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Section  A Wesley

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Ah Hem Edwards Alfred Killingback Evelyn Percey Lewis Alfred David Waddle John
Allen Edward Granville Edwards Thomas John   Pharoah Henry W C Walker Charles William
Allen Mary Jane Elliott Amos Hobart L Pharoah Lucy Jane Warne William J
Arnold Andrew Claude Elliott Louisa Madge Langley Edith Pharoah Mark Andrew Watson Annie
Arnold George Enslow Claude E Langley Ernest William Pharoah Rodney John Watson Henry
Aston Charles Henry Enslow Norma Vera   Pharoah Russell John Watson James Alfred
Aston Joseph Enslow Ruby Harriett M Plaxton Stanley George Watson Rosina Meredith
Aston Margaret Ann   Mason Charles Henry Pocock Gertrude Lilian Weare Baby
  F Mason E M Pocock Henry Weidenhofer Jessie May
B Fleming Mary Ann Mason Helen Pocock Katie Catherine Annie Weidenhofer John William
Bath Edward Fook Lim Mason Mabel Preston Herbert Mason Weidenhofer Walter Wallace
Beevor Herbert Foskett John F Mason May   Wilson George Robert
Bodd Onn Charlie Fox Elliott Mason S M R Witcombe Harry
Boyes Adelaide Fox Henry McKenzie Elizabeth Read Percival Charles Witcombe Roy
Boyes William Fremlin Albert Mears Olive Maud Reason Stanley Witcombe William
Brimfield Emily Suzanne Fremlin Annie Mercer George L Reason Vera May Wood Alfred Stephen
Brimfield Joseph   Mercer James H Robertson Bridget Theresa Wood Miriam Lavinia
Brockelbank Ada Harriet G Merkley Charles Grant Robertson Ruby Ella Wyatt May
Brockelbank John Henery Gillam Frances Elizabeth Midson Eli Robertson William John  
  Gillam James Thomas Midson Margaret Russell Charles Y
C Glock Grace Millhouse Gerald Heath Russell Ellen Mary Brenda Young Anita
Charlton Ellen   Millhouse Jean Pauline   Young Emily Sarah
Chiffey George Walter H Millhouse May Phyllis S Young John
Chiffey Harry Harris Leonard Charles Thomas Mills Charlotte Shaw Blanche  
Chiffey Mima Harris Olga Rachel Mills Harry Richard Smith Chester Stanley  
Chiffey Monica Louise Harvey Eileen Kathleen Modridge Joseph Montague Stamford Adelaide Lucy  
Chiffey Walter R Hinsby Henrietta Murdoch Alexander Stanton Ellen  
Cleeland Joy Hornsby Edna May   Stanton Mary  
Cocker Leslie Montagu Hornsby Frederick Henry N Storey Olive Salier  
Coward Henry J Hutton Bertha Neville George Street Charles Ernest  
Coward Mary E Hutton Morris George Neville Lucy Street Lydia  
  Hutton Phyllis Pearl   Street Lydia 2  
D Hutton William O Street Richard  
Daly Catherine Jane   O'Brien Henry Joseph Street Samuel  
De Jersey Amelia I   Summers Arthur Alfred  
De Jersey Walter Henry Irving Annie P    
Dean Louisa Mary Irving John Paton Mary Ellen T  
Diprose Henry   Percey Alfred Arthur Thallan Edith Malinda  
Dixon George Norman J Percey Brenda Thallen Sydney Edward  
Dobson Joseph Jones Frederick Percey Gwendolin Molly Tuckwell Harold  
Drake Annie Irwin Jones William David   Tuscan Arthur Charles  
Drake Mabel Ellen Judge Josephine   Tuscan William James  
Drake Samuel Michael        
Duggan William        
Dyer George        

Unmarked graves

BYGRAVE On 30th August 1919, at Hobart, Mary Jane, the dearly beloved wife of  George Bygrave, of 177 Goulburn-street, aged 52 years.

Funeral will move from the above address on Monday Morning (This Day) at 11.30 o'clock, for Cornelian Bay Cemetery.

Cornelian Bay Cem, Tas... Wesley A 188





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