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Independents PK

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.


A F K M Cont S
Allen Charles PK1 Fazackerley Martha Mabel PK42 Kirk Elsie Grace PK35 Muir Dawn Myee Dutton PK20 Schwan Alice Maud PK30
Allen Clara PK1 Filbee Andrew H PK12 Kirk Roy William PK35 Muir Melville Archie Dutton PK20 Smith Frances Eliza PK21
Anderson Agnes PK43 Filbee Florence Isabel PK12 Klink Hilma Maria PK54 Muir Myee Blanche PK20 Smith James Alexander Dingwall PK10
Andrew Jessie Louise PK17 Filbee Keith Watkins PK12 L Mulvaney Caroline PK46 Smith Lavinia Rose PK56
Andrew Marian Elizabeth PK17 Fisher John Frederick PK52 Leaman David Henry PK39 Mulvaney PK46 Smith Thomas Camm PK56
Andrews John PK17 Fisher Maud Mary PK52 Leaman Henry David PK39 O Street Sydney PK40
Andrews Prudence Rebecca PK17 G Leaman Jeanie PK39 Osbond Amy Francis PK No T
Armstrong Charles Percival PK37 Goddard Eva Marion PK34 Levett Albert Ernest PK17 Osbond Robet Aaron PK No Tomlinson Sydney Selwyn PK9
B Goscomb Annie A PK47 Levett Mercy PK17 P Tomlinson Sydney William Charles PK9
Belcher Charles PK28 Goscomb Clarence Roy PK48 Lockley Clara Constance PK38 Pearce Edward PK4 Trenham Constance L J PK36
Belcher Lydia A PK28 Goscomb Samuel Clyde PK47 M Pearce Mabel Alice PK4 Trenham Sidney Herbert PK36
Boss-Walker Eric Rodham PK61 Goscomb Samuel PK48 Mapley Clarice Jane PK14 Pease Harry Wrav PK22 W
Brown Monnie Belgina Anzac PK45 Green Isabel Spurr PK14 Mapley Douglas Nicholas PK14 Pemberton Annie PK27 Walker Elizabeth Blanche PK29
Burrell Frank PK8 H Mapley Elizabeth Jane PK14 Pemberton Richard George Max PK27 Walker Wellington George PK29
C Hanson Martha Elizabeth PK7 Mapley Richard PK14 Pemberton Richard PK27 Weymouth Hedley PK23
Cordner Henry PK 41 Hudson Albert Sexton PK58 Mapley Richard Vivian PK14 R Weymouth Percy Henry PK2
Cordner Ivy PK40 Hudson Annie Elizabeth PK58 May B S PK60 Richards Alfred PK49 Weymouth Ruth PK2
Coutts Harold Charles PK18 J McCall William J PK57 Richards Annie Rosina PK49 Williams Alice Maud PK6
Cummings George E PK15 Jackson Jean Eileen PK16 Millar William John PK11 Richardson Frederick Arthur PK26 Wise John PK19
Cummings Grace Mary PK15 James Edward Charles PK33 Millhouse Ellen Louisa PK No Richardson Vera PK26 Wise Martha Phillipia PK19
D James Elizabeth Sophia PK33 Monaghan Christopher Stephen PK24 Ring Caroline Phoebe PK31 Woolley Myee Olive PK53
Davies Mildred May PK44 Jeffreys George W PK32 Monaghan Hannah PK24 Ring John James   PK31  
Debham Miriam Joyce PK13 Jeffreys May Maud PK32 Monaghan Marguerite PK24 Rodman Vera Frances PK30  
E     Rose Alice PK37  
Enslow Ethel May PK50     Rose Victor Albert PK37  


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