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Section DD Methodist

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Abel Albert Arthur Commane Clarice Hall Anne Eva Miller E R Sadler Matilda
Abel Blanche Cooper George Edward Hall Charles E Minett Kathleen Elizabeth Saunders Sydney Charles
Alexander Edward  Cooper George Ian Hallam Archie Wellard Minett Millicent Kate Saunders Thelma
Alexander Hannah Everill Cooper Ian Hallam Athol Moody Edward William Sherston Alfred Charles
Allan L L Costello Alberta Lillian Hallam Stanley Raymond Moody Elvie Sing Chin
Anderson John Henry Coulsen Ruby Harbeck Helen F Moore Isabell Singer Phoebe Christina
Anderson Wilhelmina Fredericka Coulson Arthur John Harbeck Leonard Frederick Morling Mary Slocks M C
Andrews Ada Lavinia Coulson Racheal Harding Elizabeth Ann Morling Percival Small Rebecca
Andrews Edward James Courtney Thomas Harding H E Morris Reita Lydia Smith David Frank
Andrews Rosina Spears Cowmeadow William Robert Harley Alma Emeline Morrison Dorothy Rose Smith Elizabeth Harriett
Arnold Rachel Caroline Cox Celia Elizabeth Harris Vincent L Mott Alice Smith Phyllis Mildred
Atkins F Cox Charles Harrison Hezikiah L Mott Richard Smith William Henry
  Cox Maud Caroline Harvey Albert Murfet Minnie May Smythe Marjorie Margaret
B Craig Bessie Harvey Doris E   Stancell Herbert
Bacon John Craig John Henri Ernest Horace N Stubbings Emily
Baillie Mary Hannah Creagh A Henri Gertrude Louise May Nam Lee Quen  
Baillie Walter Tasman Crossingham Arthur Joseph Herbert Elizabeth Ann Nam Shing Claude T
Balmforth John Thomas Crossingham Gloria Dawn Hewitt Jennie Nation Charles Taylor Kathleen Joyce
Barker Effie Eloise Cruise Alice May Hewitt Thomas Elmslie Nation May Julia Temple John
Barker Sydney B Cruise Marjory Joan Higgins Madge Florence Noble Ellen Jane Temple Rose F
Barker Sydney Bernard Cruise William Hosking Henry T Noble Mary Emma Thornton Mavis Jessie
Barwick Eric John Curbishley Lucy Houseman Ellen Norris Lily Mary Tilley Elizabeth
Barwick Selina Mary Curtis Sarah Ann Houseman Leon Nutting Zara May Tong Mow
Batt Annie   Houseman Lindsay   Totenhofer Minnie
Batt Annie Eliza D Howlett-Pross Gladys Victoria O Travers Alfred William
Batt Charles Dare Claude J R C Hurd Edward J O'Neill Winifred Travers Ruth
Batt Thomas Mark Dare Emily MaryAnn Louisa Hurd Elvie   Triffett Eva
Bennett John Walter Davey Bertie Lenard Hutton Maxwell Robert P Turner Alfred Richard
Bennett Katie May Davis Lavinia Emma   Parsell Lily May Turner Horace Edwin Valentine
Bennett Moriss Allen Delaney Basil George J Parsell William George Turner May
Bennett Neville Moriss Delaney Gladys Jarman Lillian Henrietta Paul Bernard  
Berry Arthur Francis Delaney Joyce Lovetta Jarvis Elizabeth Paul Corrie May V
Bird Acacia Dobbs Henry Johnson Clara L Paul E L Vince Rex Leslie Clifford
Bissett Rose Dobson Florence Amilea Johnston Lois Paul Helen  
Blore Lydia Mary Dodge Ormond Abbotsford Johnston Will Paul Jeanette W
Bond Ernest Stanley Donnolly Annie Jane Jones Alma Paynter Graham Henry Walker Alice Mary
Bonds Charles Double Alice Lucy Jones Clyde Norman Peet Charles James Walters William Charles
Brooks Alfred Double Arthur Cyril   Peet Ruby Pearl Weeding Flora
Brooks Caroline Double Reginald K Pickett Clare West Alexander
Brooks Dorothy Thelma Downie Annie Kelly John T L Pickett James West-Abel Grace
Brooks Helen Caroline Downie William Arthur King Annie Piggott Florence Edith Wheatley Albert Edward
Brooks Peter John   King James Piggott Herbert Frederick Wheatley Ann Beatrice M
Broomall Violette Eileen E Kinnersley Theresa Piggott Jack E Wheatley Henry Edward
Broomhall Athol Ellwood John Kinnersley William Henry Pilkington Fanny L White Glady Fay
Broomhall Joseph A   Knop George Pitstock W H White Myrtle Daisy
Brown June F Knop Lydia Price James Whitton Jessica B R
Brumby Eric James Fee Lee Mee   Price Janet Isobel Widdifield Mortimer
Brumby Eric James2 Fehre Albert Henry L Price Sydney R Williams Amy
Brumby Vida Ruth Fehre Matilda Lampkin Henry Priest Frances Williams Evelyn Blanche
Burgess Harriett A Fennell May E Lampkin Valerie Dawn Priest Mary Williams Horace James
Burton Coralie Grace Fogarty Thomas E Latham Frances Emily Pritchard Thelma Jean Williams Mavis
Burton Thomas Robert Forslund Mavis Evelyn Latham Joseph Hector Purton Louisa Williams Phyllis Elsie
    Lathan Jessie Clara Ruth   Wilson John
C G Laugher Alfred Thomas Q Wilson Susan
Carpenter Cyril Alfred Gallahar Ethel Gwendoline Laugher Elizabeth Selina Quing Ah Wing Billy
Carpenter Frederick Alfred Gearman David Lyle Leonard Kathleen Bettie   Wing Daisy
Carpenter Myrtle May Gillam George Lomas Florence Ethel R Woodorth Dorothy Beryl
Cashion Albert Walter Victor Gillam Rosa May Lomas Laurel Reader Alfred Charles Woodorth Elizabeth May
Cashion Annie Gillam Terrie Longey Charles Francis Reader Elsie May Woodorth Frederick William
Chiplin Christina Emily Gillespie George Court Longey Freda Reynolds Myrtle May Woodorth Mary
Chiplin Joseph Glover Edwin G Lovell Alfred James Reynolds Sarah Woodruff Amelia Elizabeth
Christian Valma Doreen Glover Marion E S Lovell Lillian May Reynolds Walter Frederick Woodruff Archibald William John
Chung Golding Daisy Doris   Roach William Woods Janet
Clancey Edna Golding Lance John M Roach William Wright Alexander Frederick
Clark Amy Charlotte Gore Iris Jean Male Myrtle Lillian Roberts Daphene Faith Wright Claude Owen
Clark Athol Thomas Green A Male William Harold Roberts Ellen Wright George Leonard
Clark Lionel Quint Green Mary Mansfield Elsie Myrtle Roberts Owen  
Coffee Gladys Menna Griffiths Lenor Mansfiels Algernon Clyde Roberts William Thomas Y
  Grubb J C Mason Albert Roberts Winifred Young Horace George
  Grundy Annie E M Mason Ronald Macdonald Robinson Irving Herbert  
    McCarthy Edmund Arthur Ross John James Z
    McCarthy Marllia Vancourt Rowe Alice Elizabeth Zeiperts Valbis
    McKenzie Iris Irene Rowe Robert Joseph  
    McKenzie Murdock    
    McKenzie Violet May    
    McQueeney Alice Maude    





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