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Section B UMET

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Abbott Florence Alberta Martin Foley Eleanor M Lane Bertram George Rainbow Lila Tatnell Sarah Newitt
Abbott Samuel Foley Michael J Lane Lillian Grace Reid Eva Mary Tatnell William
Abraham Albert Forster Annie Catherine Large Rosa Ellen Reynolds Henry Tennant Minty Elizabeth
Abraham Mary F Forster Thomas Walter Lewis Florence Roberts Henry Percy Tennant William Francis
Arnett Ann Selina Fyfe Phebe Ethel   Roberts Louisa Caroline Thomas Fred
Arnett George E Fyfe Phoebe E M Rogers Annie Thomas John
Ashlin Edith Larraine Fyfe Robert Lance Manson Daisy Jean Rogers Charles Henry Thomas Maude
Ashlin William Gordon   Manson Ronald Rogers Richard Tomlinson Elsie Myra
Avery Darrel G Manton Herbert Blandy Round Annie Tomlinson Ivy May
Avery Ralph Maxwell Gallop Catherine Marshall Colin George Round Isaiah Trowbridge John Talbot
  Gallop George Harry Charles Marshall Kent Robert Rowbottom Charles Trowbridge Rose Harriett
B Gay Hugh Mason Emma Millicent Rowbottom May  
Badcock Benjamin A Gay Matilda McDougall Beatrice Effie Rowbottom Walter Henry W
Badcock Elizabeth Gay Ralph McDougall Campbell Rowe Catherine Ward George William
Ballard Mary Jane Green Amy Isabel McDougall Ellen Elizabeth Rowe Frederick Ward Sarah
Barnett Amelia Rebecca Green Margaret McDougall Frederick John Rowe George West Max
Bedgood Mary Grubb William Coleman McDougall John Rowe Henry Whittles Fanny
Beek Kathleen Caroline Gunn Lenna Joan McKinlay Margaret Rowe John Whittles William
Bird Charles Nathaniel   McKinlay William Rowe Monument Wilkins Albert Charles
Bradshaw Florence May H Midson Frederick Thomas   Wilkins Sarah
Burton Jessie L Hall Zenda Fay Midson Joan S Williams Edgar Hadley
Burton Thomas Hallam Henrietta Midson Vera Margaret Scarr Effie Vida Williams Margaret Lesley
  Hallam John Alfred Mucklow Robert Scarr James Herbert Vaux Williamson Mary Ann
C Hay Charles Musk Richard David Shaw Frank Robert Willoughby Edith Emily
Chapman Maria Manton Hay Elizabeth Musk Sarah Emma Shaw Jennie Shaw Willoughby Samuel James
Cloak Esther Mary Hinchs Unknown   Sheppard Charlotte Woolley Albert Charles
Cloak Nita Roberta Hunt Beatrice N Sheppard John Woolley Basil
Cloak William Francis   Nevin Alma Niers Smith Blanche Amy Woolley Basil Charles
Creed Charles Elias J Nevin Hugh Smith Charles Edgar Woolley Jennie
  Jackson Amy Contencin Nevin Phoebe Stuttard Elsie Louisa Woolley Raymond
D Jackson George Peter   Stuttard Emily Wright Mary Ann
Davidson Agnes Sloan Spence Johnston Ethel O Stuttard Henry Percy Wright Robert
Davidson Alexander Davidson Jones James Oxley Thomas   Wright Stanley
Davidson Edith Jones Mary Matilda      
Davidson Janet Lindsay   P    
Dennison Corrie Louisa K Park Josiah    
Donald Aubrey Killworth Henry William Parker Edie Beatrice Margaret    
  King Pamela Parker Robert    
E Kurth Cesarine E Parsons Lucy L    
Eyles John Wesley Kurth Edna May Partridge Arthur Henry    
Eyles Mary Alice Kurth Frederick Ernest Partridge Lillian Louisa    
  Kurth Leslie Arnold Pipkin Henrietta Louisa    
    Prior Tom Glenthorne    





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