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Section CC Methodist

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Anning Fay Cleary Elizabeth Hope Jackman Clifford Howard Neal Rosina Maud Shepperd Robert
Anning Harold Fay Cleary Gwendoline Jackman Daisy Marguerite Nicol Rose Simmons Dorothy Mavis
Anning Harold Ivan Clements Alfred Jackman Gwendoline   Snoxall George Ben
Anning Mabel May Clements Letitia Jane   P Spaulding Lillian M. V
Anning William Thomas Clements Myrtle May K Philpot James Spooner Elizabeth
Ashton Audrey Janet Crowe Hannah Elizabeth Kie Ah Pilling Sara Jane Spooner Thomas
Ashton Edmund Hugh Cunningham John   Pollock Lavinia Edith Standfield Edgar Hugh
Avery Ivy Cunningham Leda Louisa L Porthouse Charlotte Ann Standfield Nancy Mary
Avery Ralph Algernon Curle Amelia Lamb Henry Aldridge Porthouse John Robert  
  Cussom Annie Langdale Henry Purdon Clyde Raymond T
B Cussom Charles Henry Langdale Julia Elizabeth Purdon Jessie Mildred Taylor George
Badcock Rhoda Lydia Isabel   Leary Bill Purdon Thomas Victor Taylor Margaret Annie
Belcher Barbara Joy D Leary Edie   Turner Barbara Mary
Belcher William D' Emden Harold John Leary May R Twining James Thomas
Belcher William Clarence Dinham George J Lewis Louisa Margaret Raynor Charles Twining Maria
Blegg Charles Arthur Drysdale Jane Lewis William Richards Stella May  
Blegg David Arthur     Robertson Rose Jane W
Blegg Silvia Elvira F M Robertson Rost Eliza Walker Arthur Peter
Breaden Janet Marjorie Fehlberg Frederick Manson Rose Elizabeth Rough John H Walker Emily Elizabeth
Breaden Joseph Christopher Fehlberg Hilda McLagan Isabella Jane   Weare Herbert Percy
Brooks Ilma Hannah Rye   McLagan Susan Iris S Wedd Dorothy Emma
Brooks Josiah Francis G McLagan William Bickford Sadler Anna Alicia  
  Guie James A H McLagan William John Sadler Elizabeth Tamar Y
    McPherson George Donald Sattler Clarence Charles Young Douglas W S
  H McPherson Mary Ann Sattler John George Young Susan
  Hewer Wilfred Adrian Mears Mary Ann Sattler Lucy  
  Hutchinson Elizabeth Mergie Albert Sattler Roy  
  Hutchinson Frederick Augustus Mergie Emily E Shepperd Georgie  
  Huxley Annie Mary Millington Kitty Shepperd Lydia  
  Huxley P J Mills Esther Irena    
  Huxley Sarah Mills Harry John    
    Mourant John Francis    






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