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Section E Methodist

(Cornelian Bay Cemetery)

To make searching for a headstone easier please refer to the Millingtons Website (formally Cornelian Bay) to find out what section your relative or ancestor is buried.

Adams Alvina Pauline Denby Percival Gordon Ikin Grace O'Brien Annie Turner John Goldie
Adams Edward Arthur Driscoll Euphena Ikin Herbert Kenneth O'Brien Patrick Turner Lizzie Mabel
Aydon Mary Jane   Ikin Nance Margaret   Turner Reginald William
  E Jacobson Helmer Bertram P Turner Selina
B Eaton Edgar Jacobson Rita Victoria Petersen Christian  
Beedham Elizabeth Eaton Emily Jacobson Ruby Petersen Elizabeth U
Beedham George Eaton Villa Maud Jordan Arthur William Podie C F Unknown Jessie
Beedham Herbert Henry Elliott Bert Jordan Betty Mary Powell Amy Caroline Uren Mary Hannah
Beedham Mary   Jordan Ella Mary Powell Edward Uren William
Beedham Sarah Susannah F   Propsting Ethel Fanny Uren William Harper
Bennetto Sarah Farley Alice Jane K Purdon Rosina  
Bennetto Tom Farrell Amy Kingston Edith Gertrude Purdon Thomas V
Biddulph Mary Ann Farrell Ernest Edward Knaggs Charles Albury   Vawdon Courtney Carlyle
Binns Alice Ann   Knaggs Sarah Jane R  
Binns Priestley G Knight Alfred Rigney William John W
Blackmore Robert Garity Bernard Henry   Riseley May Emily Williams Ann
Blake Alice Garity Elsie L Riseley Robert Williams Eliza
Blake Percy B   Leary Violet Rushforth Julia Williams Elizabeth
Bradshaw Joseph Edward H Leary Walter Rushforth Thomas Joseph Williams Jessie Ann
Burrows Eliza Milne Hallam Cecelia Gladys Leary Walter Jun Ryan Ethel Agnes Williams John
Burrows Robert Stanley Hallam Edna Elizabeth Lette Edith Mildred Pearl Ryan Gwendoline Olga Williams Joseph Henry
Burston William Arthur Hallam Elizabeth Charlotte Luckhurst Geoffrey Ryan William Roy Clyde Williams Max Ivan
  Hallam Emily Annie Luckhurst Ronald   Williams Robert
C Hallam Stanley Winch Luckhurst Ruby S Williams William
Caddie Alexander Hallam Sydney Augustus Luckhurst Thomas Smith Catherine Winch Florence
Caddie Bessie Hallam Thomas F Luckhurst William Francis Smith George Winch Gordon Strahan
Cato Lilian Joyce Harcourt Edith May   Smith Phoebe Winch Horace Keith
Chester Charles Harcourt Gerald M StLedger Alfred James Winch John Ambrose
Chester Harriett Annie Hobbs Annie Marfell Mary Ann StLedger Clara Fanny Louisa Winch Louisa
Clayton Benjamin Hobbs Frank Edwin Mawbey John Joseph Nathan StLedger Clara Jane Winch Margaret
Clayton Elizabeth Ann Maria Hooper John Charles Mawby Lydia    
Clayton George Hooper Mary Alice McDonald Kirk Emily J T  
Close Alice Richmond Hudson Charles McGuiness John Thurley Fanny  
Close Jack Ayrton Hudson Edith Ruby McKendrick Alma Eileen Thurley Joseph  
Close James Ayrton Hudson John Milner Lillian Trilby Turner David William  
Crawford Florence Maud Hutchison Freda Milner Minnie J Turner Elizabeth  
Crombie James Hutchison James Milner Robert H Turner Harriett  
    Mitchell Lenna Turner Harry  
    Moody James    





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