster A C P132 Koerbin Josephine Ann P2 Patterson Roy Herbert P53 V
Bowden Frederick James P36 Foster George P132 Koerbin Otto P2 Payne Harry Charles P60 Viney George H P P72
Bowden Thomas P67 Foster Gertrude Azalea P132 Kruse John Henry P98 Pearce Ethel P122 W
Brame Dorothy Dora P44 Foster Isabella P132 L Pearce George Boon Osertus P122 Walker Ellen Amy P3
Brame Victor William P44 Fyfe Alex John P21 Lamph Jessie Hannah P89 Pearce John H P122 Walker Joseph Charles P3
Brewer Frances Welling P66 Fyfe John P21 Lamph Robert David P89 Pearsall Arthur P105 Walters Sarah Jane P3
Brewer Gregory P66 Fyfe Laura P21 Latham Edith Sarah Harvey P39 Poke Daisy N P3 Watkins Evelyn Louisa P94
Burn Louisa Jane P76 G Latham Frederick George Harvey P39 Poke Harold N P3 Watt Thomas Hamilton P63
Burn Sarah Emily P76 Genders Helen Georgina P129 Latham Harry P5 Pregnall George J P27 Weavers Mabel Lottie P65
Burnett Ila Woodrow P20 Genders Kathleen Shirley P129 Laughlin Edwin James P35 Pregnall Laura H P27 Weavers Sarah Lydia P65
Button Thomas Chilton P115 Gibson Hannah P45 Laughlin James P49 R Weavers Thomas Edgar P65
C Gibson Henry William P45 Laughlin Julia Mary P35 Rennie Matilda J P99 Williams Frances Mary P56
Cadger Alexander P125 Glover Clive Edgar P28 Laughlin Louisa P49 Rennie Robert P99 Williams Harry P104
Cadger Louisa Maud P125 Golder Charles P48 Laughlin Susan Eliza P35 Richards Martha L P20 Williams Mary Ann P104
Catley Florence Lydia P75 Golder Sarah P48 Laughlin William Edwin P35 Richardson James P1 Willrath Amy Charlotte P51
Chamberlain J H P83 Green Hyacinth P13 Lawson Milbra Myra P25 Roberts Frederick Gumley P124 Willrath Carl Ludwig P51
Chamberlain Mary Ethel P83 Greenland Ernest P24 Lucas George P30 Roberts Ruev Minette P124 Wilson Edwin P112
Chandler Rita Mary P25 Greenland Jessey P24 Lumsden Ethel May P80 Roney Charles William P145 Wilson Marjory P112
Chandler Ronald Harold P25 H M Roney Desmond Charles P145 Wise Linda P131
Clements Fanny Grace P69 Hales William P58 Males Annie P43 Roney Geoffrey Peter P145 Woolley Eliza P109
Clements Frank Ernest P69 Hargrave Helen P108 Males Maxwell Elma P43 Roney Graham Paul P145 Woolley P109
Conlan Annie Elizabeth P134 Hargrave John P108 Males William P43 Roney Leila Sarah P145 Woolley William P109
Cooke Herbert P55 Hawkins Annie Frances P6 Manser Doris Emily P42 Rose John William P73 Y
Cooke Sarah Madeline P55 Hawkins Minnie May P6 Mason William Nicholas P3X Rose Margaret P73 Young Grace Isabel P132
  Hawkins Reginald Harry P6 Mayne Arthur Sinclair P15 Rowe Dorothy Jean P57 Young Lorna Doris P9
  Headlam Ruby Edith P7 Mayne Jessie P15 Rowlands Alma P111  
    McCrea Audrey Joan P35 Rowlands Laurence P111  
    McCrea Mark Andrew P35 Rowlands William John P111  



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