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Section C Methodist

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Allen Elsie Louise Eaves Sarah Ann Ikin David Ballantyne Page James Lowrie Watson Edith Eliza
Allen Lindsay Arnold Eaves William Devey Ikin Eunice Elizabeth Page Mary Ann Elizabeth Watson Harold William-Rye
Atkins Lucy Isabel Eaves William Henry Cairns Ikin Kathleen Marie Petersen Anne Christina Watson Jane Beall
  Ellis Margaret   Petersen Jens Watson Phillip
B Ellis Wilham Shiels J Plane Edward Rye Watson Ralph
Bennett Sarah Evans Evan Jardine Louisa Plane Georgianna Weare Emma Courtney
Bennett William H Evans James Jardine Thomas F Plane Hannah Weare Ruby May Lorin
Bentley Sarah Eyles Samuel Edward Johnston Elizabeth Ann Plane Mortimer Weeding Christina Robina
Betts Annie L   Johnston Thomas William Purton Albert Ernest Weeding Emily
Betts Archie F Jones Bertie Cecil Purton Gweneth Mildred Wesley John Charles
Betts Florence Ford Francis Edmund Jones Isabel Maria Purton Mildred Lydia White Emily Jane
Bird Arthur Ford Susan     White Florence Georgina
Bird Olive Louise Fulton Alexander K Q White Frank Charles
Bone Albert Hedley Fulton Fredrick Klug Florence A Quarrell Rosina White George
Bone Arthur Wilks Fulton Sarah Ann Klug Gustav Quarrell William James White Lavington J
Bone Blanch Olive   Knaggs Hannah   White Matilda
Broadby Adrian Clinton G Knaggs John Boys R White Rita Florence
Broadby Jessie Pauline Ginn Florence Eveline May Knaggs John Boys 2 Richardson E D White Robert Walter
Broadby Robert Charles Goldring Sarah Hannah Knaggs Sarah Helen Riley H H White Thomas Montague
Brooks Rita Joyce Goldring Thomas Kohl Eleanor Emma Riley Mary Jane Whiting Ada
Brown J W Gowland Ann Maria Kohl James Riley T H Whiting Frederick Charles
Burleigh Emma Laura Gowland Joseph Renwick Kohl Ruby Eva May Riley Thomas W Whiting George
Burleigh Winifred May Grattidge Frederick H Kohl Theresa Robert Roberts Whiting Gordon Victor
  Grattidge Sarah Jane     Whiting Ivy Ann
C Greenland Joseph C L S Whiting Sarah
Carrick Mary Jane Griffiths Elizabeth Linda Lisson Margaret Rose Sanders Harriett Emily Lucy Williams W H
Cato Samuel Joseph   Lisson William Thomas Saunders Sarah Ann Woods George William Richard
Collins Joyce H   Sayer Grace Woods James E. C Oliver
Cooley Elizabeth Jane Hall Charlotte Selina M Sayer Victor Albert  
Cooley Florence Mary Hall Irene Manson Alexander Semple Henry George Y
Cooley Harry Albert Hall William Manson Annie Semple Phillipa Jessie Young Charles Edward
Cooley Reginald Henry Hanigan S E E Manson Victor Alexander Sidwell Florence Mabel Young Milly Caroline
Creese Edith Hanson Ashley Marbetts William Sidwell William  
Creese Edward Hanson Ellie Gertrude Marr Lydia Grace Mary Sims Laura  
Cruickshank Delia Lyell Hanson Fredrick Marr Susan Smith Bertha  
Cruickshank Florence Edith Hanson Laurel Adeline Mathews Alice Smith Esther May  
Cruickshank Owen Donaldson Hanson Reginald McKay Elizabeth Smith Mark James  
Cruickshank Peter Hugh Hawkins Harry Holland McKay G Smithies Arthur  
  Hawkins James McKay Ina Smithies Wesley Witt  
D Hawkins Minnie Mcleod Mary Southwood William  
Dalgleish Eleanor Maud Hill Elma Jane Midson Cyril Suckling Clarence Leslie  
Dalgleish Elsie Hill George Miller Myrtle Rose Suckling Lillian May  
Dalgleish John Hooper Ethel Mary Mundy Rosetta    
Dalgleish Mary A Hooper J E Mundy Samuel T  
Dalgleish Tasman Frederick Hooper Jane   Tew Ernest William  
Dooley Christina Agnas McIntosh Hooper Leslie Verne N Tew Lucy  
Dooley Robert Ainsworth Hooper William James Naylor Ellen Ann Tilyard Amy Louisa  
Dudley Emmeline Elizabeth Tracey Hosan Kathleen Elima Naylor John Howard Tilyard Emma  
Dudley George Humphrey Mary Elizabeth Naylor Sarah Tilyard Henry Claude  
  Humphrey Thomas Alfred Nielsen Johanne Tilyard John  
    Norman Arthur Octavius Tilyard John 2  
    Norman Brighta Triffitt Isabella Ann  
      Triffitt William Charles  





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